Guide To Pig Farming: Facts That you Should Never Miss In A Pig Farming

Pig farming is a very profitable business. If you invest correctly in hog farming or pig farming, you can earn up to $1000. So, you can guess the pig farming profits in a year.

Before starting the business, you should take in mind the various factors. Consider the pig farming profit margin.

Ask yourself questions for example:

  • How much does a pig sell for?
  • How much is a pig worth?
  • How much does a pig farmer make a year?
  • Cost of a pig?
  • What is the profit per pig?
  • How to make money raising pigs?
  • Is it profitable to manage a small-scale pig farm?

All these factors depend on the geography and demography where you live. We can’t guess the exact but; the nearby value will help you make a guess. Considering the above parameters, you can answer for yourself. Is pig farming profitable or not. 

Suppose you are thinking of starting a pig farm or having any queries regarding pig farming profits. You must read the article till the end. We have tried covering all the questions in the article. 

But, first, let’s read about the basics of Pig Farming.

What is The Habitat of Pigs?

Pigs tend to be living on small farms. It widely depends on the farming range of pigs. If you have small terrain, you can have 10 to 50 pigs in stock. You can also keep about ten large sows per acre. Depending on the plantation, you should breed the pigs. 

The feeding of the pigs is around the 3-4th cost of raising a pig. So to make pig farming profits, you need to control their feed. You can sell your pigs in a particular niche or target markets if you have a small-scale pig farm.

What are The Types of Pig Raising Operations?

The market decides the cost of pigs. Healthy pigs boost the profit per pig. This divides the pig-raising operation into two parts.

They are discussed below:

  1. They are selling the young pigs when they are around 265 pounds. The weaning period is the desirable selling period for some sellers.
  1. Other sellers buy young feeder pigs at 40-60 pounds. They feed them, raise them to the market and sell them. This increases their pig farming profits.

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What are The Feeding Habits of Pigs?

Pigs are naturally designed with a very simple digestive tract. They prefer eating grains mostly. If you are chasing profit per pig, you need to chase the statistics. You should remember that for a pig to gain a pound of weight; you need to feed them with 2 pounds of grains. 

The average pig owner feeds their pigs with the following diet:

  • Corns
  • Protein Supplements
  • Vitamins 
  • Minerals.

If you are raising pigs for-profit and have a small-scale pig farm, you can make your feed for pigs. You can purchase the grains in bulk or take your pigs to place that have extensive grazing grounds. You can also utilize old, stale bread or tortilla. You can also combine it with your waste cereals. You can utilize your waste food as grain for your pigs.

Shelter and Habitat

The pen of the pigs should be designed according to the geography and terrain they are living in. Pens should protect the pigs from immense heat. 

Since you are pig farming for profits, you need to divide the pen with weight and age. Barriers are created by wires that have a robust enclosure. Avoid mixing of the pigs to ensure profits per pig. The young pigs need heat to grow at a young age. Build your pen accordingly.

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How To Make Money Reusing A Pig?

An average of 150-pound pig produces an estimated 1 ton of manure. If you are thinking to reuse pigs for profit, you can sell the faeces as manure to farms.

How To Maintain Your Pigs?

To increase the pig farming profit margin, you have to hire skilled labour. The farrow-to-finish operation requires skilled labour. 

Skilled labour can keep you tension-free. He can take care of the daily feeding, on-time vaccination to the new pigs. He will take care of the cows giving birth, and maintaining a suitable environment for the baby pig. Pen maintenance is required throughout the year. To cut the cost of hiring labour each time, you can keep permanent labour for your farm.

Skilled labour will keep an eye on the healthy growing pigs and help you with profit per pig.

How To Enhance The Pig Farming Profit Margin?

It’s essential to enhance the profit per pig. It cannot be traditionally enhanced. You need to try new marketing strategies to enhance pig farming.

First things first, you need a good marketing plan.

There are two ways to earn profits. 

