How To Make Money If You Have A fitness-related Instagram Account

Fitness and wellness is a booming industry. Social media fitness gurus like Kayla Itsines and Jen Selter, have millions of followers on Instagram, and people are starting to take their advice more seriously.

This has created an opportunity for anyone who wants to get in on the action: if you have a fitness-related account on Instagram, there are plenty of ways that you can monetize it.

Brand Your Business

You can also make money by branding your business. If you have a fitness-related Instagram account and a great following, consider licensing it to brands who want their endorsements from people with similar interests/who influence the industry.

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For example – if there’s a supplement company that sponsors athletes or fitness models, they might be interested in getting someone with an Instagram audience of over 100k followers on board and start to monetize Instagram reels!

The way this works is pretty simple: You reach out to these companies letting them know you’re available for endorsement deals & negotiate terms such as product(s) being promoted, payment amount, etc. If done correctly (and legally), this could mean big bucks if your post goes viral because other people will see what that company is willing to pay for an endorsement and may feel inclined to go through you as well!

Also, there are companies out there like BrandYourself who help people (specifical influencers) build their brand and grow their following on social media.

This means more opportunities for sponsorship deals with companies looking specifically to work with certain types of Instagram accounts – so keep this in mind when thinking about how YOUR account would be a good fit for sponsorships/endorsements from brands & businesses!

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Create & Market Your Product

Are you an expert in the field of fitness? If so, why not create & market your product to generate some passive income. You can sell this product on Amazon or through another channel using Shopify.

To get started with that, check out our course on how to start a dropshipping store! Having your online store is especially useful for anyone who has their following and would like to turn it into revenue opportunities.

As your Instagram grows, consider creating other products related specifically to what types of content you post about (i.e., supplements if all you do are workout routines). This will help ensure that people continue coming back because they know there’s something new waiting for them when they return!

You’re going to spend a lot of time on social media promoting this product too – so make sure it’s something that interests and excites YOU!

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By creating your program or video series featuring workouts/nutrition tips from your page- people will start paying attention because they know everything featured there has been created by the same person who posts regularly on Instagram.

Sell Your Merchandise

If you’ve already created your product or have thought of something in this category that hasn’t been done before- why not sell it on TeeSpring! It’s free to create an account and all you need is a design (which can be made using Canva) & a description for the products.

If successful, they’ll even handle the shipping/fulfillment side of things so that way you don’t ever have to worry about getting bogged down with anything but creating more content.

Plus if your tee sells well enough, it could turn into larger orders where TeeSpring will take care of everything else like sales tax & any other associated fees directly from their end instead of taking out percentages from each sale. This means more money in your pocket!

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Remember that you can also use Teespring to sell other products including phone cases, stickers & more. This means if there’s something else you’re an expert at creating (or know how to make well) – this could be a great opportunity for you!

Sell Your Physical Products

Exercise equipment

This is similar to selling your brand of merchandise – but this time, you’re selling a product that isn’t necessarily created by yourself. So for example, if there’s something you use in the fitness world (i.e., supplements) and people ask if they can buy it from you- why not sell them on your website! This way even though it’s coming directly from YOU -you won’t have to worry about keeping inventory stocked because other companies like Amazon will do all the work for you.

Also, if you’re not sure what product to sell- consider selling things that people might buy as a result of seeing your photos! For example – an athlete may find they want the supplements (or even clothing) their favorite athletes use and will go purchase them immediately.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but an opportunity to make some money on the side. Don’t forget that Instagram isn’t your only way to make money online if you have a fitness account! Have other income sources as well.

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