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Pets are fabulous and very friendly. They have the ability to uplift your mood and bring a broad smile to your face. But with the busy schedule, it isn’t easy to walk them or take care of them daily. This is where you need the assistance of the pet walters or pet sitters.

Selecting the best pet walker is a decision that needs precision and care with diligence. The best way is to opt for the platforms that offer verified pet sitters or walkers that ensure you the safety, security, and best service. or Rover is one such platform where you can earn a side hustle by joining as the pet walker or pet sitter. So, let us have a quick review of the same to know more.

The Quick Review Points

Though there are multiple questions that you might look for if you are planning to get registered on the Rover as the pet walker or pet sitter, here are the broad points that you should. So, here is the quick Rover review for your assistance and guidance.

What Is Rover?

Rover is based in Seattle. It was founded in 2011. Also, it is the world’s largest online platform for pet care. Rover connects pet parents with pet sitters. It offers services like boarding services, daytime services, doggy daycare, dog walking, drop-in visits, and grooming.

Rover functions with the primary aim of improving the lives of dogs and their owners. The startup aims to make it easier for pet owners to find reliable dog sitters on one side. At the same time, it allows pet sitters and walkers to connect with more dog owners online to earn better.

The platform is mainly known for dog-related services, but that’s not it. The platform is perfect to order services for all kinds of pets. Just make sure that you mention your service properly to cater to a wider range of customers and earn better.

How To Be A Pet Walker Or Pet Sitter On Rover? is the best for a pet lover who wishes to earn a side hustle by helping others take care of their pets; is the best. Knowing the way to register will help you to make an informed decision quickly;y. The broad steps that are to be followed include:

1. Sign Up– To sign up, go to the Rover website and click the green ‘Get Started’ button. You can use a smartphone application for the same.

2. Create a profile -Create a brief bio. Do describe yourself and the services. For added credibility, include a profile photo.

3. Background check and eligibility– The Sitter Team will check your completed profile when you submit it. You will receive a background check from Checker once you have been approved. Checker will look at:

  • If your legal name, social security number, and mailing address are all the same;
  • If you have a list of sex offenders.
  • You’re not on any terrorist watch lists.
  • That you don’t have any disqualifying criminal offenses on your record in the National Criminal Database.

4. Work and earn now– Now you are all set to start working as the pet walker or pet sitter and earn a side hustle in no time. accept the request based on your availability.

How Does Work?

Pet owners are often unable to take their beloved canines on vacation or business trips. This calls for the need for a reliable person who can take care of pets without any hassle. This is where Rover enters the picture.

To begin using Rover, you must first establish a profile and customize your services, pricing, and availability.

On the other hand, Pet owners select specifics such as date and location and search for suitable sitters in the area. The pet owner then chooses the pet sitter. The selection is based on their requirements, preferences, and budget. If you are available, you can accept the request and get ready to offer your service.

The platform manages scheduling, contracting, and payouts, making connections between you and your clients easier and safer.

How Much Does a Pet Walker Or Pet Sitter Earn?

Rover gives you flexibility. It allows you to register for multiple services at once. The average daily earning you can make is around $15. The charges for varied kinds of services on the platform are as follows:

  • Boarding

Boarding may also include feeding and cleaning the dog at your home. If the dog’s owner has any unique requirements, they will generally direct you. This service might be charged at a rate of $26 per night on average.

  • House Sitting

Overnight care, looking after the pets, and keeping a check on the pet owner’s house come under this. This service may involve feeding and/or any other activity that the pet owner will provide you with before your arrival. The average nightly rate for house sitting is $26.

  • Dog Walking

Walking dogs is a great way to exercise them while also encouraging sociability with people and other pets. For a 30-minute walk, you could charge around $20, and for an hour’s walk, you could charge somewhere around $30. You might earn more money by providing dog walking services to multiple dogs at the same time.

