Younique Explains Why Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Are Better

When it comes to choosing beauty products, women need to consider more than just how cosmetics make them look.

Many women are starting to see the benefit of cruelty-free cosmetics. Not only are they better for a person’s skin, but they are also made without testing on animals.

Younique is a direct sales company that is well known for its high-quality makeup and beauty products. What you may not know about them is that every product they sell is cruelty-free.

There Are Other Testing Options That Actually Work

Why are companies testing on animals anymore? There are so many other options when it comes to testing ingredients that could irritate someone’s skin.

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The reason many companies test on animals is to see if the ingredients are safe to be used on the skin. As of now, there are over 7,000 safe ingredients for cosmetics companies to use from.

Younique cruelty-free products are always evolving, and they add more ingredients as they continue making products.

Technology has led many companies to test new ingredients under more humane settings without involving any animals. This means that any new ingredients Younique and other cruelty-free companies use in the future won’t be tested on any animal.

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Cruelty-Free Is Better For People Too

It’s no secret that companies that use cruelty-free practices are often a lot more cautious about which ingredients they put into their products. Consumers can usually trust the makeup and beauty products that these companies, Younique included, sell.

These companies are also less likely to use dyes or cheap ingredients that are more likely to irritate people’s skin. Many of these companies only use vegan products. This means you won’t have to worry about any other animal-based ingredients, like eggs or gelatin.

How To Know If A Product Is Cruelty-Free

More consumers want a cruelty-free product. Some companies, like Younique, are proud to advertise it.

However, other companies may leave a person guessing. One thing that often happens is that a product will be advertised as cruelty-free, but that is only the final product. The ingredients used could have been tested on animals.

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In order to tell if a product is using only cruelty-free ingredients, it’s a good idea to research whether or not the product has been certified by PETA or a similar organization. This will help you determine whether or not the company is cruelty-free.

Once you are more familiar it will be easier for you to spot false made-up claims. Another good way to tell if it’s really a cruelty-free product is to read the company’s statements regarding animal testing. If key details are missing, the claims may be false.

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