26 Highly Most Profitable Business Idea For Women

There are many business ideas for women available in 21st century then just mainstream professions like banker, engineers, doctor, teacher, etc. World has open its arm to its fullest reach by providing many attractive , easy and at the same time profitable business for women. These opportunities are unfolding and will continue to grow in future. There are many small business ideas for women which are less painstaking and easy going much of the credit should be given to the digitized world  and partly to tremendous scope offered by today’s business sector. Now, we are in such an age where the business and fields which were earlier available for men, are now open to women.

One has multiple talents but to choose amongst those talents to make it work in order to have commercial gains is a difficult task. It became even more challenging for housewives to pursue an occupation which is compatible with their family requirements.

1. Proofreader

Don’t mind being called yourself a Grammar Police?  Then you are ready to enter a professional career of a proofreader. Proofreader reads soft copies of transcripts to correct grammatical mistakes.

2. Life coach

Life coach

It’s an incredible stay at home business idea for women. Women have this intrinsic quality of being a good counselor and advisor.  A life coach helps you identify your personal and professional issues, map out an action plan and tries to solve them. They keep you motivated, happy and make you realize your true worth. It’s a particular domain for women to rule.

3. Transcriptionist

The work of Transcriptionist is to record by typing what they hear in audios. It’s a home business idea for women with a good pay. This is one of the beststay at home businesses ideas.

4. Virtual Assistant

Many companies hire virtual assistant to manage those activities which are not directly related to the actual physical working conditions of the company. Virtual assistant interact with both the customers and employer. It helps in clarifying doubts and confusion of the customers and fixing appointments, etc. It’s a home business idea for women.

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5. Drop shipping

It’s a small business idea for women where you are required to create an online store and lists certain products on your store but you don’t have to store physical inventory. This means that customer will place order to you and you will forward this order to the supplier who will directly deliver this product to the customer. You can secure a fair amount of deal by selling third party product.

6. Content writing

Content Writer

It is stay-at home business idea for women who think that words can change the world. If you have the ability of stringing together words beautifully then you are perfect to become a content writer.

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7. Blogging


Blogging is a Home business idea for women which can earn you decent amount. It is all the more convenient because you get to work according to your comfort zone. It is frequently opted business idea for women who are mothers. They can raise their children as well earn their income. You can work on any field of your choice be it finance, lifestyle, fashion, heath , beauty, etc.

8. Bookkeeping

Having a background in commerce and a way with number you can easily do a job of bookkeeping. A Book Keeper records all the financial transactions that take place on a system. It is one of amazing stay at home business ideas for women. You can either work for a company from home or freelance your services.

9. Art and Craft business

If you fervor and skills of this work. Have a creative intellect and eye for designing. Use your art in painting, calligraphy, orthography. It’s a low investment small business idea for women. You can create your own product and sell it in the market or also you can provide art and craft classes to the students interested. This is one of the best stay at home businesses ideas in this list.

10. Affiliate Marketing

We all have done this in real life. We all have recommended something like a product or services to our friends or family. But did you imagine that recommending something to someone can reward you for your recommendation help ? Yes, this is what Affiliate Marketing is. Whenever someone makes a purchase of a particular product or services through your referral link, you get paid for it . It’s a stay at home business idea for women.

11. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designing

Every company needs a graphic designer. If you have the required skills of becoming a graphic designer then pull up socks to work for such companies. They will pay really well. IT can be one of the potential business ideas for women if taken seriously.

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12. Translation job

A multilingual person is a need of the hour. Everything can be transmitted from one place to another. It can be films, literature, business reports, documents from across boundaries and for comprehensive understanding of things , it has to be translated into native tongue. That’s how translator job are trending. It’s a stay at home business idea for women.

13. Embroidery and knitting

Our histories are rich with the recorded evidences of women being the masters in the art of knitting and embroidery with an embroidery machine. It’s a home business idea for women. It is great in demand internationally. This art is so worthy that countries import such materials.

14. Chocolate making

Are you inordinately fond of chocolates and chocolate making is your passion. Then channelize your passion and earn with it by selling in the market and by making some contacts with the baker shop.

15. Fitness clubs

Fitness Trainer

People who are physically fit and are trained and skilled in exercise, it makes complete sense for run to run a Fitness centre. In such centre, you can provide integrated physical fitness exercise like yoga, dance classes, cardio, aerobics, etc. It is a small business idea for women. It is one of the best home business ideas for woman.

16. Event planner

Event planners perform the tasks of arranging and managing things in desired manner by the clients. If you have the abilities and passion for such work then this business can be very profitable given it’s huge popularity. This small business idea for women is doing satisfactorily well in the market.

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17. Cafe

With the busy lifestyle of people, people spend more time at their workplace in comparison to their home let alone cooking for themselves. This busy lifestyle has led to the mushrooming of cafe and restaurant. It is a small business idea for women which can make you financially independent.

18. V logger

Are you a potential crowd puller? If yes, and people around you appreciate your vocal strength then why not run YouTube channel. Why to attract hundreds, when you can attract millions. You can gain enormously by pursuing this stay at home business idea for women.

19. Beauty salon and Spas

Open your own salon at your place. This is a small business idea for women which don’t need promotion. It will attract customers of it’s own. Beauty business is for the women, by the women and of the women. They rule this domain.

20. Customized gifts

If you are a creative person, have sensitivity, imagination and can invent and design new things then utilize it in making customized gifts. Customized gifts have become a trend these days. It’s a small business idea for women.

21. Tutor

Tuition is something by which can earn you lot of money. Use your knowledge of the subjects in teaching future generations. It’s one of the small business ideas for women which are quite promising. Also, this profession became even easy for women because they inherently have such qualities.

22. Renting property

You can earn passive income monthly by renting your spare property. You don’t have to invest anything for starting it. Just make it public that you are offering your property for rent.

23. Photographer

If camera is your mirror and you know how to take beautiful pictures then you can think of becoming a photographer. Opportunities are numerous, once you become a photographer. All you need is a camera to take quality pictures. Take a course to polish you photography skills. Also to begin with give free services to your friends and known people, they can eventually become your customers.

24. Fashion designer

Fashion sense is all that you need to start this stay at home business idea for women. You should be quick enough to adapt yourself and your creativity with the present trend because this is the field that keeps getting evolved with time.

25. Baker shop

Bakery or Snacks shop

Run a baker shop if you are confident of your culinary skills. You can produce your bread , cakes , pie and pastries and sell it in the market. The investment is low but you can harvest a good deal out of it. It is a good stay at home business idea for women.

26. Run day-care service

Day-care is a place where babies and young children are cared for during the working hours of their parents. With the majority of parents engaging in work, necessitates the  daycare service requirement. If you are women who can gently handle kids then the sky’s the limit. It is a small business idea for women.

These are some of the small business ideas for women. The suggestions of  business idea for women  are given keeping in mind the hardships and time crunch the women folk faces which handling their family and kids . Hoping this would be of help to you in deciding you business ventures.