19+ Ways in which you make money as a 13 year old

13 is the starting of teenage where a child develops his/her all kinds of feelings i.e. love, care, sadness, or hate and gets mature with experience as grows up. Many children at the age of 13 make plans to start a business and get rich in no time.

How to make money as a 13 year old? Yes, 13 is not the right age to think about working or future businesses but teenagers has the urge to earn and be self dependent as you can say its their pride, self respect or ego that doesn’t allow them to take money from their parents anymore.

Thus, they choose to work part time along with their studies to support themselves financially and emotionally.

It sounds crazy that a 13 years olds should work and earn for themselves. But it is not funny at all because grown ups are less mature than these bunch of 13 years old.

They understand and handle emotions far maturely than any grown up you know. With the growing age people start feeling pressurized as they has the burden to support their own life and family with stability and thus, they get frustrated easily.

Therefore, 13 is the right age where you can decide your future goals and start working to support your present and develop hard-working attitude to achieve future goals.

And it’s not only the teenagers who wish to earn for themselves but some of the parents also let their kids to start working in their free times because it may develop their skills, knowledge and ability to handle things in life.

Now, there is only one question i.e. How to make money at 13?

If you have problem in finding right idea as how to earn money as a 13 year old? I can help you with some of the ways for a 13 year old to make money. There are many ways for a 13 year old to make money. some of them are listed below

1. Become a Youtuber

a black guy holding both hands and watching the camera.

Today, YouTube is the platform that provides recognition to the common man. Whether it’s a teenager or an adult both can choose a topic for entertainment as per their age category and talents.

All you need to do is register yourself with YouTube and upload an entertaining video as per the category choose by you. You could also help your child get the best equipment to make high-quality content! If it sounds like it’s an expensive investment, you can always get some extra cash from companies like LoanMart. Once you get famous among the public, Starting a YouTube will start to pay you a certain amount depends upon views on your videos as salary.

There are many people who have started at an early age and now are successful actors or actresses. It is the best business where one can make money as a 13 year old.


2. Start a Blog

Teenagers are old enough to start their own blogs. It is not compulsory that they should write upon particular topics that they are not aware of or don’t have much knowledge about it.

They can start a personal blogging where they can share their views on particular topics or else they can share their daily routine with other children who lack of social life.

It will be very helpful for others as they can follow something interesting from your routine. Thus, you can earn from personal blogging and it is also not a very hard task for one to complete.

You can write about your feelings for life and others but you cannot defame anybody. It is very simple way to earn with less efforts and much more in no time but once people start loving your writing.

3. Babysitting


In this hectic world where parents doesn’t have time to spare for their kids requires well behaved teenagers for babysitting jobs as they are competitively cheaper than an expert adult.

Teenagers also get easily involved with kids and the kids also love to play with someone of younger age group. You can find yourself jobs on portals like Care.com that link you with parents who are looking for babysitters.

All you need to do is register yourself on their website and upload your schedule as it should match the time when they need you as babysitters. Thus, analyze your daily routine and find a free hour to help others.

But don’t do it for free, charge an appropriate amount for your valuable services.

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4. Upload products online

It is not a easy task to find products and sell online on websites like Amazon or Ebay. But you can upload products on these sites for other sellers. It is very easy task for a teenager to complete once they learn the uploading process.

At this age kids want learn something new everyday and has sharp memory. Dealers are ready to pay good amount for this job as it hard to find someone adult to do such jobs.

If you want to start your own Amazon Store follow the link click here.

Therefore, teenagers can apply for such job and can earn extra money. You can enjoy these jobs and take it as part of your fun activities.

5. Gig maker

Gigs are small notes, performances or videos that entertains people and believe it or not many out there are ready to pay good amount for these gigs. There is online portal named Fiverr that provides a platform where you complete smalls task like making audio notes, video clips that are used for entertainment purposes.

These gigs can be sad, funny, annoying or love. You can earn a minimum $5 to complete one task on Fiverr. I think it comes as a good start for a teenager. Read more..

6. Article writer

a girl holding a blue pen in her right hand and writing something on the table.

Today, companies and online portals are looking for writers who can write in common slang i.e. commonly used language and is easy to understand by most of the public.

Professional writers use deep meaning quotes and metaphors which is not easy for everyone to understand.

Thus, they need someone from the general public itself and there is no one better than a teenager for such job because they are aware of all the latest trends that are not even recognized by an adult but are popular among everybody.

Therefore, enroll as a writer today and earn good. It also enhance your writing skills which can help you in your studies and future goals. Read more..

7. Photo Editor

Teenagers love to play games on phones and laptop. Thus, are familiar with latest basic software and games. They edit picture for fun and play with editing software as they play games.

