How To Decide Which Marketing Strategy To Use To Make Your Business Grow

Whether you are a startup or an existing business, all businesses have one common goal – growth. But, growth isn’t essentially one of the easiest things to achieve, especially if you are just starting.

Growth in business is influenced by marketing strategies –  these strategies are action plans implemented to grow visibility and generate more sales and income.

Take, for example, if the goal of a business is to acquire two new clients within the next two weeks, then your time, energy, and resources should be focused solely on the necessary tasks that will enable the actualization of this goal. Meaning all efforts need to be converged on this common goal while every other thing is trashed.

It is the strength, opportunities, and goals of a business that define its marketing strategy and dictate the specific deliverables of the marketing plan.

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There is a long list of marketing strategies to choose from but specific businesses are favored by specific strategies. So, before you jump into that long list and start randomly testing strategies, here are some tips on how to decide which marketing strategy is best for your business.

Determine Your Marketing Goal 

Choosing the most efficient marketing strategy begins with setting a definite goal. This goal has to be specific because you can’t have disjointed goals if you want your chosen strategy to work.

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What is the purpose of your marketing? Is it intended to grow your brand awareness, improve your lead generation, or have a linear boost on your direct sales? Answering these questions will help you decide which strategy to employ.

Decide Your Target Audience 

Your potential consumers or customers are the core entity that makes things happen in your business. So they must be kept at the focal point of your mind.

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The entire responsibility of the business is to communicate with its audience. So you need to devise effective means of connecting with them, which includes discovering their preferred channels of communication and understanding how they move through multiple touch points across your sales funnel.

Consider Your Location


The marketing strategies that you finally choose must complement the “when” and “where” of your target audience. As such, one of the foremost variables in audience demography is location.

In business, your marketing option and the result that follows will be largely affected by your location.

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If, for instance, your business targets a wide range of audiences nationwide, you cannot employ the same marketing strategy as a local business that has its market within a 25-mile radius around its business location. 

Additionally, the effectiveness of some business strategies is influenced by location.

Consider Your Industry 

Study trends in your industry — the reason is that customers in different markets want to be reached differently. For example, people in need of health and medical services may prefer to be reached by SMS or direct mail, while this same medium may not work for other industries.

For instance, businesses selling products targeted at youngsters may use sports sponsorship to reach their target audience, but this may not work for businesses in the caregiving or hospitality industry. 

To be sure that your messages reach the mobile phone of your customers, make sure that the numbers are verified with to avoid burning your marketing budget. The bottom line is – go to the places and use the mediums where your audience spends their time.

Create Your Marketing Budget 

Regardless of its size, any business must set aside an annual budget dedicated to widening its reach. If your business is running on a shoestring budget, hiring a social media influencer is not a workable idea. As your business grows, your marketing budget will also increase.

Then, you can invest in special tools for marketing optimization, but if you do that when you are not yet financially ready for it, it may make things even worse.

Considering the points above, you will be left with a list of strategies you can implement for your growth. While several of these marketing techniques can be implemented, there’s no necessity for doing so.

Because excluding the high cost it will take to achieve that, figuring out which strategies are best for you may take struggles and would lead to a waste of a lot of money.

Without a well-defined marketing strategy, businesses that are just rolling out products, hoping it will work, hoping it will attract customers, will end up failing. Develop your business strategy today.

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