How to Create a Lead Magnet

Today, lead magnets are critical tools for attracting potential leads. They may introduce the products, help raise awareness and invite prospects to start the customer journey. Yet, creating lead magnets is not an easy thing to do. You should consider many factors, including audience, distribution, content, and format.

Read on to know how to apply lead magnet marketing and what types of lead magnets you can use.

Lead Magnet Marketing: Fundamentals

Before all, a digital marketing lead magnet can have different forms. Yet, the ultimate goal is to offer value to your prospects. Lead magnets aim to provide solutions that would be worthy enough for the prospects to give their emails to you. Once you get their emails, it means you have a working lead magnet funnel that you can utilize to acquire more emails for your email marketing campaigns and improve sales.   

In this regard, you should consider doing the following:

Identify the target of your magnet

The successful lead magnet is specific and audience-oriented. It means that you should know who your buyer persona is. If you design B2B lead magnets, you should think of an ideal customer profile. Notably, try to segment your audience and point out several groups so that you can offer them a comprehensive lead magnet solving the general issue.

At the same time, you can do the opposite and create different lead magnets for different segments. When you have your audience defined, focus on their pain points, it is the way for you to provide them value.

Address their issues

It is the main task when you create lead magnet pieces for the distribution. They are effective if they solve the issues of the target audience. Thus, it is a good idea to research and define the problem.

If you lack details or information, you can always resort to experts and collaborate with them. In particular, to look for their corporate emails and contact them, you can use the following email finder:

If your solution happens to be valuable, the prospects are likely to subscribe for more content. Thus, study their problems, read their comments, start discussions, and watch the trends. On the one hand, if you manage to recognize the issue before it becomes widespread, you have a higher chance of getting the subscriber. On the other hand, if you do good social listening, you can become an expert, adding to your image.

Pick the format

Lastly, when you find the issue and know how to help prospects with it, the next step is to pick the format. Today, lead magnet marketing has different forms, so you should pick the one that would fit the issue’s scale and essence. You should understand the types of lead magnets to be used.

For instance, you can have an educational piece, like a set of recommendations or a guide, an informational article, a study, or research. Besides, some lead magnets can be used by leads in their operation or business processes, for instance, if the lead magnet is a template collection. Thus, create lead magnet pieces based on the utility for the recipient, convenience of its usage, and scale of the issue.

As a result, lead magnet marketing significantly depends on how you answer the audience’s pain points with the right content. However, do not forget that you should place and distribute it right, either on your website or via targeting on social media.

Lead Magnet Ideas

Although certain types of lead magnets are suitable for a particular audience, the most common ones refer to books and guides. Why? They are comprehensive ones able to fulfill the large groups. At the same time, there are free lead magnets that can add to the operation and paid ones with statistics or unique data.

Here are the most effective lead magnets ideas regarding goal, coverage, and audience:


The particular type is excellent for those brands that already have a specific image. When you establish your presence and desire to attain more prospects, you may start your webinar.

It is an effective approach when you position yourself as an expert and cover specific issues. Notably, many B2B marketers use it to attract leads. That’s why among B2B lead magnets, the webinars are the most used. How to do one? Do a Q&A session or a poll to ask your audience what specific topic they want to know about.

Then, look for an expert on LinkedIn and use a free email finder to extract their email from this social media. As soon as you have an agreement, set a date and promote the event. The technology, in particular, webinar platforms can help you set it right. The chances are high that you attain quality leads that are really interested in your solution.

Ebooks and guides

Ebooks are another standard method to attract leads and get their emails. Importantly, it works great when you use them on your website to add to content marketing efforts. If you have a page that ranks high and people visit it often, you can provide an ebook that will cover additional or related topics. Do not use such lead magnets for sale; offer them for free.

For instance, if your page with the title “How to Create a Social Media Campaign for Startup” ranks high, you can create an ebook with the name “Social Media Tricks for Startups” to provide even more value to the readers. However, make sure that your content is good and the audience is interested in the topic.

The guides are similar to ebooks. However, they are more suitable for approaching the audience, looking for tips and recommendations. In most cases, these are beginners who find your service or products yet need advice on using them to solve their issues. That’s why it is an excellent way to introduce your products to the audience and get their emails.

Case studies

Case studies are also crucial for the people who look for insights. That’s why they are great for B2B lead magnets. As businesses desire to optimize their processes, the cases of other companies can help.

For you, if you have data on your customers or have the experience to share, you can make a case study out of it. Notably, you will need to provide some statistics and share your conclusions. The advantage is that the particular lead magnet will bring not many but very quality leads.


Courses are effective ways to bring leads if your audience is eager to learn something new. In this regard, you have to be an expert in the field and provide educational content referring to products you sell.

For instance, your company may sell guitars. In this regard, offering a course on how to play a guitar for beginners can bring some quality leads. Also, do not forget to use automation software to segment the leads when you decide to send the course.  What are the benefits? You are likely to engage with the audience and accompany them within the buyer’s journey.

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