Many entrepreneur need photo editors on intern prices but it is as hard to find water in a dessert. Therefore, teenager who have urge to pursue jobs to earn for pocket money can choose to do such jobs at good prices and enjoy the work.

8. Social media controller

Social media is something that is common among kids and not adults but are used by everyone. By some it is used as platform to operate business link and for others as a platform to chat with friends or family and share live feeds. Therefore, there are companies which are ready to pay good amount to operate their social media accounts. You can pursue such jobs and continue surfing while earning.

9. Game changer

There are many games available in market for kids. These games are prepared by adult or experts but are not tested by them. They always need some kids to try their new games before launching it market because they analyse games on personal level and also know the taste of their own generation.

It helps company to know market value of its product i.e. the product is a success or not. Play games before anyone else and earn money to play it.

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10. Reviewing products

There are many dealers available online that pay to review their products. They play a game online in which they buy reviews to bait and pool buyers for their products.

It is one of the marketing strategy for online selling as customers look into reviews of other buyers for same product and compare before buying. Therefore, reviews play an important role in buying and selling online.

11. Neighborhood Business

There are many small jobs available in your neighborhood that you can do as an favor to help your neighbors or earn money from those small jobs.

There are many types of neighborhood jobs available but some of them are listed below:

12. Pet sitters

If you are friendly with pets i.e. dogs or cats. This is the job for you guys as people are ready to pay crazy for taking care of their lovely pets when they can’t. Also, you get to play with them and get their love which is unconditional.

Join Care.com and Rover.com to find Pet Sitter Jobs!

13. House watching

Yes, house watching is also an job and people really hire to look after their house when they are not at home.

All you need to do is be a watchman to their house when they are not available and it is fun job for you as you can chill at their place and on their cost.

14. Bathing dogs

It is very hard task for one to do. Dogs are very hard to deal with when it comes to bathing as it is well-known fact that they afraid water.

Therefore, pet owners pay good amount to bath their pets i.e. dogs.

15. Car wash

Car wash

In this hectic life, no one has time to spare from their busy schedule and clean their cars thoroughly.

Thus, take it as opportunity and clean cars by yourself or take them for services in place of owners. You can earn pretty good money for such services.

16. House Cleaning

Everybody I know loves clean houses but they are clumsy at cleaning. Therefore, require a helping hand for cleaning houses for festivals and also on regular days.

There are many places in houses like windows doors that are hard to clean. Thus, you can be paid good for cleaning.

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17. Pool cleaning

Pool cleaning

As much people love to relax in pools, more they hate to clean them i.e. people around the globe love to chill or relax in pools while having some drinks but they hate to clean the mess afterwards.

Pools are needed to be cleaned thoroughly after certain time or else it can cause many skin diseases. Therefore, pool cleaning can be fruitful business for you.

18. Tutor

Teenagers can be good teachers to the kids younger than them. As everything they have learnt is fresh in their heads and thus can teach good to other kids.

19. Decorate on festive season

Everybody loves beautiful decorations at their places on festive season but they don’t have much tune to spare for such work.

Thus, they pay for such services. You can apply you creative head in decorating beautifully.

20. How to Create Affiliate Feed Blogging

There are various affiliate methods on the internet. You can find blogs dedicated to high-tech, gaming, or even banks. Nonetheless, food affiliate programs are experiencing strong growth and are making it possible for some publishers and advertisers to make good sums of money.

More and more people are starting to cook starters, main courses, desserts, and make homemade cocktails. The number of research relating to the field of food is growing exponentially, this wave should not be missed, especially if you have a food blog. Besides, do you know how diet food affiliate programs?

Membership allows you to earn a commission for each sale made by the Internet user. The latter will not see any impact vis-à-vis his bill. On the side of the advertiser, the latter will receive the amount of the sale.

On the publisher’s side, the latter will receive a commission made through the sale. The latter will be paid by the advertiser or the feed affiliate platform. You can therefore go to advertisers directly to create an affiliate program – or go to a dedicated platform. There are hundreds of them, and they offer almost all of the same features.

The only things that will change from one platform to another are the advertisers who are – for some – exclusive to certain platforms. In short, there is a way to earn a nice commission depending on the products you decide to promote on your blog.

Do not forget to be accompanied to find the right affiliate platform in order to have more substantial profits and why not, to be able to improve your blog and make a living from it at the same time. So, are you tempted by Affiliate Feeding?

The above listed are the business ideas for 13 years old kids. Just go through all these ideas and choose wisely. If you need any help let me know, I m like your mentor here available for free to guide you the right way.

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