Various Options To Use Your Skills To Work In The Cannabis Industry

A dream could be to work in the cannabis industry in some capacity. Working in this industry can allow you to get in early at a company that thrives. The marijuana industry has generated billions in revenue and even billions in tax revenue. The truth is that with the federal legalization of marijuana the industry will continue to boom. Getting into the industry does not take an expert in all facets of marijuana. You can leverage your current skills to find employment with a business you are passionate about. The following are options to find employment in the cannabis industry using your skills.

Digital Marketing

Marketing online for cannabis can be a difficult job due to differing laws in certain states. There are so many things that need to be written that a quality copywriter can help immensely. Listing products online is done frequently as some dispensaries offer delivery services.

Writing attractive product descriptions can help customers choose a particular product. A lack of a detailed description can decrease sales when other providers in the area have descriptions.

Designing brand images can even be perfect for a web designer or other graphic artists. Even designing packaging in a legally compliant way is a skill that is in high demand. Take any marketing skills you have and do some freelance jobs for a portfolio to showcase to a potential employer. Being self-employed is another option so you can work with a number of brands.

Accounting For Cannabis-Based Businesses

Accounting is such valuable knowledge as all forms of businesses need accountants. There could be various aspects of cannabis accounting that you need to know. Companies are willing to source this to the right professionals with experience on a contract and full-time basis. Cannabis accounting services can be very useful as they can help save a marijuana-based company from legal trouble come tax time.

The challenge used to be dealing with all of the cash that came into a business. Not all credit card companies were supportive of cannabis businesses due to fear of legal ramifications. The fears have dwindled when it comes to federal raids on certain legal producers and retailers of marijuana.

Licensing And Establishing A Business Legally

The legal processes and paperwork to apply for licenses can be difficult to do correctly. Rejections for incomplete applications can cost quite a bit of money. A person that can help consult with those that are looking to get into the business of marijuana.

Charging for these consulting services can be a business that stands alone. People are willing to pay to make sure they don’t lose money from application fees or delays to have their business approved for an extended period.

Becoming A Commercial Budtender

Growing marijuana is a job that can allow you to work with so many established brands. Learning how to grow marijuana is possible online with the online courses that are available. If you live in an area hiring for budtenders without experience, you should jump on the opportunity.

Growing dispensary-grade marijuana could lead to better job offers with higher pay. You could run an entire commercial grow which could generate millions for an employer. Recruiters try to poach these talented growers by offering perks as masterful growing is so valuable.

People at dispensaries do not want to smoke anything less than the best. Part of this is expectations while the other is that some states have expensive marijuana due to high tax rates.

Working Your Way Up At A Dispensary

The retail cannabis business can allow you to learn the products inside or out. There are opportunities for promotions and you can establish relationships with cannabis product vendors. People with a passion for marijuana might have quite a bit of knowledge already. Loving what you do is a part of getting into an industry you find interesting and truly enjoy. Working your way up could require going to other dispensaries in the area.

Moving to an area where the cannabis boom is hitting can help you find the dispensary job that you want. Other areas could be saturated with dispensaries which makes finding a job far easier. A number of people will apply for certain positions so make sure your resume makes an impression.

A social media presence in the cannabis industry can also land you quite a few jobs. An applicant with cannabis company sponsors would be attractive for any marijuana dispensary.

Working in the cannabis industry will differ depending on your expertise. Finding a company that you like to work with can take effort as so many people want to work with cannabis companies.

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