15 Ways to Make Money Online as a Kid Fast

It’s sad when we read ample articles or news about child labor or anything unusual happening to a child.

We, in United States (US), think that it’s our parent’s duty to provide us with the basics which are right to some extend.

When we read and see how the western culture works, then we understand that it’s not that bad to be able to work and be productive.

During summer holidays or on the ways you feel like you can do something then that’s the day when you actually can.

Earning extra money can be tricky at children’s age but at the same time, it’s beneficial for them to learn how to make money as a kid and be responsible for it.

Below listed are money-making ideas or ways for kids to make money.

1. Motherly Task

You all must be thinking that doing a motherly task settles the question of “How to make money fast as a kid”?

You can work for your mother and earn some extra cash. Day and night our mother works tirelessly without asking for any favor. But we as their children can go and help her a bit.

Either you can help her with household chores or you can babysitter your siblings. This way she will be happy and might give you gifts or money in return.

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2. Help Senior Citizens

You can help your grandparents or any senior citizen for that matter. It’s good to help seniors with their work as at their age they feel weak so you can help them and god knows they would give you money in return.

3. Vocational Work

Teens can only work when they have holidays and they come in summers when the temperature is hot and humid.

So in order to relax you can open a stand for lemonade or any drink kids prefer these days. People would love to drink it.

4. Gardening

People these days love to have their lawns at home and to keep them beautiful, one needs to work hard on that.

So, kids, you can earn money by providing people help with their lawns or yards. You can help them to make it more beautiful. You can put tomato seeds or any flower seeds and water those daily.

This way, you will be closer to nature and will have money as well. It’s the best money-making idea.

5. Pet care

Pet Sitting

If you are an animal lover then you can earn extra cash by taking people’s pets to walk. Dogs and cats love to be pampered but with busy schedules of people, they find it hard to take out time and pamper them.

At that time, you can take them for a walk and have money in return. It’s not just one of the best money-making ideas but also a great way to gain some extra love as pet love is unconditional and pure.

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6. Pet Feeders

Other than taking them to walk, you can always pet sit them. It means all you have to be present at the time of their eating. Or in the case of refreshing the cat’s water or feeding the fish.

Because pet sitting is usually a short-term commitment, it can be a way for preteens to make money without feeling as though they have given up their entire summer.

7. Delivery Staff

The perfect job for teens is delivering the morning paper. Everyone reads a newspaper in the morning and you can deliver it for them. In fact, with working in a newspaper company, with hook or crook you will be in touch with current affairs or even want to read newspaper yourselves. It’s good to increase your knowledge by any means. It’s one of the best ways for kids to make money.

8. Family Business

People with family businesses can also take their children to work. That means if you, the kid have a family business work then you can go with your mom or dad to the office and learn how work is done.

This way you will be ready to take over the business at the right time. And you will gain knowledge and can earn extra cash. This business idea doesn’t need any proof to settle the question of “How to make money as a kid at Home”.

9. Part Time Work at Departmental Stores

You must have seen English drama series where teens are seen working in some departmental stores or book stores. The same way you teens in the United States can work and earn money.

10. Workers at Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are always looking for teenagers to serve as baggers which helps them to a great extend. So if you need money then you can work there and those places are always safe as well.

And also know the top selling grocery items that must keep in your store.

11. Car Washing

Car wash

You can even become a car washer. Everyone these days owns a car at least and with dust all around, cars get dirt on them so you can become a washer and earn money through it.

12. Housekeeping

House cleaning

House cleaning is something that any teen can do. People are busy with their work and they find it difficult to cope up with things. So as a teen, you can always clean homes and gather additional clients by doing a superb job.

13. Gadget Operators

Kids of today’s generation are well aware of gadgets than the rest of us. Each teen today carries a smartphone with good camera quality. So in case, you have a phone and you love to take pictures then you can combine that combo and be a photographer.

14. Magazine Writers

Ghost Writer

Plenty of markets offer opportunities for teens to sell their articles online or to magazines. If you love to write and you think you have the potential to reach out to mass then you should consider this as a money-making trick.

15. Work as Tutors

You can even tutor children younger than you. This way you can earn and it helps you to revise your previous work. You can help peers, younger children to learn a language that you know other than your mother tongue.

16. Completing Online Tasks

There is one best app that gives real money for completing tasks and answering questions. A few years ago, there were a lot of fake apps and websites that made people. But now I have an app or website which gives really simple and easy tasks, by completing it you can earn real money.

There are also many apps and websites similar to it but they do not pay high for a task or answer. As a result, I’m sharing the app or website in which I work and I’m making a good amount of money regularly.

This website or app was launched by Amazon named Amazon Mechanical Turk. As it is launched by the official Amazon then there is no chance that the app or website is fake or it will not give money for completing the tasks.

Register on Amazon Mechanical Turk and once your account is approved, you’ll start getting tasks and questions. By completing the tasks and answering the questions you can start earning from the website.

These tasks are virtual tasks as a result you can complete them from your mobile phone or laptop. You can check the Amazon Mechanical Turk website for the rules, guidelines, etc.

17. Local Delivery Boy

It is not recommended for a kid to deliver food from the platforms like Zomato. It can be a very tough and challenging job for a kid. There is also an age limit for these types of jobs from the government.

But you can deliver food and grocery items from a shopping mall near the shopping mall. You can also buy groceries and other items from the malls for your neighbors and deliver them to them. To do it you can charge some money.

This job is not challenging you can do it in your free time. In a few words, you can focus on your study while making money at the same time.

18. Handmade Items

Handmade items look attractive and making handmade items can be affordable and costly too. It depends on what you want to make and which material you are using. Basically, even if you have a low budget then you can make handmade items at home.

In handmade itme there are one thing is required that is creativity. If you can make creative things then there are very high chance that you are going to make good money.

You can sell handmade items in your local market, near malls, etc. In a few words where a lot of people come like tourist place, cinema hall, etc. Not only offline, you can sell your products on e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

You can get a lot of customers from social media by uploading videos and photos of your handmade items. As of now, social media is one of the best platforms to sell anything, marketing, etc. On social media platforms, there is a massive opportunity.


I hope these few ideas helped you in knowing what and how to make money as a kid while you are away from school. This is good that at this age as a teen you have a sense of earning your own money even if the amount that you are earning is little. This shows how responsive you are to the world’s challenges and in a way ready to do something creative.