Creative Lead Generation Ideas for Business 2020

In today’s era, digitalization reigns the world. Whether it is making payment, shopping, ordering food, or selling to customers – everything happens online. Marketers are leveraging digital tools to keep pace with evolving trends and achieve their goals. Some are rooting for social media, while others are attracting audiences with content. The explosion of content addressing customer concerns makes people more aware, which means they do not fall for paid advertisements.

Therefore, every business wants to learn the art of lead generation. Instead of cheap marketing ploys, try to spark customer interest, gather valuable data, foster loyalty, and enjoy higher sales. In this digital era, customers give out plenty of information online. As a result, they expect brands to treat them as individuals. Do you know how to bring the personalization element in your campaigns? Understand your target audience and respond to their changing tastes and fashion.

If your existing lead generation strategies are not providing results, let us help you out. Here we are unpacking six creative lead generation ideas for businesses in 2020.


Unsurprisingly, marketers put a lot of effort when it comes to generating content. From writing blogs, social media posts to eBooks – content creation is quite time-consuming. And these days, people are looking for long-form content to study the topic in detail. Therefore, if you want to deliver something valuable and meaningful, start creating eBooks. Pick a topic that aligns with your business niche and choose a visually appealing eBook design for it.

If you don’t have enough time, use online tools, and create your eBooks in 2-minutes. Since you want to generate leads, don’t offer such premium content for free. You can ‘gate’ the content with contact information. If any user wants to download the eBook, they have to exchange their email address and name. Thus, users willingly become a sales lead.

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Social media has become the epitome of marketing. Usually, news feeds are full of sponsored ads and less entertainment. Offer a quiz to your followers and website visitors as people love self-centered quizzes. If you own an apparel brand, make quizzes like ‘which outfit suits your personality’ or ‘what is your style statement.’ Alongside helping you learn more about audiences, you can also obtain their contact information and generate leads.

Before you put the quiz together, brainstorm titles and formulate questions around it. Be careful with the format, word choice, phrasing, and think of ways to get people to talk about themselves openly. Remember, the lead capture forms should come after the last question but before the results. It is an ideal way to get leads because quiz takers are eager to see their results.

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Undoubtedly, video is the future of the internet. In 2020, web users spend more time watching videos than ever before. Google is also ranking websites higher if it includes a video. So, why not create helpful videos to generate leads? As per HubSpot, nearly 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service. Instead of sales videos, solve real problems and keep the format informative, entertaining, and readily digestible.

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Moreover, feel free to gate your videos or add them to your landing page. It helps in converting visitors and pushes them further down the funnel. Similarly, it gives visitors the information they need to know in one place, grabbing their attention. Below are some types of videos you can create.

i. Instructional Guides: If your product requires assembling, these videos can come in handy. It helps the customer put together the work without any hassle.

ii. Informational Videos: When people make a purchase, they want to know everything about the product. Informational videos take a deep dive into the benefits of products, fostering purchase decisions.

iii. Marketing Videos: These videos highlight the unique selling proposition and key features of the product to captivate audiences.


Most businesses are skeptical about podcasts because they don’t know about the returns. Podcasts can serve as an accessible entry point for potential customers, allowing them to engage with your brand. Are you wondering how? The most dependable way to increase customer reach and generate leads is by helping people in a business context. And that means educating and teaching the audience. For instance, if your business sells software, running a podcast can help with training.

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New listeners don’t have any obligation or loyalty to your brand. If you don’t provide them a purpose to return, they will go somewhere else. Alongside choosing exciting topics, share personal experiences. You can call guest speakers or frame interviews as case studies. If you sell nutritional food, host a podcast with fitness instructors or reputable nutritionist.


In today’s era, social media is overflowing with influencers and bloggers. People share their lifestyle, hobbies, and interests with their followers. As a result, brands are getting out to these people for promotions. Do you know how it works? Influencer outreach is all about finding leaders, bloggers, and influencers in your niche and developing relationships with them. If you are in the food industry, look for food bloggers, and send them some PR packages.

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They disclose your brand to thousands of followers by reviewing your products. Believe it or not, but their word of mouth holds a lot of importance for all the followers. It means positive reviews can provide an invaluable signal boost to lead generation. Thousands of people would be visiting your social media profile, and a few hundred will make a purchase.


Email marketing is not getting old anytime soon as it lays the foundation for every marketing campaign. When it comes to lead generation, a well-developed email course can do wonders for your business. It is a series of lessons delivered via email over a few days. And at the end of the lesson, you invite prospects to purchase products or services by showing how it can help with a particular problem. Hence, identify the questions your target market is asking and outline the steps for answering those questions.

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It will let you create an email course to teach those steps to people. Start designing a logical course outline, and don’t drag it for months. An ideal email course is 5-7 days long, containing 1000 words at least. Once your email course is ready, start promoting. As more people will learn about your brand, the leads will start increasing automatically.


Every company wants to maximize profits and increase sales, but it doesn’t become possible without lead generation. Fortunately, Google is connecting people to businesses, allowing them to find products and services actively. However, old-school and conventional lead generation strategies are of no good today. Use your creativity and come up with innovative ideas for lead generation to achieve optimal results.

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