Interior Design Ideas That Are Popular Among Restaurants

The interior design in restaurants can make or break the dining experience. If your restaurant interior is uninviting, cramped, and drab, then customers will be less likely to come in.

However, if you have a beautiful interior space that feels inviting and comfortable, people are more likely to eat there! In this blog post, you will learn about some of the best interior design ideas for restaurants.

Clean Lines With Minimal Clutter

This approach is pretty popular with burger and pizza joints because it’s simple, minimalistic, and not in anyone’s face. The tables and chairs are similarly designed in these types of restaurants, keeping everything equal. There are tons of fast food furniture on offer if you decide to go with this sort of interior. It’s usually nice looking and doesn’t bother anyone, which is why people resort to them.

The color schemes are also simplistic and the interior design in restaurants is usually fresh, bright and modern. Most often, it’s a white interior design with other neutral tones thrown in.

Fast food chains go with this because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t get unhygienic. It also looks nice, is not pretentious and simple enough for many people, which makes it popular with interior design in restaurants!

The interior needs to be functional while still looking pretty on the eye. There are different options out there like booths or bench seating, but most often than not, you’ll see tables and chairs paired up nicely together with one color scheme dominating the interior.

Natural Materials 

A very popular interior design idea in restaurants is using natural materials. One interior designer explains that incorporating natural elements into the interior of a restaurant makes it more inviting for customers. 

These materials include the following:

  • Wood is used to create tables, booths and bars so people can sit down and enjoy their meals comfortably.
  • Stone counters are also great because they do not get hot when food or drinks are placed on them, which means you won’t burn your hands when grabbing something off of them like with metal countertops.
  • Leather is a very good interior design material for interior designers to use in bars and restaurants because it has deep colors, which make it easy to match other interior design ideas in a restaurant. It is also very durable and can withstand the high traffic of customers coming in and out for drinks, food, or just checking out the interior of a restaurant.
  • Bamboo is also another good interior design idea because it adds lightness to the design and creates an open space for people to enjoy their meals.
  • Tall plants are great interior decoration ideas for restaurants as well because they create privacy but still allow natural lighting into your establishment, so you don’t have dimly lit rooms, which can be off-putting to customers who may not want to sit at dark tables with candles on them if there are no windows. 

Contrasting Colors

Interior designers like to contrast interior design ideas. For example, interior designers enjoy contrasting dark and light colors to create interest on the walls of restaurants.

One interior designer suggests that an interior design idea is to paint a wall with one color, then use another shade or contrast on half of it for visual effects. He also recommends painting ceiling beams in two different shades as well, if possible.

However, this can be expensive so another interior design idea is using colorful patterned tiles instead. This will work just as well without costing nearly as much money, which makes it great for new businesses who are trying to save money where they can but still want their restaurant interior designs to look good too! 

This gives guests the feel of a traditional restaurant interior design but with a modern twist that is very popular among restaurants these days.

Open Floor Plan Design 

An open floor plan design means that no interior walls separate the space. Restaurants often use this interior design idea because it is a way to create a sense of spaciousness for guests and also creates a more cohesive layout in small spaces.

These solutions have been used by restaurants but can be adapted for other types of interior spaces as well, including homes. When designing an open home floor plan, consider how you can divide up different areas so that they serve multiple purposes when necessary or add privacy depending on your needs at any given time. 

For example, if most people tend to congregate in living rooms during certain times of day, then placing half-walls between seating groups could provide some division without blocking natural light from entering all parts of the interior space. In addition, to open floor plan design, restaurants often use other interior design ideas, such as using the color blue in their interior spaces.


This solution usually means a cluttered interior design when it comes to decoration. Retro is also more expensive than the other interior decorating ideas, but it will give your restaurant an aura that you can not get with other interior design ideas.

The interior designer is the key to success when it comes to retro interior design in restaurants because they will know how to balance all of these elements perfectly and create a charming atmosphere that satisfies your customers. The decorations can come from any time period, but for interior design, in restaurants, you should go back to the 1960s and 1970s more than anything.


Lots of restaurants go for interior design ideas that are modern and more on the upscale side. There’s nothing wrong with this look. It just may not be what you want for your restaurant if you don’t have a high budget or aren’t looking to attract customers who would appreciate interior design like this.

The main features of interior design that are modern include a lot of white and stainless steel. There is typically some wood as well, but not nearly as much as there would be in more traditional interior design ideas for restaurants. Furniture will also have clean lines to match the interior design style, with little embellishments used on it.

It’s important to have a good interior design for your restaurant to make your guests feel cozy and comfortable, which will make them want to come back. You can go with a minimalistic fast-food solution or use natural materials for everything.

Contrasting colors and open floors solutions are always a big hit with catering businesses, and retro makes it interesting and unique. If you’re not into these things, maybe a more modern approach will suit you. Whichever you choose, keep your guests in mind!

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