How to Improve Efficiency When Working from Home

Working from home has many benefits. These include the lack of a long commute, more time to spend with family, and a more flexible schedule. But working remotely also has downsides. Distractions, unproductivity, and practical setup problems can affect the quality of work.

Working from home and hybrid working continue to be popular. Statistics show that 24% of people both worked from home and travelled to work between April and May 2022. A further 14% worked solely from home during the same period.

Let’s look at how to be more efficient when working from home.

Get the right work setup

Create an area just for work with a proper desk, chair, and monitors. This will help to improve your productivity and ensure that you have the right posture. Don’t work from your dining table, sofa or bed. If you work for a company, they should be able to offer the correct equipment so that you can work efficiently.

Online efficiency

Connection interruptions can create an unproductive environment. You will need a strong Wi-Fi connection to work from home. To prevent online distractions, consider using a VPN with an ad blocker to remove ad popups.

Time management

Scheduling your time properly while working from home is important. Stick to set start and finish times and create a task priority list each day. Break up your day and week into smaller chunks to help you to meet deadlines.


It’s easier to slip out of routine when working from home. But routine can help productivity and efficiency. Try getting up at the same time each day. Get dressed, eat breakfast and make sure that you’re sat at your desk, ready to begin work at the same time.

It’s important to take care of yourself by having breaks and taking time for lunch. Going out for a walk or run at lunchtime can help to improve physical and mental health. Alternatively, try an online yoga or exercise class to break up the working day.

Time efficiency

You might find that you have more time to spare while working from home. Make sure to use this time effectively and to your advantage. It’s easy to get distracted with house or family chores but try to set aside a specific time at the end of the day for those.

It’s still important to take care of your wellbeing, though. Try to check in with colleagues at regular times. Remember to inform your manager if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Working from home provides opportunities for a more flexible lifestyle. It can create time and space to focus on other needs. But it’s crucial to find the right balance. Use these tips to separate home and work life, improve efficiency and allow a bit of extra freedom.

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