Tips to Create Excellent Explainer Videos

Do you plan to create explainer videos soon? These are short video clips that explain services, products, or brands. They are an excellent way to attract the attention of your target consumers, keep them engaged, and give them a chance to know your brand better. Keep in mind that explainer videos might be smack dab on your site’s homepage, and probably the first thing your target audience experience. This is why it important to ensure you create these videos correctly. 

The video wizzes at Spiel assert that creating explainer videos is easy as long as you know the right steps to follow. Here are essential steps for creating top-quality explainer videos that describe your brand, products, or services. 

1. Create an awesome script 

An excellently-created script is a key to any successful explainer video. Indeed, it is a solid foundation upon which the entire video is built. In many cases, it will help to have an expert to create an excellent script. You can choose an expert from a recognized company and explain the video in a way that your target audience can understand. 

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Most professional video producers may require you to provide a creative brief. That means you should think carefully about your brand and what you want to tell your target audience. You can also consult with the right departments to determine the specific content to be included in each explainer video. Keep in mind that having the right script will make it easier for you to create the right video. 

2. Keep your videos short 

Saying less means your target audience will remember it for a long time. As much as you want to share a lot of content, make sure you say what matters. So, keep your explainer videos short and straight to the point. A rule of thumb in the video marketing industry is to create 150 words for 1-minute videos. Even if you read faster than that, make sure that your videos offer great information. 

3. Keep your explainer videos simple

One way of keeping your videos short is to focus on four important aspects. First, address the pain your target audience or clients are having. Then introduce your service, product, or solution. Explain this as the answer to your audience’s questions and concerns.

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Next, explain clearly how your solution works, and lastly, tell your target audience what to do next. Keeping your videos short means that your audience needs just a few minutes to understand the message you are trying to pass to them.

4. Focus on benefits rather than features

Whether you recently developed an app, offer a new product, or web services, the temptation to boast about as many features as possible is irresistible. You probably want to talk about the 60 inch HD screen, 100 GB of storage, unlimited user, and other fancy features of products or services. However, it is the specific benefits that matter to consumers.

Instead of focusing on technical jargon and features, tell your audience how the new product or service will make their daily lives better. Instead of talking about 100 GB of storage, tell the consumers how having plenty of space will help them to safely keep their family photographs and video clips.

5. Use a highly professional voice 

Nothing can ruin your interactive videos faster than audio. You have probably heard the famous crackly voice cover recorded on a Talkboy. Sometimes, you can have good voice quality, but maybe the voice is not professional. Either way, it is important to invest in a highly professional voice-over talent. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a few more dollars on voice cover as this could mean the difference between poor videos and high-quality ones. 

6. Make your videos interesting

It is essential to develop videos that resonate with your target audience. Whether your videos target CEOs, children, business managers, or parents, one thing it for sure. Everyone loves being entertained. So, adding a little different in your explainer videos, whether it’s a surprise or humour, could go a long in making your videos more engaging. Such videos will leave your audience smiling, and they will probably remember your brand for a very long time. 

7. Use excellent background music

It is amazing what a song can do. Just like high-quality visuals, music can evoke emotions and can sometimes set the pace and tone of your videos. You probably have a great song that you want to add to your video. However, it is essential to research and find a great soundtrack that complements your videos. The point is; you should get a soundtrack that sets a great mood. 

Once you have perfected your explainer videos, it’s time to launch them. There are many video hosts out there. Be sure to have a marketing plan in place and share your videos with the world. 

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