10 Ways to Earn Money for a 14-Year-Old on Holidays

Teenagers these days use expensive gadgets in their daily life. How about earning that money on your own, and spending it for your belongings?

Teenagers face a major challenge here. 14 is no age for getting jobs or a driving license legally. But, in the USA, once you are 14, you are eligible to have the basic work permit if you have signed permission from your parents.  

You have to be 14 at least if you want that permit. How can a 12-year-old make money for free? 

In this article, we will be discussing the jobs for 14-year-olds that pay good money and some options for smaller kids that don’t even require a permit.

Top 10 Job Opportunities for Teenagers:

Whenever you have a holiday, say summer holidays or Christmas vacations, why don’t you earn some money. You can always the candies you like with this money. This will give you independence and make the vacations more fun.

There can be hundreds of ways to make money as a 14-year-old. But we will discuss a few of them today.

Here are 10 ways on how to make money as a 14-year-old.

1. Babysitting:

Probably one of the most extensively chosen jobs. Usually, kids between 11-15 years join training sessions under Red Cross for babysitting.

You might love infants, but babysitting isn’t a simple job. Few things you want to remember while you are at the job as a babysitter are-

  • Be prepared for unpleasant works like changing the infant’s diaper.
  • You need to feed the infant from time to time. Remember to check the bottle every time you feed
  • Toddlers need your 100% focus. You need to be cautious while you are with a baby. You need to be there at all times. In case you lose focus, it might lead to severe damage.
  • Sometimes toddlers can be noise, play a prank on you, and many more.

In short, if you think you are responsible and prepared to handle all the tantrums, you got yourself a job.

2. Pet Sitting:

If you are wondering, “where can I work at 14?” We suggest, look for a working neighbor who has a pet. Pet sitting is a great job opportunity. 

You will come across many neighbors, who have pets at home and a full-time job. Leaving the fur babies alone can be difficult for them. If you love animals, offer them your service on holidays and they will be happy to take you.

Again, you need to be prepared for cleaning up whenever they make a mess. Pets also seek attention. You need to take them out on walks, feed them, groom them, and give them a happy nap time. If you are over gold fishing, don’t forget to clean the tank. 

Be a responsible pet sitter and remember to lock the house door every time you leave for a walk. Forgetting might cost you your job. Maybe you will get some free time, as unlike babies pets don’t require constant watching.

3. Dog Walking:

Can’t give your full day for pet sitting? how about walking your neighbors’ dogs? You can take turns into walking dogs from different houses and earn money per session. 

As per the norms of the USA, you are not allowed to walk more than 4 dogs at a time. Maintain regulations when you take the dogs out. Ensure they don’t soil the streets, or you might be fined.

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4. Working at Restaurants or Diners:

If you are fine with serving, you can think of taking up a job at a diner. Even small restaurants allow teenagers to serve at a table. Typically, these jobs will require you to-

  • Arrange the chairs
  • Serve water
  • Scoop out ice creams
  • Arrange the shelves
  • Clean some utensils

5. Office Jobs:

Teenagers who are 16 and above might get some office-based jobs where their services are limited to-

  • Filing papers
  • Arranging the worktable 
  • Bringing coffee to the boss

6. Paper Routing:

Newspaper delivery had been a preferred job for energetic teenagers for ages. If you have a bicycle and are comfortable working in bad weather, you got yourself a job.

Look for a paper route in your area, approach the newspaper person, and start delivering the papers at your neighbors’ doors. There are many people out there who will heavily when there a teenager on a bike at their door to deliver newspapers.

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7. Shoveling Snow and Yard Care:

Yard work is something you can do around the year. Gardening is not everyone’s cup of tea. In their busy schedule, adults often neglect their yards. Cleaning the yard, leaf raking, trimming the branches, etc. are always appreciated. 

If you get into outdoor works like this, you will make money every season. 

Leaf raking is pretty common in autumn. Summers call for watering the plants. But, you make most of your money in winter by shoveling the snow from the yards.

It’s surely hard work to do but pays off as you earn to buy Christmas presents for everyone at your house.

8. Camp Counseling:

Do you like teaching kids? How about counseling at a camp during the summer holidays? Summer camps are very popular in the States. They often require young and energetic junior counselors to watch over kids during outdoor activities. 

This will be more like a training session for you. So, the stipend is bound to be lower than a full-time counselor. But you can also enjoy camp as you did in your childhood. If you stick to the job, you even get promoted to a senior counselor once you are 16.

9. Online Surveys:

If you are not much of an outdoor person, there are online earning opportunities for teenagers as well. Filling up surveys is one such job. Here you fill-up surveys daily and earn coupons or reward payments. However, none of these survey works pay you in redeemable cash.

Some survey sites you can try are-

10. Tutoring:

Are you good at academics? Tutoring small kids can be an option to earn about $20 per hour if you are ready to teach subjects, they are weak at. Mathematics and Science subject teachers are usually needed by parents. 

You can get into online tutoring or even put up flyers in your school for promotion.

11. House Cleaning

House cleaning can be the best job for you if you can do hard work. In house cleaning you need to work hard a lot and it also takes a long time. This work is not suitable for people or 14-year-old kids who are not physically fit. If you do the job when you are not healthy then you can face a few problems like pain in your body & other parts, weakness, and many more…

As you are a 14-year-old this can be a very tough job for you. But if you still want to do the job then you should work as a house cleaner in houses which are small or medium in size and the location should be near.

As house cleaning is tough work the charges for cleaning are also very high. Some people prefer to hire a house clean for a few hours and some full time. if you want to work as a house cleaner for a few hours then you can do the same things in multiple houses based on the free time you have.

In different places house cleaning charges are very different, the houses which are located in the main market or city pay good money for house cleaning but on the other side if you work as a cleaner in a house which is located out of the city then you’ll get less money.

As a house cleaner, you can also do many things for the house owner like car wash, babysitting, garden maintenance, and many more. As a result, you can also charge money for the other works.

12. Car Wash

Car Wash job work is for those people who have some money for investments and a few people who can work there. You can also work alone it totally depends on you. In many cases, you can get more cars for the wash at the same time then it can be tough to wash all the cars at the right time.

There is a solution that you can start a car wash station with your friends as a result the investments will be divided into multiple parts and work too. It will be also easy for all of you to handle and wash multiple cars at the same time.

To wash a car you need some knowledge and information about cars and washing cars. You can get the knowledge from the internet video tutorial or you can do the job at any car wash station for a few weeks to learn all the skills needed to wash a car.

Choose a good location for the car wash, in case you fail to choose a good location then you may face a huge loss of money or investments. So, take time and locate a good place where a lot of car comes. Like near restaurants, markets, malls, etc.

In case, you can not afford the investments to plant a car wash station then you can do work on a car wash station. It is good and risk-free and the salary will be fixed so, you don’t need to think about the income.

13. Work at a Restaurant or Retail shop

There are many restaurants and retail shops that allow young teens to work in their shops for small tasks like cashier, guiding people, serving, and many more. As a teen, it can be the best because there is no hard work and anyone can do the job with some basic skills and knowledge.

As you are a teen and fresher then you don’t need any skills or degree for the work. You can be selected very easily for these kinds of jobs in retail shops, restaurants, malls, etc.

The problem is there are some retail shops, malls, and restaurants that allow and offer jobs for young teens. So, you have to locate these kinds of restaurants, shops, and malls, that allow students. You can also look at the job-listed websites by adding a filter for age.


If you want to know how to make money at 14, there are plenty of options for you. We have discussed 10 such opportunities here. But actually, there are hundreds more out there. Understand what you are good at. Find out your passion or hobby and turn it into a profession for you.

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