A Guide for Business Owners: How to Manage Conflict in Your Workplace

Your employees aren’t going to operate in a highly efficient and collaborative fashion alongside one another if they’re constantly at each others’ throats. If you want to get the best out of your staff members on a daily basis, you need to go above and beyond to manage all forms of conflict within your workplace.

In order to achieve this all-important feat, be sure to read on for three helpful tips.

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Understand the conflict that has transpired

Before you attempt to intervene, you need to garner a thorough understanding of the conflict in question. Should you attempt to solve this problem blindly, you could end up acting in an inconsiderate or unethical fashion, which in turn could end up escalating the issue. So, before you get involved, make sure you take some time to learn more about the issue.

Optimize your HR department

If you’re serious about managing and ultimately quelling conflict in your place of work, you need to ensure that your human resources department is on the top of its game at all conceivable points. The moment your HR professionals take their eye off the ball is the exact moment an issue will slip through the cracks. Once this happens, it won’t be long before your employees are arguing, and ultimately, your organizational structure is disrupted.

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To facilitate quality work amongst your HR department, you must empower these professionals with a cutting-edge HRIS tool. With this tech to hand, your HR team members will stand a much better chance at being able to understand your employees and, in turn, help them to get along with one another inside and maybe even outside of the workplace. This technology will enable them to manage staff records with ease, and it will provide them with a much deeper insight into issues surrounding workforce collaboration.

Bring your employees together privately

Having the conflict spill out into your communal working environment is definitely a situation you want to avoid, simply because it could end up distracting your other employees from the tasks they have at hand.

If you want to minimize the impact that the issue has on your workforce, you need to make sure that you sort it out behind closed doors. To perform this crucial task, you’re going to need to bring your squabbling employees together privately.

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Once you’ve managed to sit both parties down with one another, you then need to deal with the problem in a proactive fashion. To do this, you must:

  • Acknowledge the fact that you are aware of the issue
  • Let both parties discuss and define the problem in their own words
  • Try to determine with both parties what caused the conflict in the first place
  • Attempt to point out common areas of shared agreement amongst the parties
  • Decide on a path that needs to be taken to quell the issue going forward
  • Layout preventive actions and/or monitoring measures to ensure that, if nothing else, the conflict doesn’t intensify.

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