How to Make Money While Traveling: The Adventure Plan to Look Forward to

Do you love to travel? Do you get leaves from your office for a long duration for traveling, if you ask for it? If your job is posing as a hindrance to your travel dreams, say goodbye to it and start a new life traveling. 

Are you scared of how you will survive the travel without money? Well, in this article, we have tips that will help you make money while traveling.

Of course, you can’t quit your job without savings. After all, you need to have the money to start the travel plan. After the initial phase of traveling, you are likely to exhaust your fund. What happens after that? 

Let’s not give up on your travel dreams because of the money crunch. Rather, we suggest you learn how to travel and make money.

How to Make Money While Traveling?

This is a new trend in travel and adventure set by influencers where you can make money traveling to places. 

We will be discussing all the jobs or working opportunities you will come across while traveling. But before you check your options, understand the first necessities-

  • You need to travel on a budget initially.
  • Luxury on tour is not appreciated.
  • Try to use personal possessions like a house or car to raise some extra funds.
  • Save the money that you make on the tour.

Each of these modes will help in contributing to your expenses for traveling. 

Using personal resources to earn money as you travel:

You have saved some funds for your travel, done the reservations, and almost got everything you need to set forth on your make money travel adventure. It’s time to use personal resources to earn while you are gone.

You will be gone for long now, why don’t you put the personal belongings on rent while you are away?

These resources will help you with fundraising-

  • Vehicle Rental:

If you are you are not taking your vehicle on tour, give it on rent. If you are traveling far away, it’s likely that your car is not your mode of transportation anymore. Rental will help you earn some bucks here.

  • House Rental:

Like your car, use your house as a fundraiser. Fully furnished accommodations are always in demand for rental. If you are worried about tenants not leaving the space when you are back, you can try other options like Airbnb. Let other travelers use your house as their place to stay on tour.

  • Sell goods:

There will be many items that you won’t use on tours like too many handbags, fancy party wear. Try selling them online through eBay, Craiglist, or Amazon, anything similar.

  • Sell videos and photos:

Before you travel on your new adventure, why not use the memories from old ones to raise some money? You can sell your videos and photos online. Let people know about your travel quest. By doing this you are actually, preparing your ground for earning while you travel. As you sell travel photos, people will wait for more. You can sell again as you click pictures on this tour.

You have pretty much used your resources, now let’s see how to make money while traveling.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money While you are Traveling:

1. Become a social influencer: 

This method of earning has proved to be the most successful one for many travelers.

If you are active on social media and have got followers, you can easily be a social influencer. Owing to the big influence of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and similar, people now days have many friends and followers on social media, who appreciate their moves. 

Can you influence minds with your travel photos and tips? If yes, you are sure to make money.

There are many small brands that look for such influencers as their ambassadors. Why not contact them. They will be happy to provide you with traveling gear like clothing, transportation, etc. While you give them exposure on social media platforms, they pay you for it.

2. Work at a summer camp or resort:

If you have some outdoor skills, you can think of imparting the knowledge to kids and teenagers at summer camps. In general, these camps are placed at some beautiful natural hub.

so, you get your chance to be close to nature, do some outdoor activities, have fun, and have a part-time job as a trainer or camp counselor.

3. Tour guide:

Have you stayed at any place for long enough? Do you know the area well to guide others? You can tour along with others as a guide. Knowing history helps the most.

4. Travel Blogging:

This another online earning opportunity where you write about your travel experiences. 

5. Language teaching: 

Do you know the language English well? Do you think you can teach it? There will be many opportunities for you to teach English in certain countries where the language is in demand but they don’t have good teachers to impart the knowledge. 

6. Sell handicrafts:

Do you know how to use pebbles, stones, and shells to make jewelry, artwork, or home decor items? If yes, you can make some while you are traveling and start selling them. You can try giving live demos to raise interest in people.

7. Hostel service:

As mentioned before, if you have quit your job and set forth on travel, you need to make the travel happen in a budget. What can be a better accommodation option than hostels? While you are staying at one, offer them your services like cleaning tables, washing dishes, serving breakfast, and similar. You will get paid for those services. Some hostels even offer free shared accommodation and two times’ meal.

8. Perform on the streets:

Regardless of the talent you have, you can sing, dance, show magic, or even street paint to earn cash while you are on tour. But street performance is an option only if you are in a city that legally permits you to do so.

9. Seasonal jobs:

When you are out on tours for many months, you can easily get a seasonal job somewhere. How about taking up a job as a ski instructor up in the Swiss mountains? Or, what do you think of fruit picking in Australia? There will be many such earning opportunities for you.

10. Work at cafes and bars: 

Every city has small bars, pubs, and cafes attached to budget hostels. While you are staying there, approach the owner for a part-time job. They will be happy to have extra help during rush and pay you in cash. 


Quitting your job for travel can seem scary, but don’t let this fear overcome your dreams. There are many small working opportunities for travelers, seek those, and make the travel happen with confirmed earning.

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