Most Expensive NFT’s Ever Sold

We live in truly fascinating times. The world is changing so rapidly that often it’s hard to keep up. The same rapid pace has even reached the art scene. Now, it’s not all about theatre, cinema, or paintings. The digital world has come up with its alternative form of art – NFTs.

Interestingly enough, those often non-tangible pieces may cost more than art produced by the world’s most famous artists. Why is it so? This question is, perhaps, not up to us to answer. However, we can tell more about the NFT industry and the most expensive pieces ever sold.

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What Is NFT?

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are any types of assets that exist only in the digital realm and come with a certain value. The introduction of NFTs made it possible to claim ownership over digital works due to new coding technology. All NFT tokens are unique.

Thus, by purchasing a non-fungible token, a person gets ownership over one-of-a-kind digital assets. Hence, there are no NFTs of the same value. 

The advancements in blockchain technologies also explain the popularity of the NFTs market. For example, most NFTs, if not all, are usually sold only on blockchain-backed marketplaces.

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CROSSROAD by Beeple: $6.66 Million

Crossroad is the political NFT dedicated to the recent US presidential elections. The animated artwork shows the presumably dead body of Donald Trump with graffiti and profanities all over it.

Beeple said he had two versions ready for sale, depending on the outcome of the election. The final version with the defeated Trump was sold for $6.66 million.

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Ocean Front by Beeple: $6 Million

Another politically inspired digital work by Beeple sold for $6 million this year. The art piece speaks of climate change and the rise of the ocean level. The profits from this sale went to the Open Earth Foundation, the non-profit organisation that tracks the environmental changes in the world.

It also discovered that the developing countries often suffer from the rising ocean level and air pollution the most. If you are a student doing research on this matter, you may pay for essay to get a flawless assignment and see how you can contribute to making the world a better place. 

Save Thousands of Lives by Noora Health: $5.1 Million

This is the first NFT on our list created not by one particular artist but a non-profit. The goal of this piece was to spread awareness about high infant mortality in South Asia and raise funds for young mothers in the region. The noble cause drew the attention of the bidders, and the piece was eventually sold for $5.1 million. Hence, this case shows that NFTs do impact the real world, despite existing only in the digital one. 

CryptoPunks by Matt Hall & John Watkinson: $11.8 Million

The CryptoPunk series is of digital characters created as some of the earliest NFTs in history. These are simply pixelated faces that can be used online for various purposes. Overall, there are 10,000 of them. Evert CryptoPunk has unique features and personalities.

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Yet, some of the characters in the collection are more valuable as they are rarer than others due to some accessories or else. Those rare types of CryptoPunks were sold for record sums at the time. Overall, some of the most valuable characters cost from $11 to $7 million. 

EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS by Beeple: $69.3 Million

Six months ago, this art piece by Beeple had made it to world news headlines. Beeple sold his digital artwork for a record $69.3 million! At first, the buyer preferred to stay anonymous. Yet, with time, he revealed himself as the Indian-born crypto billionaire. The artwork was a collage of Beeple’s previously created digital pieces. As the title suggests, the collage consists of 5,000 everyday drawings that took Beeple over six years to finish. 

The drawings all carry various themes, nature, and artistic styles. All of the drawings, however, are done with 3D tools. Overall, this particular NFT signified a milestone in the history of digital art. It isn’t just the most valuable NFT for a moment. This piece also made the world notice the scene of digital art and its growing value in the real world.

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