Video Marketing Mistakes That Waste Time And Money

Videos are among the most popular and effective content marketing concepts to date. They’re a creative way for entrepreneurs, influencers, and major brands to advertise their products or services to their target audiences. When recorded, edited, and distributed effectively, videos can build brand awareness, establish credibility, attract customers, and encourage buying decisions. 

Unfortunately, those new to video marketing overlook vital concepts and make mistakes that result in wasted time and money. 

Have you recently uploaded a video but didn’t get the results you’d hoped for? Perhaps you made one of these video marketing mistakes listed below. 

Not Knowing Your Target Audience

You may think you’ve created an awesome video, but if it doesn’t appeal to your target audience, it won’t succeed. For instance, recording a dance video on TikTok will not gravitate to an audience of adults over 40 as most users are between the ages of 10-39. 

You must look beyond the product or call to action and consider your ideal customers. What interests them? How does your product or service relate to those interests or resolve an issue in their lives? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can create video content that attracts and sustains viewers. 

Some of the most efficient ways to learn more about your target audience include researching the market, analyzing competitor strategies, conducting surveys, reviewing comments, and engaging on social media. 

Long Videos

Movies, blog series, and podcasts can span hours and keep an audience engaged. However, long videos are a waste of time when promoting a product or service. No one wants to watch an hour-long testimonial, demonstration, or advertisement. If your video doesn’t draw their attention and get to the point within the first two to five minutes, rest assured your watch time, duration, and average time watched percentages will decline. 

When creating videos, consider your audience, content type, and purpose. Write down the most crucial points and find a creative way to portray them in three minutes or less. If your video runs long, you can highlight the most critical parts by turning them into short clips. 

Inefficient Technology And Equipment

Blurry visuals and bad sound are distractions that take away from your message, damage your reputation, and cause viewers to stop watching your content. Though smartphones and computers have recording abilities, they aren’t always sufficient, resulting in poor-quality videos. 

If you want to attract and retain your audiences’ attention, you must be willing to invest in quality technology and equipment. If you’re recording and producing videos yourself, purchasing a digital camera, tripod, microphones, and adequate lighting will enhance your content. 

Uploading Without Editing

Uploading an unedited video is another common mistake you should avoid. Even the most renowned production companies review their content before sharing it with the world. Editing enables you to eliminate errors and enhance video quality to ensure you’re presenting impressive and professional content to your viewers. 

Unless you’re live streaming or going for a “raw and uncut” approach, you should analyze and improve your videos before making them accessible to the public. Video editing software allows users to review content clip by clip and make necessary adjustments ranging from the images and audio to the speed and duration. 

Limited Exposure

You’d be surprised how many people upload videos to a single platform and expect to receive thousands of views without any effort. The problem is that if no one is aware that the content is available, it won’t get the traction you expect. 

 While there are instances where videos seemingly go viral overnight, it’s not common. Therefore, you must market the video to increase its exposure. Post the video content on your website, blog, and social media platforms. Then use resources like email campaigns, social media posts, and online communities to spread the word. Lastly, encourage your viewers to share the video with others.

If your efforts to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy aren’t getting you anywhere, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. While recording videos seems simple, overlooking essential concepts can cause you to waste time and money. As you view your content, evaluate the factors above to identify problems and develop practical solutions to enhance your videos.

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