Turo Review: Make Money By Renting Your Car

Do you have a car?

If yes, then we have fantastic news for you. You can now make money using your car by just renting it.

That’s right, just like the Airbnb facility for your apartment, this is an opportunity to put your car to earn some income for you.

Turo, a platform designed to help individuals earn an additional income by renting a car, is one of the amazing additional income sources to have.

So, we have curated a complete review for you based on the top questions to help you out.

Turo Review: Answer To All Your Questions

This might sound fascinating to many that you can earn income by just renting your car for a day, week, or even more extended period. Well, this is a great idea, though, where you can put your resources to work and earn a side hustle.

So, let us start this review here.

What Is The Turo?

Turo was established in San Francisco in 2009. The startup set out to revolutionize the way consumers rent automobiles. Turo might best be described as the Airbnb of cars. 

Customers can rent from actual people rather than giant rental firms with expensive fees and robotic customer service. They can buy high-quality vehicles at a lower price and receive individual treatment. 

Turo claims that clients pay less than they would if they rented through an agency, with most of the savings going to you.

It’s a unique method to make money while paying off your car loan. It’s also a relatively unobtrusive way to supplement your income.

Turo’s motto is to “let your car work for you.”

How Does The Turo Work?

Turo currently has over 350,000 cars available, and listing your car is free and takes about 10 minutes.

The broad set of steps to be followed are as follows:

1. Setting up the account

The first step is to set up an account. It is totally free of charge. The account is set up using the email id, which makes the process quick and straightforward.

2. List your car

Once you are listed, the next step is to list your car. The site will ask you for information about your vehicle, such as its license plate number, photographs, make and model, and whether or not it has an automatic gearbox.

3. You are now all set

Now just wait for the notification. Once you receive it, you need to accept or reject the request as per your choice.

4. Handover the car

If you agree, you meet your guest at a designated spot, check their license, take a look around, note the gasoline and mileage, and hand over the keys.

5. Get paid

Once the trip is over, check the car and receive it from the client. Once it’s fine, you will get paid, and there you go. You can get the funds withdrawn from the account via Paypal or direct.

How To Make Money With Turo?

According to Turo’s developers, vehicle owners make an average of $700 per month in passive revenue.

Turo also takes a 15% to 40% cut of your rental fee. This discount includes your vehicle insurance and advertising on their main website, which is how you find renters.

and I know this question arise in your head how much money I can make with 1 car? check below the screenshot taken from the official website turo.com the average annual income of 1 care and more…

How To Use A Turo Calculator?

The Turo calculator, often known as the Carculator, will estimate how much you can make every day for your car when rented out.

The Carculator begins by examining current market value from Edmunds or Canadian Black Book, as well as Turo’s Automatic Pricing, which takes into account:

  • Age and condition
  • Features and style/trim
  • Pickup and drop-off are simple
  • Other Turo cars in the vicinity
  • Easy to park

The Carculator’s estimate is just that: an estimate. You can customize your pricing (minimum of $10/day) and switch off Automatic Pricing in the app.

Turo claims that by altering the price to fit demand, Automatic Pricing would increase your earnings. This way, by using the Carculator, you can earn more and offer the most appropriate rate.

How To Know If The Car Is Eligible To be Listed?

The model year of your vehicle must be within the last 12 years to list it for rental. In addition, the car should have less than 130,000 miles on it. Your car can’t have salvage or branded title, and it can’t be worth more than $150,000. 

You can rent out leased or financed vehicles as long as you don’t break the conditions of your lease or financing arrangement. Turo does not accept motorcycles, passenger vans, cargo vans, or vehicles designed especially for off-road use.

What All You Need To Know About Insurance?

Turo provides a $1 million liability insurance policy from Liberty Mutual to safeguard you and your vehicle. This insurance covers you in the event of loss or theft. Turo also provides roadside assistance and customer service to its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tips To Earn More On Turo

Using Turo is really simple and friendly, but having a lack of information and ideas can be daunting. So, if you are willing to earn more from your listing, there are a few tips that will help you along.

  • Provide a complete description of your car and listing
  • Keep your prices competitive, like if somebody is charging $40 per day near, try to go for a lower competitive rate.
  • Have the technologies like satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in GPS, and a backup camera.
  • Click appropriate pictures of the car to offer the clients complete information.
  • Make sure to run a successful and efficient campaign
  • If there are any extras, list them down properly.

Pros Of Using Turo

  • It offers an opportunity to earn a side hustle.
  • Put your car to use.
  • Lots of bookings available for all.
  • Very user-friendly interface.
  • Easy to navigate the site for bookings, messages, editing listings, getting paid, and others.
  • Reliable 24/7 phone support.

Cons Of Using Turo

  • Lacks transparency in terms of prices listed.
  • Commission of 15-40% is high.
  • Damage can happen to the car
  • Not for people with old cars

Is Turo Legit?

Yes, Turo is a 100% legit platform. Like the Airbnb facility, it is the platform where you can rent your car by following certain processes and earning from it. Additionally, it offers you the insurance to safeguard your asset, which increases its credibility and authenticity. 

Is Turo Profitable?

The term profitability with Turo is completely conditional. One thing that is true about it is that Turo is not for everyone. In simpler terms, if you are using your car daily, then using Turo might not be a profitable option. 

But if you seldom use your car, then Turo is right for you. This income can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it to reduce your auto payment, save for a new car, build an emergency fund, pay off debt, and so on.

So, Turo is profitable for you if you have a spare car that fits the description of the eligible cars.

How Is Turo’s Customer Support?

Turo provides both owners and travelers with thorough customer service. When a customer accepts a rental car, they must photograph it to demonstrate its condition, and you can do the same on delivery and pickup. 

These images serve as safety if there are any disagreements concerning the car’s condition. Renters are required to take good care of their rented automobiles. Because the renters have already submitted images showing the vehicle’s initial state, all you have to do now is send your photos if you’re displeased with the returning condition. 

Turo will compensate you for any professional services the vehicle requires, such as cleaning or repairs. This way Turo offers great support to shift the burden and offer better customer support which makes it the best car renting service.

Final Verdict

Turo is one of the finest platforms that can help you earn additional income with ease. Allowing you to put your car to use offers you extra income to meet various petty expenses. Though the earnings vary depending on your car, client bookings, area, and other factors, the returns are pretty decent.

When people look for various alternative options to earn, Turo has become an amicable and accurate option for all car owners. A great way to start the flow of positive passive income, which helps you save taxes and turn your asset into an active asset, Turo is the support that you need.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a car in your garage, then it’s time to list it on Turo and start earning a side hustle in no time.

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