29 Amazing Small Business Ideas for Men

There are many business ideas for men available in 21st century then just mainstream professions like banker, engineers, doctor, and teacher. World has open its arm to its fullest reach by providing many attractive , easy and at the same time profitable business for men. These opportunities are still unfolding and will grow in future. There are many small business ideas for men are now available which are less painstaking and easy going much of the credit should be given to the digitized world and partly to tremendous scope offered by today’s business sector. Now, we are in such an age where the business and fields which were earlier available for the women, are now open to the men.

The small business ideas for men which are going to unfold as you read along will render you speechless. They are irresistibly financially attractive. These are the kind of business ideas for men which can be taken as a part time as well as full time business option with no determined location, that is, home based. Multiple source of income is in itself a fulfilling feeling for men. Despite multiple sources of income, it is also important factor that your business returns are huge and of course more than your debts. There are multiple new self-employment business for men which require certain skills and training before jumping into it. This will sail you through.

These are the amazing 29 small business ideas for men

1. Salon Business

Earlier, it was entirely the domain of women. Now this business has not even given its way to men but it has been doing exceptionally well. Its demand is huge in the market. Even if you don’t have knowledge about the services like hair do, facial, etc. involved in the business then to it’s not a problem. You can start this business with basis requirements and equipment’s and can hire experts to provide the services. But you must know what this business is all about and learn basis art of salon running.

2. Blogging


These days, blogging has become an occupation which has made extremely quick progress towards success. The only investment required is your writing skills and few basic things to set up your blog. This can be done from your home place while reaching millions of eyes. Various social networking sites and social inclusion of zillions of people on such platforms has made it trending. YOU can be fashion blogger, music blogger, and food blogger, anything according to your choice.

3. Restaurant and Cafe

In every nook and corner, you find restaurants and cafe flooded with foodies. Near every school, colleges, offices and hospitals, you can find such crowd puller restaurants and cafes. Cooking no longer is women’s domain. Men have learned and acquired these skills and are running their business successfully and are making a huge deal out of it.  All you need is to make your goodwill in the market.  This self-employment ideas for men is bound to work.

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4. Beauty industry

Make artists are making substantial amount of money by doing this business. If you love enhancing the looks and have creative ardor in you then this is you field to harvest. This business no longer belong to women. It is a self-employment ideas for men where they have acquire mastery and are doing well. The investment required is small and besides being a makeup artist, you can sell beauty products to your clients to have additional income.

5. Drop shipping business

Do you have any idea about it?  It sounds difficult but not as difficult as in actual practice. It is one of the best self-employment ideas for men with low capital investment.  All you do is to promote a particular product and get the orders and get it supplied from the supplier directly to the customer. The customer places an order to you say at 85 USD and you forward the order to the supplier at wholesale price, say 60 USD. You get a profit of 25 USD. You don’t need to maintain any inventory and don’t have the headache of overhead cost of storage and transportation charges for delivery. The is product is directly delivered to the customer by the supplier. To start this business, create and online store, integrate with a drop shipping partner

6. Nail art store

Nails adds beauty to the women personality. This is the self-employment ideas for men if one possess an artistic streak and is good at creativity.  In order to start this business venture, you have to do some basis research and learn the art which is not a rocket science. Contact with the people who are already into this business to help you get started with this. This business venture has huge potential where you use an input of 10 and earns 100.

7. Freelancing

Freelance your skills of content writing, data entry, companies audits, graphics, consultancy, etc. Now a days, business firms are interesting in hiring a freelancer than having a permanent employee in order to save the money. All your skills have commercial value and are marketable these days. While sitting at home, you can provide your freelance service to the companies with actually low investment and overhead cost attached. This small business idea for men is highly profitable.

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8. Renting

It’s an amazing business for men. If you are living in a two room set and you only require one then you can rent the another unused room. You can put your unused property on rent and earn money without doing anything.

9. Web designing

Are you good at handling modern technology, coding – decoding, graphics designing? With the world’s presence on internet, web designing has become a quintessential part. Every business outlets wants web designers. Demand for web designers is huge and the scope is humongous. This is one of the best small business idea for men

10. Dancing classes

Love dancing? Learned various dance forms?  Why don’t you use your dancing skills to earn your money? Dancing is become a field not only a temporary joyful engagement but a professional field. This business venture is pulling avalanche of clients with a wide age bracket. It is a small business for men which is doing exceptionally well.  

11. Data Entry

Attributing data entry work entirely to women folk is highly overrated. It is equally open business for men. If one is looking for a easy going business which does not require investment and physical exhaustion then data entry is one the best such side business idea for men

12. Content Delivery Services

Spheres like Informational details, critical analysis, educational material, comprehensive learning of subject material are highly in demand and are making a huge deal out of this business. Deliver your content skills to the particular set of group who are willing to pay for it. Share your knowledge on the subjects and things to which you are familiar with and make money.

