6 Easy Steps of Starting a Blog: A Brief Guide

Blogging is a new trend in the profession among creative writers. If you have the talent to write impactful content, you can think of starting your own blog. 

If you are wondering how to start a blog, here we have the perfect 6-step guide.

6 Steps of Starting a Blog

Starting your blog is easy. If you have creative and interactive writing talent, these 6-steps will help you start a blog in just 20 minutes.

1. Choosing a Blog Name:

When you start a blog, you need to choose an attractive and descriptive blog name. Ensure the blog name contains the SEO keyword for maximum visibility.

2. Finding a Web Host:

Creating a blog is not enough for your success. As you write your blog, you need to focus on taking it online. Select a web hosting provider who gives you a domain with high uptime.

3. Blog Customization:

You need to select a blog template that offers you a customization option. Having a customizable temple gives you the flexibility to tweaking the web blog design according to the topic of your blog.

4. Share your thought:

Once your blog site is ready, it is time to write attractive content and publish the first post on your blog. You can initiate by sharing a thought and promoting the blog through social media platforms to reach your target audience.

5. Blog Promotion:

There are various ways of blog promotion. Social media promotion is the most preferred promotional procedure in today’s world. Become a member of communities and share your post in these public forums for better reach.

6. Monetize your Blog:

Making money from a blog doesn’t happen in a day. You can try various strategies for monetizing your blog. Affiliate marketing is the most convenient option for monetizing.

Creating a Successful Blog

Being a blogger is all about showing your passion for a particular topic. It is basically sharing your knowledge about a niche with the world. 

The key to becoming a successful blogger is reaching out to an audience who is genuinely interested in your blog or the niche you write about. Creating a blog doesn’t end with just writing moving content. Some tips for creating the perfect blog are-

  • Define the post you are sharing on your blog
  • Ensure your blog is long enough but well paragraphed to ease in reading.
  • Your readers prefer descriptive topics in easy language
  • Create a blog that keeps your readers engaged
  • Ensure each and every content you write is original. Plagiarism in content leads to serious consequences.
  • If you are adding images to your blog, choose them from free stock images or click some of your own. The image should not be plagiarized as well.
  • Ensure that your blog looks professional without any grammatical errors.

How to Promote your Blog?

Starting a blog is easy, but monetizing needs high online reach. How can you promote your blog for the perfect online reach?

Here we have some tips for better promotion of your blog-

  • Create awareness about your blog among your family and friends
  • Join social media communities and share your blog post on the platform
  • Be active on others blogs
  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Add posts to your blog regularly
  • Indulge in Search Engine Optimization for better visibility


We have shared a brief guide to creating the perfect blog. If you follow this guide, you can easily start your own blog. To make your blog more visible on the internet, try creating a blog with SEO keywords. If you are not sure of the keywords, you can use the online tools for keyword search.

Starting a blog is a way of encouraging your passion for a niche. If you are passionate about writing, start your blog today with the given guide and start earning soon. 

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