How To Secure Your WordPress Site?

Cybersecurity is a serious issue when it comes to running online businesses. A little act of laziness can cause some serious repercussions for your website. The security of your WordPress site should always be your priority.

According to Google, there are thousands of hacking attempts every day. Google has to blacklist more than 50,000 websites for phishing and 10,000 or more for malware every week. These data points show how crucial it is to secure your website.

If your website is your business then a single hacker can cause serious damage to your business’s revenue as well as market value. Just like you arrange a security guard for your physical stores, similarly, taking security measures for your website is your responsibility.

Follow these simple guidelines to secure your WordPress site in a better way. 

1. Hire A Good WordPress Host

A well-secured managed WordPress host will make every effort to secure your site with the latest technologies. Very often, websites suffer because their host fails to perform efficiently.

A good WordPress host will make sure your website remains up-to-date. You have all the necessary security features installed, and that you are practicing security tips effectively. A managed WordPress host aims to manage your WordPress site using the latest tools and strategies available in the market. 

2. Install SSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts the data transfer between your site and the user’s browser. It allows the exchange of information through secure channels, protecting your site from a breach.

When you install SSL, your web address becomes HTTPS, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, which is an extension to HTTP. By doing so, your website will be locked. You can see a small padlock on the web address bar. 

3. Create A Strong Password

Many people underestimate the power of a strong password. Normally, people avoid complex passwords because they are hard to remember. You can use password manager applications, but do not leave your WordPress site vulnerable with easy password combinations.

Strong and complex passwords are often hard to crack. Combined with limited login attempts, you can provide better security measures for your site. 

4. Limit Login Attempts

Limiting login attempts is another security measure that you can take while being the owner of the site. There is a greater chance for a hacker to guess your password if they are allowed unlimited trial and error attempts. By limiting the login attempts, you are reducing the chances of your site being hacked. 

By default, WordPress allows its users to attempt failed login multiple times. You can change the settings, either by installing a DNS level firewall or by installing a Login Lockdown plugin. This plugin will allow you to change the login attempt settings. 

Be sure that you regularly update your plugins to avoid any malfunction.  

5. Disable Editing Option

When you allow your users to edit the website, you are indirectly inviting any potential hacker to your website.

To disable the file editing feature, you need to install a plugin to do so. This plugin will allow you to disable the editing option with a single click. 

If you do not want to install a plugin, you will have to manually write the code ‘//Disallow file edit’ in your WordPress configuration file. 

6. Update Regularly

Updating the site, plugins, and themes are very crucial to the security of your WordPress site. While minor updates are automatically done by the web developers and providers, you need to manually update for major issues to be resolved timely.

Your host should regularly update your site on your behalf. However, if you are managing a site yourself, then you should do it with care. 

7. Active Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is one of the safest ways to secure your website. When your login needs approval from two different sources, there is a greater chance that you can avoid any hacking attempt. 

Bottom Line

WordPress security is necessary to keep your online business safe and secure from prying eyes. Every day millions of websites get hacked; businesses fall apart because they fail to take necessary measures to secure the website.

You can secure your WordPress site by hiring a good host, creating a strong password, and taking the necessary precautions mentioned above.

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