What Is a Panel PC?

Our computers have become attached at our hips because we’ve come to need them for a variety of tasks throughout the day. This has even expanded to a variety of settings we may not have thought of before, both indoors and outdoors.

That’s why some manufacturers have looked into expanding where and when you can use a high-performance computer. With resistive touchscreen capabilities and the wherewithal to take on any climate, these computers are changing the game.

A New Kind of PC

The need for a computer to suit any environment, no matter how rugged, has led to the development of the panel PC. These portable computers have been designed to work reliably in every condition from wet environments to extreme temperatures.

The units have been popular options in the medical sector, as well as hospitality and industrial use for smart factories. In a wide range of screen sizes, these PCs with embedded Intel Core processors are able to work with your operating system of choice including Android, Windows, and Linux.

With customizable I/O configurations, these personal panel computers have been adapted to not require a fan as most desktop computers and laptops require. Whether it’s a personal PC or industrial PC, these units can be mounted to best afford access to the internet or any master data management platform.

These PCs are also designed to withstand a fall. Smartphones are sensitive to breaking when dropped on the ground. These panel PCs are structured to be able to deal with on-the-go operations, withstanding the brunt of use in all settings.


With a durable frame and accessible LCD panel, these PCs are all-in-one computers that are designed to be more rugged and provide many features from top-rated enclosures, higher testing standards, and wide operating temperatures.

Panel PCs create smoother operations with durable touch screen technology, including a resistive touch screen for a wide range of applications. These all-in-one PCs are reliable, high-performance solutions designed for a wide range of industries including hospitality, smart factories, military, and industrial internet of things (IIoT) devices. 

Panel PCs like these have become popular in hospitals and other medical environments. They’ve become quite common for paramedics to input information on a patient from the back of the ambulance to have them registered for admission into the nearest emergency room.

Getting through these abundant specifications allows for an almost control room-like environment between health care professionals. These PCs have also become a popular option for public transportation, featured in the back of taxi cabs to withstand any bump in the road while allowing customers to pay their tab quicker.

Industrial Applications

Fitted with touch screen technology and equipped to withstand all sorts of environments, panel PCs have become a valuable investment in lines of work where having a standard PC or laptop simply can’t be accommodated. Industrial panel PCs offer rich input and output connectivity.

This eliminates the need for excess wires, while dramatically reducing the size of these units. Touch screen panels are meant to function for controlling applications more conveniently. Traditional commercial computers do not meet the standards of industrialized strength protections.

The industrial panel PC is built for harsh environments protecting the system from scratches, chemical spills, water sprays, and dust. Now, these PCs have been modernized to include a fanless system or an LED backlight to better see the screen.

This human-machine interface helps users avoid any false touches in a setting where you need to be quick to adapt. An industrial display makes things easier for clarification on information, without having to worry about rain coming down or vibration throwing off the system. These panel PCs are the wave of the future and a tremendous asset for a number of businesses.

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