5 Easy Ways To Make 10k Month Online

If you are looking for extra earning apart from your usual salary and thinking about making 10k a month, you have landed in the right place. Well, here we would be sharing some amazingly easy and realistic ways of making 10k a month.

These ideas are not only for extra earnings but also for those looking for work from home income due to their various financial, family, or medical problems. Making money worth 10k a month is something that many people desire, but it is not an easy task.

Many scams are going around these days where they lure you with some fantastic schemes of jobs that pay 10k a month and hefty amounts but with some terms and conditions.

Now, these conditions would ask you to enroll yourself initially by paying an admission amount, and later you neither get the desired income nor the deposit amount you paid initially.

Therefore it is essential to get yourself a genuine job and would give you a good revenue out of it. 

Since the technologies have been developing so much day by day that we have lots to explore and start earning with new ideas around, given below are some fantastic ideas to make 10000 a month from home.

1. Start Dropshipping Business with Shopify

Dropshipping is the latest trending business idea that has changed thousands of people’s lives and helped them make money. In fact, this business has enabled entrepreneurs to make more than $100,000 turn-over profit every month in their business.

So basically, in this business, what exactly you have to do is that you buy stuff or products at a cheaper rate from the wholesale like Alibaba or eBay and then sell it either on Amazon or your own Shopify eCommerce store with a little higher price than what you bought it for. 

The best part of this business is that you don’t really have to buy this stuff on your own and then get it shipped; instead, all this process is automated directly from the wholesaler to the receiver.

If you are doing it for yourself, then all you have to do is to create an online shopping store on Shopify that go to the site where you want to buy stuff from and then import all these products that you want to sell with the help of Oberlo with a higher selling price value that can give you a good margin. 

After this process, you can also promote your product on social media like Facebook or Google Ads when you want to sell your product.

Once the order gets placed by any customer, Oberlo will automatically pick up the shipping address of the receiver and put the same order on your buying website, which could be one of this AliExpress, eBay, or Alibaba.

And then, the supplier will directly ship the product to the customer’s address. 

2. Freelance Writing Content

Freelance writing is open content for blog postings, articles, social media posts, emails, and press releases. Now, these could be for companies and organizations or even for individuals who have their websites.

Well, blogging does not mean you become rich overnight, but yes, it’s a good way to earn and make 10k a month.

Content writing is one of the most demanded online jobs with a lot of scopes, and these skills can help you get an excellent profitable income. Shifting of business towards online marketing is the primary reason for these skills to be in demand. 

The basic need for online marketing is the content, and therefore, companies hire these freelance writers to write a crisp and attractive article for them.

If you love writing, are incredibly business niche, and have an engaging writing style, then you should start freelancing writing.

To fulfill your requirements, if you are thinking how to make 10000 in 3 months, this could give that home income and gradually speed up and grow as a business.

One of the most heard terms in freelancing is “copywriting,” This mainly deals with writing sales pitches compared to writing regular blogs or articles.

One thing about copywriters is that they tend to make more money than content writers as these copywriters help to drive sales for the company and hence they are always ready to pay a heavy amount for an attractive sales copy.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing deals with promoting any company or website’s products or services and getting paid per lead.

start affiliate marketing with no money

This is one of the quickest ways to get 10k fast. The affiliate marketing process works like this; now, a publisher would be the person who will be promoting the product or services, and the merchant is the person whose services or products are being advertised.

Affiliate marketing can be broadly divided into two parts:

  1. The company (or the advertiser) will host the affiliate program itself and later allow the publisher to work on the website directly.
  1. The second category involves third-party participation in the form of affiliate networking. This affiliate marketing program hosts the affiliate programs connect and advertisers and publishers all under the same roof. Therefore, each advertiser does not have to host their affiliate program separately, and publishers can promote the products/services of any advertiser from the same platform. This second category of affiliate marketing is the most common and used model in affiliate marketing.
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to Join

4. T-shirt Printing

Well, when it comes to clothes and apparel, we often feel it might turn out to be a tiring job, but there is something in this business that will help you grow, and you don’t have to leave your home for it.

