A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Fiverr Account

Are you new to freelancing? Start a Fiverr account to begin your career as a freelancer on a digital platform. 

Fiverr is currently one of the largest online marketplaces for various services. It is a platform where the buyer community is looking for various skill sets. If you have skills for content writing, graphic designing, voice-over jobs, and more, you can join these communities and make money. 

Here we have a brief beginner’s guide on starting a Fiverr account.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting your Fiverr Account

Step 1: Fiverr Seller Profile Creation

The first step to starting your Fiverr account is creating the seller profile, i.e., presenting yourself professionally in the Fiverr community.

To create your profile on Fiverr, follow the given process-

  • Create a Fiverr login with your e-mail id and contact number
  • Select your account category as “Seller.”
  • Enter your personal information like name, address, bank details, PAN no., and skill information.

Step 2: Create a Gig:

A gig is a skill or service that your sell to your buyers on Fiverr. It is your opportunity to display your talents online. Enter descriptive information while creating your Gig

Creating a gig is simple. 

  • Select the “Sales” option at the top of your Fiverr Homepage.
  • Select the “Create a New Gig” option on the right of the page.
  • Enter the process of Gig creation.

These were just the basic steps to gig creation. Once you enter the “Create a New Gig option,” you provide the below input to complete the Gig.

  • Enter an attractive yet short title for your Gig. Ensure the tile you enter describes the skill that you will sell to your buyer.
  • While writing the Gig title, use strong yet simple language with a trending Keyword.
  • Enter a Gig description. The description should be precise and elaborate yet short and crisp such that it describes the value of your skills to your buyer in fewer words.
  • Fiverr recommends users adding a descriptive video against your Gig. Adding videos to your Gig has shown 40% higher engagement among buyers.
  • Introduce yourself in your Gig description
  • Upload images that are relevant to your Gig to create a portfolio.
  • If you use Google Images for your portfolio, you need to turn on the filter for “label rights.”
  • Tagging your Gig is important. However, you should never over-tag your Gig. 

Step 3: Getting Orders on your Gig

Getting orders on your Gif is tricky on Fiverr. Sellers need to follow goog targeting practices to avoid getting marked as spam by Fiver. Indulge in Gig promotion for more orders on Fiverr. Some tips on promoting your Gig are-

  • Create your YouTube channel for promoting your Fiverr Gigs
  • Write blogs about your Gig on Fiverr and promote through social media platforms. 
  • Join social media communities and create fan pages on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Never over-promote your Gig as Fiverr marks such Gigs as spam and delete the Gig.

Step 4: Buy and Sell with Fiverr Mobile Application

Starting a Fiverr account is not effective until you start selling or buying Gigs through it. Using a mobile application is always convenient.

Selling on Fiverr:

  1. Enable your Fiverr seller account by logging in from your desktop
  2. Use the mobile application for the remaining activity.
  3. Go to your account on the bottom right corner of your app
  4. Use the toggle button to switch between the seller and buyer mode as per your need and act on Gigs.

The best way to sell or buy your Gig on Fiverr is to upload an attractive video introducing your service or skills. 

Step 5: Offering Service Packages and Upselling

The final step of using a Fiverr seller account is offering packages in Fiverr. With Fiverr packages, you can offer three separate services under a single Gig Page. So, you buyers get more choices.

Giving them choices is not the only way to monetize your Fiverr account. You can always increase the revenue by upselling add-ons with your Gig.


We have shared brief information on how to start a Fiverr Seller account here. However, higher income on Fiver requires patience and time. Improving your Gigs and promotion are the solutions to higher revenue.

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