Promoting Your Business For Little Or No Cost: 7 Marketing Ideas

Every business owner knows that without customers, they won’t make sales. Therefore, having ways to generate interest in your product or service, which then convert into sales, has to be at the top of every business’s priorities.

However, if your business has little money to spare to invest in marketing campaigns, you have to become a little creative in how you advertise your business and what it has to offer, so here are 7 cost-effective marketing ideas for you to consider using.

1. Partner with Local Businesses

If your product or service can be used with another product or service, consider partnering with another business, so customers can get both things at a cheaper price if bought together. 

Perhaps consider setting a few limited-time pop-up shops with both businesses logos on in areas where a lot of both sets of customers are based.

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The people at this site will be able to help you with the equipment needed to do this. You never know, going to your partnered business’s customer base could generate more sales and see your business get new customers as well.

Even setting up at an expo together means sharing the costs, whilst also sharing the exposure. 

2. Social Media

Every business, aside from a few exceptions, should have an online presence, which includes being present on social media. Our advice would be to use the ones that can effectively reach your target audience.

For instance, if potential customers use Instagram or TicToc, then they’re more likely to prefer visual aids, whereas places like Twitter or Facebook could handle a bit more text. 

Social media isn’t just about offering your products or services, it’s about entertainment and interacting.

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If people comment on your posts, then make sure you acknowledge them. Social media is also a good place to hold real-time competitions and generate interest as well. 

3. Website

Just like social media, a website is now a necessity for businesses. Is there anything you like or could do better on your website? If yes, then set about getting it done, but after looking at some big brand companies’ websites. 

They’ll more than likely have had someone experienced in website design put theirs together, and so are worth comparing to your own one. Pay particular attention to their landing page – how do they get customers to go further into their website?

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Where is everything positioned? What color schemes have they used? How could you incorporate some of what they’re doing in your own website?

4. Email

Email is good for businesses to use as they can send one thing out, like a newsletter, to dozens of potential customers at the touch of a button, and without having to leave their premises. 

Email is also a great way for you to have one-to-one contact with customers. What’s more, you can contact them at any time, perhaps to see if they’re happy with a product or service, whether they want to buy something else, to introduce a new product or even a special offer – the possibilities are endless with emails. 

5. Vehicle Branding

We’re not talking about the expensive paint jobs or extra additions to your car, but more decals that go on a company vehicle. You could have them on your side and back windows.

Alternatively, you could consider the company logo on magnets that stick to the body of your vehicle.

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This is a good way to always advertise your business, whenever anyone can see your company vehicle, whether it’s parked up or on the move.

6. Contacting Existing Customers

It’s always nice when there’s follow-up communication from a business to see how a customer is getting on with a product, or even getting feedback for a service they used.

It makes them feel valued, and the points raised could help you refine the way you do things in the future. As these customers have already bought something from you, so your job now is to turn them into repeat customers.

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Maintaining some form of regular contact without becoming a nuisance is the goal here. So think about your approach, which shouldn’t be one size fits all, but dependent on each customer’s preferences. 

7. Local Media

Consider inviting local media to do an article on something newsworthy you have to share with your local community.

Although they won’t cover anything promotional, if you’ve done anything in your local community to help, they may want to do a feature on it. If so, you’ve just got yourself some free publicity.


You may decide to use some or all of these marketing ideas, or you may be inspired to try something different. Whatever you do, as long as you keep trying, you’re bound to get customers and make sales.

It’s the businesses that give up or keep using the same old tried and tested sales techniques that tend to get stuck in rut. With the uncertain times, we find ourselves in, you have to be able to adapt, and by trying different things, this is exactly what you’re doing. 

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