Lowering your electricity bill can be an easy task if everyone is on board. If not, it may take a few one-on-one discussions that show you are serious with your employees. Making everyone that works for you more energy conscious should be one of the first goals that you shoot for.

That in itself will lower your bill. Other than that, there are a few steps that you can take.

1. Audit

Hire a professional to come into your building and perform an energy audit. This needs to be done during the day when your staff is hard at work, and at night when everything should be shut down.

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This is a fantastic way to separate out the main draws of power, allowing you to make changes where it counts. The night audit will show you things that are running while not needed. In this way you will be able to shut down everything that is not required to keep the building safe.

For instance, computers should be completely shut down for the night, all the lights should be turned off unless it is needed for security purposes, and temperature settings should be switched to lower heat and cooling.

2. Servers

With technology increasing it is now possible to store all your files on a server that is offsite. Having a computer room for your own servers not only takes up room and costs upkeep expense, but it uses substantial amounts of electricity.

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Using a server offsite, that is dedicated for this purpose, will cost you up front, but in the end will save you money. The adage of “you have to spend money to save money” comes into play here.

3. Energy Efficient

Switch everything that you can over to energy efficient devices and appliances. Use bulbs that are designed to use less power. If you have any older appliances, such as a refrigerator, it is a suitable time to upgrade to newer options that are designed to save electricity.

Energy Star states that small businesses use $60 billion in power every year. Check with all the electricity providers Melbourne has to offer, and choose one that can advise you on techniques to save money.

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4. Thermostats

This is one small thing that you can do to decrease your bill. Install thermostats that have several different programming options. Program them to automatically adjust for opening and closing. Keep the heat turned done and the cold turned up.

You want to make it so your employees are comfortable without going overboard. Another thing to remember is that every person that walks by the thermostat will try and adjust it to their liking. Lock it up, or set a password on it, so it does not constantly get adjusted up and down.

5. Building

Upgrade your building to the point of being more energy efficient. If you feel drafts, add some insulation into the walls and ceiling. If your windows and doors are outdated, upgrade them to ones that will help control your temperatures.

If you want to trap heat in use curtains and blinds on the windows and insulating strips on the doors. If your building is not covered with carpet add some throw rugs to help keep the heat in. If the sun is out, open the blinds to allow the light, and heat, in.

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Saving your small business on electricity costs is not much different than the same task at home. The hardest part will be getting your workers to follow your basic protocols. The bills are not theirs, so most of them will not think twice about leaving all the lights on.

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