How to Make an Extra $500 a Month

Each year the dearness increasing very rapidly as a result it will become very hard to to save money and achieve goals. Due to an increase in dearness in the last few years thousands of people are facing a lot of financial problems as it becoming hard to pay EMIs, bills, rents, etc. You can not do anything in the dearness but you can make an extra $500 very easily in your free time.

As the dearness increases the salary of the employee also increases. But there are also many industries where the salary of the people does not increase in some cases. The huge effects of dearness can be seen in the people who don’t have high-paying jobs or don’t have any jobs.

Nowadays with the help of technology, it becomes very easy to make an extra $500 a month just by working only a few hours each day. In case, if you don’t have a job then you can work on the below-shared ways to make full-time income from home.

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Why Making Extra Money is Important?

Making extra money or having at least 2 sources of income is very important. As we have already seen in the last 3 to 4 years anything can happen at any time as a result the chance of losing a job can also be very high. In the last few years, many giant companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. laid off thousands of people.

In case, your job is no more or you’re business is not running properly then you may face huge problems in paying the bills, rent, EMIs, etc. Due to this problem, your and your family’s upcoming months and years can be very full of problems.

In a few words, there are a lot of benefits if you have more than 1 income source. If above above-mentioned problems does not come then you can invest your saving in stocks, FDs, etc. to earn interest on it or use the money to open your own business.

How to Make an Extra $500 a Month?

In 2023 and the upcoming year it becomes very easy to make an extra $500 a month just by doing work only a few hours (depending on the work). In the post, we are sharing many methods to make money and we are dividing their money-making methods into 2 parts i.e. online ways to make money and offline ways to make money.

So, if you want to earn money online just by working from home then follow the online methods to make money but make sure you are working on the methods in which you have knowledge, experience, and most importantly you love & enjoy working on it.

Note: In the offline methods you’ll be paid monthly but in online ways, you have to spend a few months working on the methods. After this, you are going to make a lot of money much higher than the offline methods.

1. YouTube Shorts Channel

As we know starting a YouTube short channel is very easy and anyone can start it. The creation of YouTube shorts is the same, which means there are no different channels for the short video. Both the standard and short channels are the same. Most probably you know this.

Before a few years, YouTube launched shorts and started offering some money to the creators of the original shorts. As this type of facility was not available on Instagram that’s why millions of people started creating short videos and making money.

By working a few weeks on the YouTube shorts there is a very high chance you’ll start getting paid after getting AdSense approval. Getting views in millions on YouTube shorts becomes very easy if your content is unique.

Once you are getting enough views and subscribers then you can promote your YouTube channel to make more money. I have seen thousands of YouTube channels who got succeeded in the field with the help of YouTube shorts.

2. Completing Tasks and Surveys

If you are not interested in creating content on YouTube and want to make money easily and quickly without working hard a lot. Then you should try this method as it is very easy to work and you don’t need extra resources to work on them.

There are a lot of product-based and service-based companies that launch surveys and tasks with the help of tasks and survey websites to improve their products and services. There are many websites and apps where these tasks and surveys can be completed, for completing each task and survey you’ll earn money.

The problem with the method is that it is becoming hard to make money as millions of people are using these types of platforms to make money. But if you are very active then there are chances that you’ll earn money too.

For completing tasks and surveys we are suggesting only two platforms i.e. Amazon mTurk and Google Opinion Survues. Google Opinions does not give tasks and surveys in all the locations. So, try the app by yourself to know the reality.

3. Short Term Trading

In trading, there are very high risks as it is very volatile. To make a profit from trading you need to at least learn it and practice it for at least 6 to 12 months. Making money from trading is very risky not only for money but also for psychological issues which can affect your other works as well.

In long-term investing you are building your wealth so, you can not sell the assets until any critical situation comes.

You can easily make an extra $500 a month from short-term investments to trading. Short-term trading is also known as swing trading. In short-term trading, you invest money for more than 1 day to for a few weeks and months. Once the trade becomes profitable and reaches the trade you can book the profit.

Short-term trading is low risky as compared to trading because in trading you get some leverage, so you trade blindly but in short-term trading, you’ll not get any leverage so, there are very high chance you’ll buy shares in limit.

