Tips for Renting Temporary Office Space

An upcoming opportunity makes it practical to look into securing office space for a short amount of time. Even as you begin to consider different options, it makes sense to develop an idea of what you need along with the temporary office rental. Doing so will make it easier to evaluate the different Agile Offices rental opportunities and come up with a plan that fits your needs. Here are some tips on how to make sure you rent the right office space.

Amenities Included With the Rental

Take a close look at what is and is not included in the rental terms and conditions. You want to ensure that the amount paid includes all the costs for utilities. That includes the ability to access the Internet as well as basics like lighting, water, and heating.

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Office furniture is also an amenity that you want to make sure is present. All the basics should be in place, like a desk, chair, and a guest chair. That works out well, since you can always bring along a few of your own things to personalize the temporary work space.

Reception Support

Another benefit that you want to ensure is included has to do with reception support. It would be great if a receptionist is there to answer inbound calls, use your company name, and then direct the call to you.

In the event that you’re expecting calls from specific individuals, the ability to inform the receptionist in advance ensures those calls get priority treatment.

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You’ll find that this touch is a great way to make a better impression on callers. That can be especially important if the reason for renting the space was to meet with a prospective client.

The Location Matters

Choose the location for your temporary office space wisely. Ideally, there should be adequate parking close by. It never hurts to go with a location that has access to public transport within a few blocks. You also want to make sure there are plenty of places to eat within easy walking distance. That can be especially helpful if you plan on taking a prospective client out to lunch.

Locations with adequate security are also a plus. You’ll find that having guards on the premises does make everyone feel more comfortable. The fact that there are security personnel who check the parking decks and that there are cameras and plenty of lighting also add to the feeling of being safe at all times.

Option to Extend the Rental Period

While you have a good idea of how long you’ll need the temporary space, it never hurts to see if there’s an option to extend the rental period if something comes up.

Perhaps you’ll need to meet with the client for a few more days, or maybe the client is impressed enough to refer you to a business associate. If you can extend the period, that makes it all the easier to concentrate on the additional tasks and not get sidetracked looking for new space.

Do you have some type of event coming up that calls for finding some sort of temporary office space or maybe the use of a conference room? If so, click here to rent a business room that will serve the purpose you have in mind. With the right features and amenities, you may find that space is worth renting again if the need arises in the future.

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