Big Trends in Home Automation

Many people associate home automation with movies about the dystopian future of humanity, such as Blade Runner 2049. But according to the experts at Garage Door Nation, this technology has already started taking the market by storm.

With the rapid development of home automation systems, smart homes can soon become as popular as smartphones or smartwatches. It is very likely that they will have become a part of our lives in a few decades.

Considering this, observing the trends that shape the future of home automation seems like the right thing to do. Because of that, we prepared a list of the biggest trends in home automation. If you want to learn more about modern home automation solutions, then read on!

Internet of Things in Home Automation Systems

The Internet of Things is one of the most popular trends in the modern world. It is all about making your house and the devices you use daily smarter by connecting them to one another. As a result, we can use them in a more convenient way.

Why did the concept of the Internet of Things become so popular? It all happened thanks to the giants of the IT industry, such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft, who want to take control of the home automation market through their smart devices. It means that more and more smart devices will appear in our homes, no matter what we do.

Should that make us feel concerned? It depends on your approach to home automation solutions. On the one hand, they are meant to make our lives easier. After all, being able to change the temperature inside your home without leaving your sofa seems quite convenient.

On the other hand, many people are worried that such home automation systems can be used to monitor their activity on a daily basis, as well as harass them. But only time will tell if such concerns are as valid as they appear to be.

Cheap Home Automation Solutions Will Replace the More Expensive Ones

Only a few years ago, such a statement would cause different experts and specialists to start arguing. But everything has changed thanks to the fact that many technological solutions have become much cheaper and can now be used on a mass scale without any issues.

Consequently, low-cost home automation systems have started to get really popular in recent years. They enable people who are on a tight budget to buy smart thermostats, windows, and doors without having to worry about spending tens of thousands of dollars.

The Internet of Things Market Will Grow Stronger

The Internet of Things market has quite a few key players who are attracting a lot of attention from both consumers and investors, such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Due to that fact, you can safely say this particular market comes with quite a few potentially lucrative investment opportunities.

Considering this, numerous investors and consumers have started to perceive home automation and machine learning solutions more positively. Moreover, many experts have begun to say that the boom in the home automation sector may lead to many scientific breakthroughs in communications infrastructure and robotic engineering.

It is also worth mentioning that Cisco was one of the first companies to publish a report that included the Internet of Things market back in 2017. They estimated that these revenues were going to reach 30 trillion dollars by 2020. And while we are nowhere close to that number, the global Internet of Things market is now worth more than 761.4 billion dollars, which is quite impressive nonetheless.

Do People Want Smart Homes and Robots?

In conclusion, it is expected that in the near distant future, each new home will be fully automated and equipped with a robot. In fact, many people think that robots are going to become much more popular in the near distant future.

According to the International Federation of Robotics, more than one million new household robots have been sold until the end of 2020 across all industries. You can safely say that that is the case thanks to smart home appliances, which many people really like using.

It is also worth mentioning that the boom in the home automation sector was caused by the giants of the IT industry. Such companies feel like they need to adjust to the needs of their potential customers as soon as possible in order to stay relevant and competitive. And right now, they think that people are interested in smart homes, robots, and high-quality security systems.

And for a good reason! Smart devices can make your life much easier. They can help you look after your children, lower your utility bills, prepare your favorite meals, as well as take care of the security of your home. Consequently, you should definitely consider looking into purchasing smart devices if you have not done so already!

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