  • Doggy Day Care

 It is looking after a dog at your dog-friendly location during the daytime. Feeding, walking, training, grooming, and scooping the dog’s excrement are normally included in this service. The cost of doggy daycare varies depending on the owner’s needs and ranges from $12 to $38 per day on average.

Does Rover Do Background Checks?

Yes, indeed, Rover has a stringent background check policy. The eligibility criteria are very simple. The basic points to remember are:

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Clean background check
  • Checking or savings account
  • Availability during the week
  • Having smartphone for Rover app
  • Having proper KYC

How Does Rover Earn?

Rover earns based on the commission which it charges. It is around 20% of the service earnings. If you work as a sitter on RoverGO, the firm will take 25% of your earnings. Keep this in mind when quoting your services.

How Soon Do You Get Paid on Rover?

Rover is a cashless service. You have the option of receiving payment via PayPal or check. You can withdraw funds two days after a service has been finished. You must do so using the Rover app or by initiating a withdrawal from your computer.

You can get your money in one to four days with PayPal, and there are no fees involved. However, processing a check might take up to five business days, and the check can take up to 20 days to arrive in the mail. A check request also comes with a $2 cost.

Pros Of Using Rover

  • Make your schedule.
  • You get to set your prices.
  • Provide any number of pet-related services.
  • Make your own choices.
  • An app that works.
  • Assistance from a veterinarian is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Sitters can track walks using GPS.

Cons Of Using Rover

  • High commission charges.
  • Inconsistent income is dependent on your availability.

Is Rover Safe?

Yes, Rover is a safe platform for both the pet owner and pet walker. Due to the intensive and thorough background check process, safety is quite high on the platform. Also, the pet walker will get online payment, so there is no chance of any fraudulent practice that can hamper their earnings. 

Is Rover Legit?

Yes, Rover is a legal platform that links pet owners to pet walkers. It allows individuals to earn a side hustle while working on their main job without any disturbance. Also, this is a great platform for students to earn some money in their free time. You can check all the terms and conditions and even connect with them for the queries which make them even more authentic and reliable.

Is Rover Trustworthy?

Yes, Rover is a truly trustworthy platform. Dog-sitting as a business is a one-of-a-kind way to supplement your income. There is nothing that can stop you to turn this into a full-time earning profession that can help you with better profitability and business growth. 

It’s well worth it, especially when you consider that Rover allows you to work as a freelancer. You can take whatever amount you want because you have the option to work on your schedule and choose your pricing.

So, if you are a pet lover and willing to earn a side hustle, this is totally worth a try and an extremely trustworthy opportunity to get onboard.

Some Reviews To Consider

There are various reviews on the platform that define the utility and credibility of Rover. The overall rating is 4.6, which makes this a great platform. The broad three category review are as follows:

  • Rover App Reviews

The app is friendly and simple to use. It is not bulky and so does not hang or cause any issue. The user interface is simple, with every point specified, making it easier for both owner and sitter or walker.

  • Rover Dog Sitting Reviews

When it comes to dog sitting, the sitters are well experienced and verified. This makes the task quick and reliable. Also, the availability is visible, so it allows hassle-free booking and collaboration.

  • Rover Pet Sitting Review

Unlike other platforms, it offers services to take care of other pets as well. Taking care of cats and other small pets is simpler when you are out with the help of the Rover. Overall this platform has everything you need. Also, this offers a wide range of options for sitters and walkers, which is great.

Final Verdict

Those who adore dogs and can provide them with extra attention and care are the greatest candidates for a career with Rover. You’ll do well as a Rover service provider if you have a flexible schedule and the ability to give regular care. 

Although most service providers use Rover to supplement their income, some have found success doing so full-time. A great side hustle will allow you to earn great and have a great livelihood.

So, if you love dogs or are happy to take care of pets, then registering on the Rover is indeed the best idea. Allowing you to be with the pets while offering you an opportunity to earn money is indeed a great side hustle idea to go for. So, get ready and start meaning with this great opportunity. 

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