Learning short-term trading is very easy, you can learn short-term trading in a few weeks depending upon how quickly you learn and how much time you spend learning short-term trading. There are many patterns to trade stocks in the short term and make a profit.

There are also risks in the short term but fewer than the day trading. You should only trade in stocks, not crypto. Cryptos are very volatile and the chance of losing money in cryptos is very high.

4. Freelancing

Millions of people are working hard to become successful freelancers and leave their jobs. In freelancing, there is a lot of freedom and money but in the job, there is no freedom, less salary, and the job is also not secure.

In freelancing, there is a lot of opportunity as of now. In the last few years, the number of freelancers and the demand for quality work suddenly increased. Due to AI many freelancers who don’t have expertise in their work can lose their job.

To be a good freelancer you should have some skills and knowledge in which you can do a lot better than the thousands of people. In the future, there will be work only for the people who are experts and can do better work than other people.

Hope you have seen that on the Freelancing platforms, the sellers get more projects that have gotten high rating and provides quality products. So, if you work for a few months and get good reviews from the clients then after 1 to 2 years you don’t have to struggle a lot to get products.

You can learn many things to become a freelance like graphic designing, digital marketing, writing, translation, video editing, animations, coding, data, photography, and many more. In these niches, there are also many niches on which you can master.

5. Consulting

Have you good knowledge and experience in any industry like tech, startups, business, programming, blogging, content writing, etc? As of now these types of industry is growing very quickly all over the world and everyone wants to start a startup to be financially very strong.

In actual problems, there are a limited number of people who have good knowledge and experience in the industry and most of them are busy with their work. As a result, people who have recently started a startup or going to start a startup face a lot of problems.

If you have time then you can start your consulting business where you can guide people to make better decisions to achieve their goals. You can also start online consulting so that you can easily get a lot of customers through online ads.

There is a wide range of industries on which you can consult if you have knowledge and ability to satisfy the customer.

  • Business Management
  • Real Estate
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Marketing
  • Legal Advice
  • Sales
  • HealthCare
  • Wellness
  • Education
  • and many more…

Offline Methods to Make Money

As we mentioned above in most of the industry making money online can takes a few months. In this case, if you don’t have any expertise then learning and becoming an expert can take more time. Depending on how quickly you learn and understand the things.

But making money through offline methods is very simple and you’ll get paid monthly. Below are some methods to make money offline.

1. Vehicle Washing

Washing vehicles does not require any expertise and knowledge, if you want to just make an extra $500 a month then it is one of the best methods to make money. As in the job, you need any extra things, you have to just find a job and join it.

Usually in the Vehicle washing job, the salary depends on several factors your experience, the city in which you are working, the time it takes to wash the car properly, and many more. If there are high demand for car cleaners then you’ll be very high but if not you’ll be paid less.

If you don’t know how to wash or clean a car then you might be paid less so, it is better to learn how to professionally wash a car. On the internet, there are a lot of resources like videos and blogs available on how to wash a car.

2. Rent Out Your Car

The “Rent out your car” method is for those people who have a car and do not use it a lot. There are a lot of car rental platforms where you can list your car for rental services. If someone takes your car you’ll be paid the money you asked for.

In the USA and UK car rental services are very famous and popular. As there are also a large number of people who love to go different places. These types of people usually prefer to take a car on rent because going by their own car can be a problem for the long distance.,,, etc. are websites where you can host your car. You’ll get customers from the same platform on which you are hosting your car.

Depending on the locations and cars you can easily know how much you are going to make money. If you have a car of a good brand like McLaren then you can easily get $500 to $1000 per day.

3. Work at a Retail store

You can work in a retail store or restaurant for serving to get $500 each month. The salary may be high or lower depending on how much time you work and most important what type of job or work you do.

Always try to get a job in restaurants, malls, etc. in these types of places you can easily get $500 by working some hours. The problem is the chance of getting a job can be lower.

So, in case you are not getting a job in malls, or restaurants then you should try in the retail shops. The salary can be less in the retail shop but getting a job will be very easy.

Final Words: You have to spend a few hours every day to make an extra $500 a month. In most, we shared many methods to make money, in those methods some methods are online, and some offline. So, you can choose according to your comfort, knowledge, etc. In case, you have any doubts then leave a comment below.

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