Learn About the Benefits of Using SCORM Compliant LMS

Previously, it was a bit difficult to use an LMS (Learning Management System). The vendors had control over the content that was created and the companies could not move the learning content to another LMS, resulting in the content getting stuck only on one LMS.

To combat this issue, SCORM was developed.

What is SCORM?

SCORM – Sharable Content Object Reference Material enables you to export content and lets you share it between several e-learning platforms, including LMSs and different authoring tools. It is a worldwide accepted standard for creating online learning tools. The key function of SCORM is to even out how eLearning courses are created and uploaded.

Thus, any online learning course created that met this requirement was termed as SCORM-Compliant. Along with the ability to transfer course content, SCORM compliance lets the course developers track the progress of the learners with the help of the insights provided, such as course taken, quiz scores, time spent on assignments, etc.

Now, let’s understand What is SCORM Compliant LMS?

LMS lets you deliver continuous training to your employees, along with issuing course completion certificates and creating reports for trainers to remain on top of the training. LMS gets integrated with your existing tools, which helps in developing a comprehensive platform for learning.

A SCORM Compliant LMS entirely meets up to the rules set out within SCORM. LMS that accepts SCORM content and makes it available for its users is called SCORM Compliant. It creates a perfect platform for online course creation. As a result, LMSs and authoring tools are developed to be SCORM compliant.

There are multiple benefits of SCORM Compliant LMS, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Interoperability

SCORM Compliant LMS allows easy interoperability between different LMSs or eLearning platforms. It enables seamless working between different course content and learning platforms. There are times when training managers think the present LMS is not good enough for the growth of their organization and they look for a replacement.

This is where SCORM-compliant LMS plays a crucial role. With the interoperability feature of SCORM LMS, you can use your multimedia content even if you choose to change or upgrade your LMS.

2. Easy Shareability of the content

You can easily move content from one place to another, provided the content is SCORM compliant. As a SCORM package, you can just download and then upload the content without any issues.

3. Adaptability

With the help of SCORM compliance, the LMSs can create content to fulfill your specific needs and requirements. There are multiple tools available on an LMS, which enable you to create a mix of sharable content objects.

By using these tools you can create personalized and customized online learning and training programs for your employees. You can even create rules by which the content for the learners will be shared based on their inputs and skill levels.

4. Reusability

This is one of the biggest advantages of using SCORM Compliant LMS. You can reuse the content, as a result of this, you save a lot of time and money in the long run. Organizations providing continuous training and consuming a lot of learning and training content, this feature of SCORM is very beneficial.

With the help of plug-and-play functionality, you can create the course once and distribute it to different platforms. The trainers also benefit from this feature, as they can pick any tried-and-tested procedure, which has already been used.

5. Track Learner’s Performance

When you can track your learner’s performance, it helps you in improving your training content and effectiveness. You can tailor the course content based on the tracking report provided.

You are easily able to track the data including, the result of the test and quiz, course completion score, per module scores, how long specific pages were viewed, answers given, etc. SCORM Compliant LMS enables you to check how your employees are interacting with your course content.

SCORM Compliant LMS provides a cost-effective experience. With this type of LMS, you can easily make changes to your learning content. With the increasing demand and technological advancements, organizations are getting more inclined toward SCORM Compliant LMSs. It offers hassle-free course creation and delivery of course content.

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