The site with the name Teespring is the one that will help you do the whole job for your business.

teespring t shirts designs
The process would be as follows:
  • Initially, choose a design that your customer wants to be printed on the t-shirt and upload it on Teespring.
  • Decide a price for the T-shirt and then get the buying link from them so that you can promote it further.
  • You can go ahead and promote the t-shirt on social media, different forums, or anywhere you can with this link given to you by Teespring.
  • As soon as someone clicks the link and buys the shirt, that t-shirt will be shipped to the buyer by Teespring, and you get the money by Teespring after a $10 deduction which would be their commission.

Or watch this video can help to create your t-shirt printing store on Teespring.

5. Social Media Managing Services

Social Media management is an easy job that has been there in the market for an extended period and can be started by anyone.

social media management services

This is a great scalable and growing business where it could get you to make 10k a month. This deals with handling and managing social media links for clients by managing the campaigns, calculating the ROI, running promotional paid ads, posting photos and videos to increase the followers and engagements, etc.

Here are some best platform to find social media marketing jobs:

Suppose you have already been practicing this at a smaller scale, then why not go professional and start your own full-time business in this.

But if you are new to all this and this kind of work attracts you, don’t get worried because SkillShare is one place where you can learn and acquire all these skills to learn how to run Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat ad posting.

To begin with:
  • There are many such international brands or companies that have their own social media accounts and pages, but the majority of them do not have time to manage these pages. Hence, it is not given that importance.
  • Your first step will be to look around in your area for all such local businesses if they have excellent and attractive social media or not?
  • If you find any company that does not utilize its social media for its business, then that could turn out to be your potential client.
  • Start with connecting to them, and for that, you can simply mail them your proposal and offer them social media management services. But do not forget to first do your research about their company or industry thoroughly and go through their competitors using social media for business. 
  • When you mail them, do not start with the services you provide; instead, show them what they are losing without these services and how a strong social media account can help them grow more speedily and give a tough fight to their competitors. And that this could also turn out to be one of the ways to make 10000 a month from home. 

6. Virtual Gym Assistance

Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit but it becomes very hard when people search the way on the internet. On the internet, there are ton of information some are fake and some are legit. As a result, people can be fully confused about what things to follow or what not.

If you have good experience and knowledge in the fitness and gym industry then it can be a great opportunity for you. As we mentioned above a lot of people are confused about these things as a result they always look for assistance who can give them full information with some logic.

There is one more reason that the gym trainer fee is very high and not everyone can afford it easily. As a result some people also look for virtual gym assistants who can guide them in a proper way and solve their doubts at a lower fee.

If you have good experience and knowledge as a gym trainer then you can start it. You need only a good social media page and a good website for marketing. For marketing, you can use online advertisement. You can guide them through video calls or anything which is good for you.

7. Web Development

If you have good skills in web development then it can be one of the best methods to make money regularly. Making a lot of money as a freelancer can be very easy when you have a good and high-demand skill i.e. Web development.

There are a lot of startups and companies that are looking for skilled web developers who can design any complex website. Not only jobs in the company there are also a huge demand for the skill on the sites like Fiverr.

So, in case you don’t want to work in any stayups or companies then you can be a freelancer. In freelance there is very huge money as well and you can work on projects according to your time. In a few words, if you don’t want to follow any rules of companies then you should be a freelancer.

Learning web development is also very easy and does not take a lot of time. You can learn complete web development in less than 6 months. You’ll get paid based on your previous work, experience, etc. so, practice a lot and make real projects.

8. Voice Acting

These days everyone is using social media all day and consuming a lot of content regularly. On the other side, there are also millions of creators or social media influencers who create content and make a lot of money by monetizing it through various ways.

Hope you have seen there are a lot of video content creators (mostly YouTubers) who also launch the same video in multiple languages. As a result, they can get more audience from all over the world. In a few words, they hire people to voice over the videos.

Not only YouTube video content, but as of now most of the movies are also coming in multiple languages. It also includes anime, short movies, documentaries, and more.

If you have a distinctive voice then you should definitely try it. There is the game of the voice and skills. If you have a voice then you have already completed 50% of path of the destiny.

As you are new then it can be very tough to get your first work opportunity. You should follow those people who are already in the field. You can learn a lot of things from them.

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