Working Hard Shouldn’t Be Hard on Your Feet

From commuter sneakers to ballet flats, from slip-resistant clogs to steel-toe boots, there are endless types of work shoes out there. Regardless of what your job is, there’s a pair of shoes for it.

Choosing Shoes for Work Can Be Fun

Many offices have dress codes that are ambiguous and can include things like business formal, smart casual, business casual, and just plain casual. When you add shoes to the mix, especially in offices where you spend a lot of time on your feet, it can then lead to even more complications. 

Professions like healthcare, education, real estate, project management, or even waiting tables might need more specific types of shoes, such as restaurant shoes for servers. Do you have memories of your least-liked teacher clacking through the school halls? Those shoes are some of the most effective choices for that profession!

Work shoes need to be appropriate for your environment, comfortable, able to move along with you, and go with your style and the dress code for your business. 

How to Know the Best Options

What the ideal shoes will be for your work environment can be in the eye of the beholder. This is because there are so many highly recommended options out there. When you’re deciding which ones to go with, you first need to know what you’ll need for your specific job.

Do you suffer from any foot issues and require things like odor control, orthotic inserts, or metatarsal guards? You can get all types of comfort shoes and then make them even more comfortable with a variety of inserts so that you can be comfortable even if you’re on your feet all day. 

Clogs for Work

We’ve likely all come across clogs, whether on a doctor or nurse, a server, pharmacist, or a teacher. They’re extremely popular for occupations that require you to stand and walk a lot because they are slip-resistant, comfortable, and easy to get on and off. They have a distinctive shape and look, and many professionals in the beverage or food industry wear them. 

Steel-Toe Boots/Shoes

If you work in someplace like a construction environment, a warehouse environment or are a craftsperson, you might need a pair of steel-toe shoes or boots. Look for ones that are OSHA-compliant for safety and comfortable enough to wear all day. 

Work Boots

Anyone who works ‘in the field’ or in any other environment that has specific safety requirements may need boots that can take a beating. In dangerous construction sites, they may need a bit more protection as well (see steel-toe boots). There are many distinctive styles of work boots to choose from, and some of them even look quite fashionable.

Work Loafers

Loafers tend to be rather trendy, but they’re also a classic that it only makes sense to invest in. Loafers can be great paired with everything from cropped slacks to a midi dress. There are quite a few assorted brands that make loafers for both women and men. 


Styles of shoes that you can just slip right on vary to such an extent that they can be ideal for nearly any profession. There are options that are perfect for schools, traditional offices, and even medical facilities. They tend to be both comfortable and versatile. 

If you want something that will fit your work environment and be super comfortable, all of the options you need are out there, you just need to look. From clogs to boots, flats to heels, and everything in between, the choices are limitless. Don’t be afraid to try new styles you aren’t used to. You never know which one will become your favorite go-to work shoes.

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