Contribution of Portable Toilets towards a Cleaner Environment

The ongoing climate crisis has put all of us in a worry about how we can preserve our environment and secure it from further damage. What are we leaving behind for our future generations? 

Every industry is contributing to the environment negatively and the bitter reality is that not many are planning to bring a change to it. However, there are several new ideas booming around the world, to start a change and portable toilet rental is a good start. 

Background of Portable Toilets

The first-ever portable toilets were invented back during world war II. workers had to walk back to the dock for long periods of time to find a bathroom. Therefore, this solution was brought to life. This definitely saved time and money for all and with the help of a wooden cabana and a metal holding tank, a portable toilet was innovated. 

At that time, it was a quick fix and it wasn’t very pleasant. But in a state of war, it was a good alternative for everyone. However, with the passage of time, the idea of temporary toilets has grown further.

Metal and wood were soon replaced by fiberglass and then fiberglass was replaced by plastic today, polyurethane is the most commonly used material to build portable toilets. 

Many companies that rent out portable toilets, now have an eco-friendly approach and are working towards bettering the environment. Now you might be wondering, how can a portable toilet contribute to a cleaner environment, right? Well, let’s explore the possibilities. 

Ways Portable Toilets are Improving the Environment:

Here are some of the primary ways, how portable toilets can boost a safer and cleaner environment:

1. Water Conservation:

According to the EPA, average Americans flush an excessive amount of water down the toilet, then they use it for any other activity during the day. Moreover, the stats showcase that a portable toilet is able to secure more than 120 million gallons of freshwater, on a daily basis, as they utilize much less water than the ones in your homes. 

If you calculate this amount, you will realize that a huge amount of water is conserved which can be utilized for other tasks at home like cooking, bathing, and much more. As lack of water is a huge concern globally, portable toilets can significantly play a positive role in conserving water. 

2. Proper Waste Disposal:

Human feces contain harmful microorganisms, which can easily contaminate the surrounding areas, if not disposed of properly. A lot of these bad bacteria can easily survive in water, and therefore, they spread largely.

Portable toilets have advanced significantly over time and have technology that secures the environment from further damage. It has a built-in sink and a toilet trailer, to reduce negative impacts and dispose of the waste properly too. 

3. Good for Public Health:

If portable toilets are maintained well, they can be extremely beneficial for public health. They can prevent the spread of diseases. Most portable toilets utilize products that are free of alcohol and formaldehyde to prevent the spread of illnesses and further control the growth of parasites and the foul smell as well.

These are great for work sites as they reduce the chances of illnesses and don’t hinder productivity either. The inability to provide workers with safe toilet space can be counted as workplace negligence. Therefore, it is important to consider all the possible options for your employees on work sites. 

4. Protect Vegetation:

Passerbys usually urinate in the open fields, harming the vegetation and hindering their growth. With the help of portable toilets, this act can be stopped. They help in protecting the landscapes and prevent the plants and vegetation as well. Therefore, having portable toilets in deserted areas, where sanitation facilities aren’t easily accessible is extremely beneficial. 

5. Reduction in Disease Spread in Wildlife:

Human waste is extremely toxic for the landscapes and the wildlife as well. It makes its way into the environment, through different sources rather than direct contact with the animals. During traveling or walking through deserted areas, people usually use open fields for urination, etc.

This can be extremely harmful to the wildlife and can spread disease amongst them. Thus, the installation of portable toilets in such areas is extremely important as it helps protect wildlife effectively. 


Further studies and research are underway to come to a staunch conclusion about portable toilets and their contribution to a safer and cleaner environment. However, the proven data does help us understand that portable toilets are extremely important for deserted areas or work sites, like construction sites, etc. 

They can reduce the risks of a large spread of diseases in the wildlife and amongst humans as well. While utilizing less water and controlling illness and foul smells, portable toilets have now come a long way. They are certainly a must-have essential at work sites as they are definitely contributing positively to the environment, securing our vegetation, landscapes, and wildlife.

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