Vibrant Body Company and Its Mind Blowing Product Offerings

The brand of Vibrant body company that is originated from the historic third ward of Milwaukee. It is aimed at concentrating more on taking care of women’s breast health conditions which usually is not done.

This the company tries to do while paging heed to the underclothes that women wear.

This company ultra-premium product is none other than a free from toxin and a bra that is wireless which the company’s originators manufactured to stand as an obstacle of how the women and what they actually perceive when their topic is an essential item for a woman and in what manner should it be created that they should feel alright when wearing one.

Most of us have the common conception that being sound in health is alluring, that is exactly what the originator of the company believed in.

The majority of the bras are manufactured alongside a wire below the breast which usually creates a lot of itchiness and leads to pain in the lymph nodes. It is usually manufactured by the petroleum found objects.

The patented bra of Drescher is created based on a foam methodology which is 5 layered water depending technology that is not just cent percent organic and free from all kinds of toxins but also eradicates the use of wire in manufacturing of a bra.

On the other hand, it is something very common for men to be employed in the bra company. While it is something completely hard to believe that how a man can ingest the feel of women being comfortable about their bras and the feeling that they usually get wearing one.

It is usually observed that men are having a good knowledge of bra, especially if already worked in the bra industry. Also, Drescher tried to pose it as a joke while also focusing on the biggest health advantages of one and all, including his too.

Drescher started this company about ten years back when two very close individuals lost their life due to having cancer of the breast.

Such tragic loss was the reason of him being on the constant endeavor of developing and finally coming up with a bra which is not just free from harmful chemicals but also is made in such a manner that there is no wire used in its design, and helps to shape by sticking to a foam that is water-based cup/molding.

Drescher claimed that he is not here to offer a cure to breast cancer or anything similar but rather stresses on obstructing the exposure of the body to chemicals for over 15 hours a day if there is no need to, he asserted.

The organization is dealing with this underclothing product in two forms – a complete coverage or one can say protection against all odds and half dimensional product one of which is offered in three different color alternatives.

All of them coming at an attractive price of USD 90. This can be purchased from the company’s official website, offering the product at 10 percent less of its actual price.

Majorly, the bras come at different prices such as the topmost comes at 70 used, the second one at 60 Used and the third one at 50 Used respectively. Also, the company claims that they will offer the product in summer, during the release or launch of the ”dusk till dawn” collection which is inclusive of underclothes, bralettes, sports bra and night teddies which are all originated from organic materials.

The owner of the company strives hard by focusing on making do with the essentials from across the globe. Starting from Germany and going to California.

All the packaging and distribution is carried out based on a warehouse at the Third ward, positioning and aiming at the massive quantity of the organization based in Milwaukee.

The founder is even more interested in offering an onetime solution in his store at Milwaukee but at present, he is aiming at creating collaboration with retail stores like Anthropologie to take care of selling his product.  According to him the total sale and estimated investment cost are USD five million in just 7 years after the company had started.

In a hope to bring about a change in people’s perspective of seeing it as an underclothing sector.

He asserts that it is not selling a product but coming with a product that offers a great understanding of all the essential rules when it is about the bra.

Education is the only way with which it is available for making a better tomorrow by offering a great product that is for the women of the society.

The major chunk of the bra is manufactured from artificial petroleum products such as polyester, lycra or nylon.

But a vibrant body company makes use of foam castings that is a five-layered chemical-free product made with absolutely no wire at all which is the major cause of problems with obstructing the lymph nodes and causing massive itchiness. So instead the product offers additional support from a side by side approach.

About 7 decades ago Coco Chanel gave women the freedom of depending on the Corset wire claims Drescher. Aimed at freeing the women from all wires under their breasts.

To acknowledge that being a woman whatever product that you are wearing is not harmful to them which is sexy and feels extremely good in quality.

The color options were available in black, white and beige with sizes that vary from 34b to 42d. Coming in two styles such as semi-demi and full coverage.

Ultimately the company has got a whole lot to offer in terms of styles and sizes. There has been a massive demand for the company’s underclothing products, and they are constantly trying to produce more so to cope up with the massive demand

Collaboration and education alongside organizations that aim at women’s breast health can be a significant element of Vibrant company. Hence also the organization aims at vibrant body company free bra.

The pop-up shops will open its gate from morning to evening timings and even stay open on Sunday. The company calls in its customers not just to purchase the product but have a word with their preferable bra which they never owned before.