Everything You Need to Know About Online Image Background Removers

We live in a visual world where everything revolves around images and videos; therefore, photo editing software and applications have become integral to marketing, branding, and sales. The role of an image can go beyond reflecting a person’s character and good looks to represent a high-quality product. Hence, an image is no longer a reflection but almost a reality.

Online photo editing as we know it today has been through different stages. Yet, four of them were turning points in the history of the photo industry: the first is photo editing computer programs for personal computers that appeared in the 1980s. Later in 1990, the release of the first Photoshop version. Photo editing mobile apps appeared in 2011, and finally, different editing image applications and tools were launched later.  

How did it all start?

The idea of editing images, the essence of the latter photo editing apps and background remover, started in the 19th century when a Welsh mathematician and painter first attempted the so-called photo manipulation in 1864.

Jones took a picture of five monks in Malta; four stood together, while the fifth was a few steps above. Jones did not like how the fifth monk messed up the scene’s integrity. So, he painted over the fifth monk figure on the negative using Indian ink.

In the positive print, the fifth monk was replaced by a white patch of the sky. Decades of hard work and creativity have broadened the scope of photo editing to reach the present background image removers. By definition, a background remover is an app that allows you to erase all the unwanted elements to highlight the subject of your photo.   

The reasons behind using BG remover in the world of business

Everyone today can enjoy the free available service of BG remover, but the visual growing demands of the marketplace have placed it as a priority. There are many reasons why business owners need to erase the background of the images they promote:

To create a better visual identity

A logo is a business identification symbol consisting of text and images. Thus, a good logo shows what a company does and what the brand values. Any business can leave a good first impression with a well-made logo because people recognize a brand and remember it by only seeing its logo worldwide.

Having a logo with a messy or colorful background is not going to stand out from the crowd. To solve this problem, we can simply remove the background. After all, having a transparent background is becoming a trend, and simple is always catchy!

To Create Credibility

Since a product image is the first contact between a seller and a buyer, a single shift in the product image background can boost sales. Most international brands present plain and solid experiences in their posted and advertised images. For example, a white background displays a product’s true colors, and hence, authenticity is served.

To Easily Unleash Creativity

Whether you are looking for editing an Instagram photo or a LinkedIn banner, online BG removers allow you to use point-and-click editing to get the desired effects while using your mobile phone. You can present whatever you want to express. Eventually, eye-catchy images have no distractions in the background; they only leave a lasting impression.

Advantages of Using BG remover

When we remove the distraction from an image, we can reach better results regarding:

Reach a better SERP

Removing the image’s background reduces its size; the smaller the size, the higher the loading speed. Therefore, your website will have a good SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position), and it will also indicate a promising customer care experience.

Optimize Images for other Purposes

Product images will be advertised on different platforms to have a better reach, yet, many platforms require a neutral, transparent, or no background to advertise the images. Amazon, for example, requires image items to be presented on plain and white backgrounds.

Saves money

Thanks to technology, long processes for image editing are no longer necessary. Saving the cost of image editing is possible with the many available BG remover applications and software today. In the end, professional photo editing is not always needed with the free online available BG remover tools.

To sum up

One single click can bring better results to your business in terms of revenue and growth. As simple as background removal might seem, it is in the details where all the difference lies. So, if you have the previously mentioned reasons and want to enjoy the accompanying benefits of erasing backgrounds, never hesitate to try one of the available BG removal services.

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