Advice for landlords: How to keep your Pub Safe and Secure

If you live in the UK, running a pub is one of the most enriching ways to make a living. Landlords are actively involved in their communities, loved by local people, and closely linked to independent traders and suppliers. If you’re heading one of the 47,000 public houses in the UK, it’s imperative to keep yourself and your premises safe from damage.

How can I keep my Pub Safe?

1. Carry out Checks

One of the best ways to ensure your pub remains safe is to carry out regular checks to ensure your building is safe – from a structural and security standpoint.

When you’re undertaking external checks, ensure that the windows are in good condition without cracks. Make sure that gates shut properly and can be locked overnight and try to repair any obvious insecurities or damage to external boundaries and walls.

2. Hire Security Guards

Another effective way to help your staff and customers feel safe is to have security placed at the door throughout the night. This measure should help reduce the risk of dangerous or provocative individuals entering in the first place.

Security guards should also bar the entry of anyone already intoxicated beyond an acceptable level. This preventative measure will rapidly reduce the risk of damage or antisocial behaviour on your premises.

3. Get Covered

As in any business, things might suddenly go wrong unexpectedly for you and your pub. Obtaining the right type of insurance for a pub is a crucial step in establishing the business, as it is a legal requirement.

Operating with peace of mind that you are covered in unfortunate circumstances will leave more room for your business to thrive.

4. Install CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras could be the most sensible investment to improve the security of your pub. Its main purpose as a deterrent: once people know it’s there, criminals will be discouraged from attempting anything in the areas covered by the cameras.

Additionally, CCTV could help to cover you and your business in the event of a serious incident. If you need to appeal to the police or present your case in court, CCTV will provide clear, undisputable evidence of what has happened.

5. Promote Good Financial Security

Amongst your team, you should ensure that cash is handled safely and responsibly.

Making sure to regularly empty tills, especially on high volume nights, could significantly reduce the risk of burglary attempts by opportunist thieves. Once emptied, leave the cash drawer open to display that no tender is kept inside it overnight.

Additionally, reducing the amount of people with access to tills and locked safes could reduce the risk of theft and fraudulent behaviour from staff. Pay close attention to tills in busy areas, and make sure to give responsibility only to trusted staff members during peak periods.

One final tip…

Don’t forget that your local community could play a huge role in promoting the safety of your pub, too. As long as you’re covered, you can focus on attracting the right customers and keeping profits coming.

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