Shopify vs. WordPress

In this fast-paced and tech-savvy world, every business should have a strong online brand presence. For this, there are multiple platforms to sell products online, including Shopify and WordPress.

However, if you are a beginner, you might not exactly know the difference between the two platforms. Below, learn more about Shopify and WordPress so that you can pick the content management system that works best for your business. 

What is Shopify? 

Shopify is one of the most efficient and safest ecommerce platforms used by many brands all around the world. Anyone can create an online store to sell their products and services conveniently with the help of Shopify’s platform.

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All you have to do is create an account, display your products, and start selling.  You can also take advantage of its scalability plan with the help of using Shopify Plus to stand out in the competition in a much more efficient manner. 

If you do not know how to get your business on Shopify, you can certainly browse a multitude of guides or tutorial videos available across the web.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an efficient content management system that is great for creating your own blogs, website, and other digital marketing initiatives to help enhance the online credibility of your business. 

WordPress is used to create remarkable content and websites using MySQL and PHP. It has a massive number of different themes and plugins that help to easily navigate through this platform to guide you build your own business site.  

In addition to that, you can install WordPress software without much effort on any of your servers for free. However, you might have to pay for the domain registration and hosting cost of the website that you are going to build using this platform. Make sure to find a fast and reliable WooCommerce host to launch your own ecommerce store for your existing website. 


In general, there is a huge difference between Shopify and WordPress. You can read more below to find your personal favorite.

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Ecommerce Features

There are several ecommerce tools and techniques that are needed for an online business to sell its products and services. 


  • It comes with several different ecommerce tools for store owners to conveniently use them
  • It has an integration option with more than 100 external payment methods.
  • It is available in more than 50 languages


  • WordPress comes with built-in payments for some of the most popular credit cards, gateways, and many more
  • It is available in more than 25 languages 
  • It comes with thousands of different plugin options and 500+ extensions

Ease of Use


  • It is easy to build an ecommerce store on Shopify and takes just a few minutes
  • It comes with a  dashboard to view all the components of your store
  • You can conveniently configure the store’s settings, modify or add products, and view order details, etc.
  • It has a free trial available to test how the system works

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  • You can use WordPress to launch your company’s site, blogs, landing pages, online stores, etc.
  • Its back-end is clean and simple, with an available dashboard to easily use it
  • You can customize your design, add new blogs, and set up social sharing as well
  • It comes with a comprehensive guide to understand its features properly

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  • You can choose from 3 different pricing packages 
  • It ranges from $29 to $299 per month, depending on each package
  • Each package comes with different kinds of features


  • It has two different main types, which are and
  • In, you can have full control over your site, and it is open-source and 100% free for all
  • In, it depends on the price and functionality that you choose

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