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13. Mobile Service Centres

There are almost as many mobiles available as many people around the world. These mobile sets goes through damages every day. Increased requirement of mobile Centre is the result of mobile advent. Equip yourself with the training of repairing and get your business started.  Apart from repair, you can sell mobile accessories to increase your earnings. This is the best business idea for men.

14. Social Media Consultant

What do you think the social media profiles of people of great magnitude?  Do they run it themselves? No, they don’t. These highly magnificent personalities are very particular about their good will at the marketplace so they hire social media consultant who are their accounts and profile handlers. They bridge the gap between them and people. They keeps you updated with their work and upcoming projects. A business idea for men which can fill your bank balance if taken seriously.

15. Event Planners

This business idea for men play a major role in every party, every event, celebrations, wedding, engagements, and head tonsure ceremony. Its scope is huge. People are willing to pay for the decors which can make their day worth remembering. Have a passion for creativity and good at decorating, organizing and presentation? Then your rein is expanse.

16. Photography Business

Your skills of capturing stills can give you good amount of earning. This is progressing at a faster pace. Photographer is require at every event, parties and gathering, demand has increased. All you need is a camera and skills to capture it. Just keep yourself updated with the present trend to maintain your competence in the market.

17. Virtual Assistant

While remaining at home, you can be hired as a virtual assistant for a company. You can render your services like answering their mails, their questions and queries, making appointments and maintaining schedules, etc. If you are single dad then this is a correct business idea for men.

18. Translator

Does languages attract you? Are you multilingual? Knowing more than one language is a valuable asset for a person possessing it. It includes translating a foreign language book into native language, translating a report or document or even spoken language and vice versa.  This is a possible small business idea for men. With frequent interactions and visits between countries, it’s potential to grow has expanded.

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19. Customized Gifts

Customized gifts has become a lucrative business idea for men .Art and craft skills of your is going to sail you through this business smoothly. Your creative fervor and understanding of your customer demand and preference is all you need. This required very low investment but gives you good returns.

20. Content Writing

Content Writer

If you are a multi-tasking men and want a side occupation then this is a business ideas for men of that kind. This business venture is geographically neutral which means you can do this business from anywhere in the world according to your convenience. Your writing skills with earn you hundreds in a short time window with no investment from your side.

21. E-commerce consultancy

By providing consultancy services to the clients, business firms, you can make sound profits.  The requirements for running your business includes sound and specialized knowledge of business operation and work abilities , giving proven business solutions and advices on various related issue. This is an excellent business idea for men.

22. Tuition tutor

Education industry is bound to work at any point of time. It is because with the academic competition increasing, every parent want their ward to do well and hence the tuitions. This occupation can be taken up as part time as well as full time according to your availability. Tuition classes are attracting huge student pool and so the finances.

23. Fitness Instructor

Fitness Trainer

Awareness that physical wellness is mental wellness has led to the mushrooming of the fitness centres. Taking care of health is very important. Now, every working men and women do make time for an hour or so for their physical exercises.  This business idea for men is making huge success.

24. Fashion Boutique

If fashion make sense to you, then you make sense to the world. People spend lakhs of money in self enhancement. It is no longer a work of women, we have so many exemplaries in the Bollywood industry who are men. This business is going nowhere given the present circumstances. It has become a self-employment for men.

25. Consignment Business

This business involve dealing in electronics, bags, shoes, clothes and other second hand equipment.  This business for men is picking its pace as there are lot of people who can’t afford new goods, clothes and various needful equipment.

26. Chocolate Making

Just like flavour of the month, chocolate is the flavour of the year. It always remains in demand. Use your culinary learning into a commercial advantage. Customize your chocolate according to the recent trends and sell them by integrating with your nearby stores.

27. Automobile Services

Men are experts in this field. Knowing how to repair and renovate an automobile will make you huge money. With ever increasing lakhs of wheels on the road, accelerate the growth of automobile services. This does require initial investment but the returns will continue to come for a longer period. This business is a self-employment idea for men.

28. Vlogging

In possession of good oratory skills? Have good vocal skills? Good at crowd pulling with your words?  Then you can start your channel on YouTube. All you need to do is to choose a topic which is mass friendly and showcase your vocal skills and post it. Every watch makes a difference. This is one the good business for men which is making its roar in the world

29. Online Courses

With increasing dependency of students of all age with the arrival of various online courses like Udemy, study IQ, etc., its demand has increased. Start your online courses by making videos, quizzes, questionnaire on the subject of your knowledge. This is the type of business idea where people are willing to pay for the knowledge. These are some of the small business ideas for men which you can opt for yourself. These ideas will definitely serve you with satisfactory income.