How to Cancel Credit One Card (In a Few Minutes)

If you are also used to using credit cards all the time or you have to pay very high interest on the credit card then it is better to cancel it. As of now, when the inflation rate and interest rates are very high then having a credit card can be very costly. Here we explain in detail how to cancel a Credit One card.

Closing a Credit One card is a very simple process but after canceling the card, you have to do a few more things to ensure that your credit card is closed successfully and after closing it you don’t have to pay any extra fee or charge in the future.

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What is a Credit Card?

A credit card is like a payment card and you can use it to payments almost anywhere if the credit card is accepted. Credit cards are usually offered by banks and non-banking financial companies as well. There are many types of credit cards offered by banks and non-banking financial companies

Each credit card comes with a limit i.e. if the limit of a credit card is $10,000 then you can spend $100,000 but not more than the limit. On a credit card, you have to spend first and pay before the due date on the other side, a debit card is just the opposite as the debit card is connected to your bank account and you can only spend the money that is on your bank account.

For online shopping, credit cards are widely used because they come with many offers where you can get things at discounted prices only if you have the same credit card that is asked on the site to get the offer.

There is a dark side to credit cards too, as they offer a lot of benefits but in case if you fail to pay the full amount on or before the due date then you’ll have to pay a very high interest on the money you used from the credit card.

Credit cards also impact your credit score if you spend a lot of money on the credit card. In a few words, using credit cards in limit can be very good for you but in case you spend a lot of money then you can face financial-related problems soon.

When you should cancel your Credit Card?

Canceling credit cards can impact your credit score in the short term. So, you should avoid canceling your credit card until you face the below issues in your life. In case, there is no issue then do not use the credit card to save your credit score.

  • High Fees: If you are not using the credit card but paying fees or you are using the credit card but not getting good offers and rewards then you should cancel your card. Most people are using a credit card to get good offers and rewards too. In the market, there are various credit card providers, you can simply compare their fees to get a good credit card.
  • High-Intrest: Over the last few years, the government has increased the interest rates. As a result, the interest rates of your credit card can also be very high. In 2024, most probably there can be a few interest rate cuts. In a few words, if other credit cards have less interest then you should switch.
  • Dependence on Credit Card: If you are using the credit card for most of the time and your income is not matching with your spending then it is better to close or cancel the credit card to save some money. As you know, if you fail to pay the money you spent then you may face a lot of financial problems.

How to Choose a good credit card?

Choosing a good credit card is not rocket science anyone can choose a credit card in just a few hours. Below are some core concepts on how to choose a good credit card so, that you can easily match it with your requirements and then you’ll be able to choose a good credit card.

  • Less Fee: There are many credit card that offers very little or 0 fee on the credit card. You should choose a credit card where the fee is much less or 0.
  • Less Interest: Credit Card companies make a lot of money from interest. As you know, when a credit card holder fails to pay the money before the date then the credit card holders have to pay actual money with interest on it.
  • Purpose: Hope you know, that on different platforms and products, you can get discounts and rewards. But on these platforms and products, you can not use any credit card to avail of the discount. So, you have to understand which products and services you spend a lot of money on and which credit card is available on most products and platforms to avail discounts and offers.

Note: As you know you can have more one or more than one credit card. Then make a list of credit cards based on your requirements then select one or more credit cards.

How to Cancel Credit One Card

Credit One is a very popular bank in America that offers many banking services and credit cards too. If you want to cancel the credit card then you can do it from your home or without going to the bank.

Here we are sharing two methods to cancel a Credit One card, you can choose any method with which you are comfortable. Remember the below shared method is only valid for the Credit One cards.

Method #1: Through Call

You can cancel your credit card by calling the customer support of Credit One. Below is the phone number where you have to call and proceed further to cancel your card.

Phone Number: (877) 825-3242

Call the number where you have to give details of your credit card, once all the details are given then they will cancel your credit card instantly. Once your credit card is closed or canceled successfully then you’ll receive an email and SMS too.

Method #2: Through Mail

The mail process can be a little lengthy because you have to wait a few days or weeks depending on where you live. below we mentioned the mail address where you have to send mail to the address and ask them to close or cancel your credit card.

Mail Address: Credit One Bank, General Correspondence, P.O. Box 98873, Las Vegas, NV 89193-8873

What after canceling the credit card

Always make sure all the payments, fees, interest, etc are cleared from your end and ask the same thing to the Credit One customer support. It will make sure that you are not facing any problems because of a few basic things.

Before closing the credit card make sure you used all other rewards and offers as you spent a lot of money to collect it. In some credit cards, you can use the rewards even after your credit card is closed.

Auto Payments

If you are using any services like Netflix or any other platform auto renewal is connected with the same credit card. If yes then you can turn it off in case if you do not have any other credit card. If you have a credit card then you can connect with it as well. So, in future, your services will not be stopped because of this.


The process of how to cancel a Credit One card is very simple and easy to execute. Above we shared two methods to cancel the card where the first method is very fast and if you go with the second method then you have to wait a few days depending on many things.

Apart from this we also shared many extra things about the credit card like how to choose a good credit card, why and when you should cancel your credit card, and many more. Hope you loved the post.

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