How To Add Customer Value for e-Commerce Businesses

Customer value is vital to the success of any e-commerce business. Typically, the idea of value is based on consumer interpretation of your marketing messages, the options available to source the products, and the value placed on you as a brand.

All these factors can impact customer value, especially for your e-commerce business. Luckily, there are several ways you can use to increase customer value, discussed below are some of them.

Be More Social

You need to be more social to add customer value. This goes back to the traditional idea of knowing your customer.

Knowing the essential details about your clients will give you actionable intelligence regarding their purchase history and website activity. You should use social media platforms as an engagement initiative to gain essential customer insights.

This will help build a more personal relationship with your clients. By doing so, you increase customer value. Use the historical data and find out the cycles and trends of your consumers.

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This information will also help you identify which customers to focus on and the areas of your e-commerce business you should improve. This will significantly add customer value.

Use Personalization Techniques

As an e-commerce business, you should implement unique techniques to gain and retain customers. One good way of doing that is by introducing loyalty programs.

A good percentage of consumers prefer these programs and gift cards during holiday shopping.

Therefore, as an e-commerce business owner, you can capitalize on this and use to customize your packaging. Customers will be delighted to receive customized gifts like pens or hats with your logo on them, and this will positively affect customer value.

To get the most out of these programs, there are some things you should keep in mind. For instance, you shouldn’t simply target customers based on their browsing history or product suggestions.

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This is because most customers find it unethical and invasive. Instead, come up with a more neutral approach that involves predictive selling — this will encourage brand loyalty and boost your customer value.

Understand the Perceived Value

One way of adding customer value is simply understanding the perceived value. You need to know the customer perceptions of your e-commerce business and products.

For example, some consumers might perceive your business to be cheaper in a certain service category and spread this perception to other product categories on your site.

This will positively impact your sales, profits, and customer loyalty.

Most consumers want affordable products and services, and a perception that your e-commerce business offers cheap products will drive them to you.

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However, you should ensure that quality is also associated with your business. Your clients should know that your products are affordable and of high quality. This places more value on your business.


Branding will make your e-commerce business stand out, attracting more customers. You need to understand what values buyers look for in a brand. Most e-commerce businesses are struggling due to a lack of proper branding.

As a business owner, you need to create a brand that is unique and operates as a separate identity. Without proper branding, it is hard for an e-commerce business to survive in an ecosystem of intense competition.

Branding your e-commerce business will add customer value and increase visibility. It is one way of dealing with competition.

Support your products with a brand that has powerful customer loyalty and engagement. Customers want businesses with such identities, no one wants to get involved with a business with no reputation and customer base.

Take Action

You should not make any assumptions regarding customer value. Just because a certain tactic or strategy worked in the past, it does not mean it will work again.

You need to look for new ways to ensure your customers are satisfied and remain loyal.

Furthermore, you need to be more proactive and take action. You should explore what your customers want and give them exactly that. Your e-commerce business depends on the activities of the consumer, and making it customer-friendly will significantly increase its appeal.

Understanding and taking action on various life triggers that initiate customer spending is also important. Some of these events could be anniversary celebrations, birthdays, or even victory parties. Capitalize on these events to help improve customer value and relations.

Add Customer Value

Customer value is vital for the success of any e-commerce business. It helps sustain it, and, in many ways, increases sales.

As an e-commerce business owner, there are several ways you can add customer value. Some of them include being more social, using personalized techniques, understanding your perceived value, branding, among others. All these factors will contribute to increased customer value.

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