How to Write a Good Article – 6 Easy Hacks

Are you a blogger or content writer? If yes, you have surely faced the challenge of outstanding articles within a given deadline. Developing your writing skills and understanding your target audience are the important keys to resolving this challenge.

6 Easy Hacks for How to Write a Good Article

There is a huge demand for content writers who can write great articles under tight deadlines in today’s digital age. If you want to be a high-demand writer, here are six easy hacks to improve your writing skills and create a good article. 

1. Prepare a list of Topics:

If you are writing content on a particular niche for a long, you are likely to reach writer’s block in a short time. It is not uncommon for writers to lack topics for their upcoming blog. The best way to avoid this is to prepare a list of ideas well in advance. You can expand the topics later during your time of need. 

2. Obliterate Distractions:

Multitasking can be the specialty for some writers, but one produces their best article when they write with absolute concentration. If you want to write great articles, you need to avoid all sorts of distractions around you for a better focus.

3. Efficient Research: 

To write a strong piece of article, it is essential to research properly. However, one must avoid spending more time on researching and less on writing. Keyword-based research on a topic always yields the best results. 

4. Make it Simple:

Writing a good article is not all about using high vocabulary. You need to create a piece that grabs your audience’s attention in an extremely short time. 

The best articles are always concise and direct. Focus on the main points of your topic and explain them in simple sentences. Using bullet points while writing the article for describing points under sub-topics has a proven record of increasing a blog’s traffic.

5. Editing:

Article editing after writing is essential to detect mistakes in the articles that you could have overlooked. We recommend using tools for spelling and grammar check, followed by a plagiarism checker for better editing. 

Writers often make a common mistake of editing their article while they are still writing it. It doesn’t benefit. In fact, it slows down the process of writing. Editing and writing are separate phases of the content writing process. When you edit your article after completion of writing, you generally get an overview of the article. It helps in ensuring that you don’t delete any essential part of the content while editing.

6. Don’t take too Much Time:

If you want to become a good writer, you need to work on your writing speed. In today’s world, people look for writers with higher writing speed, decent vocabulary, and easy sentence framing skills.

How to enhance your speed for writing? We recommend using a timer for practicing.

You can set a timer while you write, observe your speed and slowly try to improve it. If you continue with uninterrupted writing, you can produce quality articles in no time. 


Good content writers are in high demand in the modern digital world. If you want fame as a good writer, the six hacks mentioned above will make your life easier. However, knowing the hacks for good article writing is not enough to produce one.

One needs a creative mind to get great topic ideas for their article, followed by high speed. The world prefers writers who can produce high-quality articles under tight deadlines.

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