Expert Packaging Tips For E-Commerce Startups

There’s hardly a more affordable way for entrepreneurs to open a business in the 21st century than by considering opening an e-commerce business. And if your e-commerce business sells products of any kind, the packaging is one of your essential functions.

While your other vital functions will include a professional and optimized website, ongoing site updates, and quality products that can be sold to your customers at a reasonable profit, the packaging is exceptionally vital to the success of your business.

Not only does packaging keep your products safe from damage as they make their way to the hands of your customers with a reliable courier service such as Texas Couriers or others that provide same-day delivery options, but packaging will also serve as business branding.

How you package your products will also influence buyers’ first impression of your products, and their impression is vital to creating a base of brand-loyal buyers. Zenpack packaging experts are well aware of this, which is why they strive to design practical and impressive packaging to elevate your product and enhance your brand.

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Opt For Durable Materials

Even though your products will be enclosed in a standard cardboard box and sealed with tape for transit, your products can still endure damage if your packaging materials are not durable.

It can be exceptionally damaging to your business’s reputation should a customer receive an order of damaged goods, even if the damages are slight. So be sure to opt for durable materials to package your products and avoid the most pocket-friendly options as these might save you a bit, but the saving will cost you dearly in reputation.

Invest In Tamper-Evident Labels

Tamper evident labels are essential for businesses these days, even if you aren’t operating in the food industry.

The covid19 pandemic fuelled the demand for tamper-evident packaging solutions to assure customers their goods have not been tampered with or mishandled at any point in the production and delivery process.

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What’s more, tamper-evident labels will be a small expense that will go a long way for your business as you can order them in bulk as well.

Encase Products With Extra Protection

Regardless of how durable your product’s packaging materials are, it’s worth your while to go the extra mile and encase your products with additional protection before sealing them in boxes for delivery.

Bubble wrap is an effective solution for this. However, there are other more eco-friendly solutions such as hemp tissue paper and others that will also absorb impact from bumps along the way to the customer.

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Branding With Quality Labels

The most affordable way to brand your products is with quality labels. These won’t cost you a fortune either if you order in bulk from a reliable printer service. The materials used for labels are what will determine the quality, so opt for the highest quality materials within your budget.

From the packaging materials to the tamper-evident labels and your choice of branding labels, every aspect of packaging your products will impact the unboxing experience for the customer. The more you focus on quality packaging, the better the unboxing experience will be as a general standard.

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