9 Must-have Features for your Sales CRM

Thanks to technology, everything is becoming easier and productive. Sales CRM helps increase sales and improve customer services. Apart from ensuring customer satisfaction, CRM also makes business planning far better than the manual methods of the past.

With sales records one can keep records of sales, customer’s contact details, generate leads, track orders and leads, plan future sales and a lot more.

Features for your sales CRM

It won’t be wrong to say that success of a business is highly dependent upon its Sales CRM. Here are nine necessary features to look for when choosing a Sales CRM.

1. Customer Contact and Data

The most important feature of sales CRM is the record of complete contact details of the customers and useful details to assist customers services. Details like customer’s names, numbers, email addresses and information like their birthdays and anniversaries.

This helps in keeping the customers updated about the latest products and services and also makes their day special by wishing them on their birthdays and even sending gifts.

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This helps in retaining customers, make them feel happy and gaining popularity among their families and friends, which can definitely increase more customers.

2. Live Chat

Live chat function is a must for client service. It makes it easier for the potential as well as current customers to contact the representatives or team regarding their queries and concerns regarding the products or services

3. Lead Generation

Lead generation is an important feature of sales CRM. It helps in keeping follow up with customers based on their location and other factors.

This function makes it easier to ascertain the efficiency and quality services of the sales team and reward them for their work, according to their lead scores and encourage them to attract more leads.

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4. Data Collection and Analysis

CRM keeps a record of the data from websites, social media and previous campaigns to analyze and ensure improvements in the services and effectiveness of new campaigns.

5. E-mail Integration Functionality

A best sales CRM integrates with an email feature to stay up-to-date with the communications with the customers and provide them satisfactory services.

6. Cloud Sync

Keeping records and data on hard drives can be risky. Effective CRM comes with cloud storage functions. This makes it easier to access the data from anywhere.

7. Mobile Compatibility

This is one of the most important features to look for in a CRM, as everyone uses mobile devices and it’s convenient to keep track of all the data, even while on the go, and provide on-time customer services.

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8. Reports

Reports and dashboards are integral features that a sales CRM can offer. It provides charts, statistics, reports on customer turnover and sales performance.

9. Social Media

Social media integration and management features are necessary to help the sales team check the social media and manage the social media campaigns and develop strategies effectively.

If you want to increase your sales and provide optimal services and solutions to your customers then select the CRM that has all these features. Without a Sales CRM, it’s hard to manage business and employees in this digital era.

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