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Do you love kids?

Do you wish to spend some time with the elderly and take care of them? If yes, babysitting or care services is indeed one of the finest jobs you can avail of.

Allowing you to have the liberty of time while studying, this profession offers you an opportunity to earn income while building relationships. 

But no matter how simple and amazing this job might sound to you, the competition is very high. You need to have the support of a platform that can offer you great reach and help you get the feedback needed to grow your brand.

Focusing on the same, the first name that you might encounter is But is it worth it? Is the platform legit?

Well, there are hundreds of questions linked to the same, so let us have a quick look at the top questions and build up a complete fundamental review to help you plan your job application.

So, let’s get started.

Top Question Linked To

If you are looking to get registered on as a care service provider, then here are the top questions that you should first get answers to.

So, here is everything you need to know about the platform to help you make informed and valid decisions. 

What Is is a website that connects caregivers with families that require their services. It was founded in North Waltham, Massachusetts.

It claims to be a one-stop shop for families and sitters, as well as one of the most comprehensive resources of its kind.

They say that they have approximately 35.2 million subscribers spread over 20 countries.

Caregivers can advertise their services, availability, and fees online and reach out to families they believe they can help. Families can post any caregiving needs they have, whether continuing or for a single date night. They can contact carers in their area who they believe would be a good fit for them. also connects customers with nannies, tutors, senior care specialists, house-sitters, pet-sitters, and even people to help you run errands.

So, if you need help with your children, pets, or housekeeping, can put you in touch with someone willing to help.

What Are the Jobs Available On is one of the world’s leading online platforms for connecting families with caregivers and caring businesses. The website provides a wide range of services to families looking for caregivers.

As a caregiver, this translates into a wide range of care services which includes:

  • Babysitting jobs
  • Child care jobs 
  • Nanny jobs
  • Tutoring jobs
  • Senior care jobs.
  • Housekeeping jobs 
  • Special needs jobs 
  • Pet care jobs 
  • Part-time jobs 

How Much Is A Membership For Caregivers? offers multiple membership packages to suit the needs of different types of clients. The most common Care. com memberships that are available include:

  • Free Basic Membership

It is the basic and free membership available to all. You will not be charged anything for this service, not even the commission of the caregiver service you complete.

Since its basic nature, the job opportunities are very limited, which can be a drawback as you would not be able to leverage competition. 

  • Caregiver Premium Membership

A premium membership for caregivers costs $20 each month. Additional services, such as completing a background check and paying to appear at the top of people’s lists, are also available for a fee.

The search results will emphasize your profile, and you will obtain a higher ranking in the search results. When new jobs become available, you will receive a priority email notification.

These notifications arrive hours before the Free Basic Members do. Check to see which families have looked at your profile.

How Much Is A Membership For Careseekers? offers two broad packages to care seekers as well. These are:

  • Family Basic Membership

The basic membership is free and is available for families. There is a limited service scope as well.

  • Family Premium Membership

The premium membership is $39 per month, $78 ($26/month) for three months, and $156 ($13/month) for a year. It offers you the premium facility to get priority service.

What are Background Checks On already has stringent regulations, but they go one step further by doing background checks on all sitters. Background checks are offered in three tiers and encompass varying degrees of information. 

The first and most basic background check layer is $59, while the most in-depth screening costs $300. 

Typically, the care seeker will pay for these background checks because they want to do a comprehensive investigation. If a caregiver wishes to improve their profile, they can certainly pay for their background check.

How To Become a Caregiver?

So, now you know all about the services and the potential of earning, let us move ahead to see the steps to be followed to become a caregiver.

So, here are broad steps:

1. Sign Up– To join, first, get yourself registered under the join the platform option. After that, you’ll need to decide what services you’ll provide and create an account.

2. Create a profile– After you’ve entered your login information, you’ll be sent to a screen where you may build your caregiver profile. Enter the details like personal and contact information, your location, availability, job preferences, language(s) you speak, education, skills, years of experience, and upload your profile picture.

3. Pass the Screening Process– The most crucial aspect of the screening procedure, known as a care check, is background. It will include Social Security Number trace, National Sex Offender Public Website search, Multi-jurisdictional criminal database search, and Federal and county criminal records search. 

After completing this process, you will be awarded a CareCheck badge, shown on your profile, for families to ensure their faith in you.

4. Browse the Family Requests– Families that sign up for the platform to find caregivers can post their requests on the platform, allowing you to apply and contact them directly. Simply choose a position that matches your talents and preferences, filter the listings by area, and apply to families with whom you feel comfortable working.

5. Start working– After you’ve posted your service application, the next step is to accept the request. This is the stage at which you will begin working and earning money.

6. Get paid– Finally, once you have completed the service, you are ready to be paid and make revenue.

How Much Does A Caregiver Earn On

As a caregiver, you can expect to earn between $13.31 and $15.04. The following are the average hourly earnings for the most popular occupations on

  • $11.75/hour for child care
  • $12.75/hour for Nanny
  • $13.00/hour for housekeeping
  • $14.25/hour tutoring

and here check the pay rates for top cities.

this screenshot is taken from official website

Eligibility To Sign Up As A Caregiver

If you are planning to get registered as the caregiver, here are a few eligibility criteria that you should follow:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a clear criminal record
  • Pass background checks

Pros Of Using

  • There are no costs if you acquire a job through
  • You will be compensated in cash.
  • Premium membership is reasonably priced.
  • Flexibility to select the job and service.
  • A user-friendly platform for all.

Cons Of Using

  • Premium membership automatically renews.
  • To react to job postings, you must have a premium account, which costs $20 per month.
  • Transparency in pricing can be an issue.

Is Safe?

Yes, is a safe and sound platform to use. It offers an excellent safety resource page that will teach you to select the ideal candidate for your needs. It recognizes that starting a working relationship with someone you met on the internet can be nerve-racking. 

They provide recommendations on how to be safe during the interviewing process for both families and caretakers. This includes things like what to look for in profiles, setting up the first encounter, and interpreting a background check.

Overall, it is a completely safe and friendly website for both caregivers and care seekers.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legal platform that links care seekers looking for caregivers to get services such as babysitting, elder care, and others. It provides services after doing a thorough background check, making it even more legitimate and dependable.

Is Worth Trying?

Since is one of the greatest venues for connecting you with families in need of your assistance as a caregiver, it’s well worth placing your profile there. Despite being the most used platform, it is definitely the least client-friendly in terms of pricing. 

Caregivers can get by with the free version, but the paid version allows you to contact potential clients through the site. So, it is a good option at the initial stages, but once you have created a name for yourself, you can avoid premium service and start working.

Overall Review

Though the platform is one of the finest, various questions revolve around the genuineness and credibility of Overall, the platform is great, but the cost involved is hefty and is sometimes not worth the income you can earn.

Additionally, most of the reviews posted by the caregivers over Sitejabber reviews point out that the platform lacks various features needed to create a user-friendly and dominant service provider platform. 

So, it is crucial to be cautious and check out all the points before you plan to make a step ahead.

Final Verdict is a great platform that connects caregivers and care seekers. Though a few points might act as the downside, overall, this platform is a great support to earn some side hustle.

So, if you have special skills or are just willing to help care seekers and earn, then registering on is a great opportunity. This platform is ideal for a wide range of caregivers due to its simple process, rapid registration, and numerous service possibilities.

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