7 Ways To Enjoy Watching Your Favorite Videos Offline

Youtube is now the most famous video platform worldwide. Daily more than 123 million users use the platform to watch their favorite YouTubers and streamers, listen to music, study, and much more.

To many of the platform fans, a life without online videos is hard to imagine. Still, the internet is a variable that you can’t control all the time. Maintenance, quota limit, and other reasons could prevent you from watching videos online unless you have an alternative.

So, what is a youtube alternative? Can you watch videos offline in this day and age? Yes, you can! And there are many ways to do so. Here is a list!

1. Ask Your Friends

If you ever find yourself unable to watch your favorite show online due to connection issues or monetary reasons, ask a friend who lives nearby to download the videos you need and send them to you.

This is probably the easiest solution for the no-internet issues; however, we bet you were panicking just now and didn’t think things through!

2. Load the Video and Watch!

Suppose you ever struggled with the old modem internet or the first generation of ADSL where you had to watch a video on parts and wait for ages for a minute of video content to load.

In that case, you are probably familiar with this alternative. If your favorite movie is available on youtube and you wish to watch it outside, simply open a youtube tab, wait for the video to load, and then move out with your laptop to watch the loaded movie.

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The Internet is not an issue once a video is fully loaded. Still, don’t forget to avoid clicking anywhere while watching. Switching tabs or opening another window will only show you the no-internet service message. 

3. Download The Video on Android 

Do you own an android phone? If so, access to offline videos is probably way easier for you than most people. The Youtube android app supports online downloads for offline viewing.

All you need to do is click on the three dots on the right side of the video and choose to download the video. Once the video is downloaded on the app, you can watch it anywhere, anytime, without the internet.

Other apps that support the very same technology include Viki, Netflix, and much more.

4. Record Videos

If your application does not have the download option, don’t feel sad! There are other ways to keep your videos on hand. Recording your videos could be one way you should try out!

Screen recording apps like Camtasia, Movavi, and even programs like zoom are way easier to record videos to watch whenever you feel out of touch. Despite that, the issue with many of these recorders is recording the video audio.

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However, many programs have settings that allow you to either connect the program to an audio program or fix the internal recording setting to record yourself. 

5. Use an Online Converter 

Another method you can use is an online converter. They are unique websites for video downloads. You use them by adding a video link to the website, click convert, and wait for the video to appear as a downloadable file.

Unfortunately, these websites are not always accurate, and many times, you can find only low-quality video options available. Still, if you wish to keep your favorite videos with you, this is one way to do so. 

6. Use a Video Downloader

Video downloaders are another way to download videos from Youtube, Twitch, Dailymotion, and much more. These downloaders can be found on your windows store for the desktop version, and there are a couple available on google play store for android mobile versions like Youtube Go.

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A quick look at the information found at vdownloader.com will give you insight into what you should be looking for to have a reliable video downloader. You need to read all the program’s features and compare the different offers.  For iPhone, check out the AppStore for alternatives or pay for youtube premium to add more videos to your offline list. 

7. Use Extensions

Installable downloaders are not the only option to download videos on your computer. Chrome and Firefox have extensions that allow you to download the videos you like.

These extensions work the same as the one the internet download manager provides. They show a download button next to most if not all video options on websites like Youtube. Read about the best of these extensions and use them wisely.

Finally, Keep in mind that video content is becoming more popular daily. Therefore, as you read this article, remember that someone else is watching similar content on Youtube. It is not hard to find a way to enjoy the content you love, even in a no-reception area with no battery!

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