  1. Selling pigs at the marketplace. The weight is the factor in this.
  2. Through livestock auctioning. You need proper research of a nearby area to do the proper selling.

Note down the seasons when there are auctions to be held. And you can utilize that in your profit-making strategy.

You can also sell pigs according to the festivals or the people’s demands. The lightweight roaster pigs are sold for holidays. The quality feeder pigs can be sold to young exhibitors. The breeders also choose pigs of higher quality to make good breeds. The pigs at this point are sold at a very high price. 

The local market is also great for opportunities. There are butchers, grocers, and restaurants that are looking for such pigs. There are speciality providers who look for organic meal delivery services.

You can also take help from the online markets. Build your website, tell the world about your pigs. You can choose to advertise online, offer promotions. The factor, how much do pigs sell for raising profits, will be in your hands.

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Is Pig Farming A Profitable Business?

Is Pig Farming A Profitable Business?

Pig farming is a profitable business. Yes, true. Because it wasn’t, you might not be eating pork in the restaurant. Nor, the restaurant might place such a high price on the pork. 

How Much Does A Pig Sell For Raising Profit?

The profitability depends on the two factors.

  1. How do you want to sell pork?
  2. In what form do you sell pork?

In the US, you can earn a profit of around $100-$500 dollars. The form of the pig decides the profit per pig. But, you need to invest an extensive time of 6 months behind this. 

You can either process its meat or choose not to. Pork in the US is old for two dollars or four. The average price looking at the season might be around 3.5 dollars.

Different processes to increase pig farming profit margin.

When the pig goes for butchering and processing, it yields around 55 per cent of meat. Taking the worst possible case, you can have meat around 40 per cent.

How Much Do Pig Farmers Make A Year?

The average weight of a pig is around 265 pounds. The yield can be around 146 pounds. So, the average pig meat is around $511 dollars.

Do You Still Want To Ask if Pig farming is Profitable or Not?

There are other ways to earn from pig farming.

  1. You can sell raw, frozen, or processed pork and sell your pigs accordingly.
  2. The newborn pigs are also in demand b sellers who want to grow these young pigs at the market weight and then make a profit per pig.
  3. You can sell the litter of the pigs as manure. An average young pig can make up to a ton of manure.
  4. Pig meat that is used as preparing sausage can be worth more.

It is on you how to make money reusing the pigs. You can also make one of them the direct source of income, while the other can be a complementing source. 

Case Study: Pork Market in 2021

The current scenario is good. And, the future of the pork market is also promising. The African swine fever has influenced a lot on pig farming. Thankfully, the US has seen no such scenario. Various countries like China, Vietnam, Russia, East European Countries, central and South Africa are worst affected by swine fever.

Since people cannot feed on such pigs’ meat, the US business is skyrocketing. The US has been exporting pork and serving the demands of its customers abroad. The Exports of the country have increased by 39 per cent. China was expected to produce around 24.7 million tonnes of pork, but the US has benefited a lot due to the swine fever. The pig farming profit margin is in the skis recently.

Essential Factors: You Must Consider While Raising Pigs For Profit

  1. Small-scale pig farming shouldn’t be too small. You will need at least 4 to 24 square feet per pig space. When they reach 100 pounds, they require more space. The pigs that are more than 250 pounds have a requirement of 9 square feet. For good animal health and growth, space matters.
  2. Take care of the residency, where you are raising pigs for profit. The pig farms smell bad. It can disturb the neighbours. An open outer space is recommendable.  
  3. The EPA doesn’t have any laws for placing pig farming. But, do check on laws in your state before you start your pig farming.
  4. As already told, before starting any business, have a plan. Get in touch with local markets, digitize yourself. Make marketing your weapon. Target individuals who have a higher consumption of pork.
  5. Read the EPA legal and sanitary standards. 
  6. An average of 200- 280 pounds should be the weight for a pig. It helps you with pig farming profits.

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