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I Don’t Want to Work Anymore: But Want to Make Money without Effort

There are hundreds of methods to make money with very little or almost zero effort. In these ways many methods to make money or get money for you if you don’t want to work. I don’t want to work anymore but still have money to manage all the expenses then you are on the right page.

Making money without doing anything is impossible because there are no skills in the world that can give you a single cent for doing nothing. But there are various methods to make money, if you work on it and after good growth, you can make money without doing anything.

In some cases, many people don’t want to work anymore because of the tough job and less salary or income. Due to the lower salary and tough job, some people may face some depression-related problems which can be big with time.

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In case, if you don’t want to make money and you don’t have money also. Then you should change your lifestyle to make your life more amazing and productive. So, we are sharing tips to have a good lifestyle and some ways to make money online and offline as well.

Change Life Style

It is mandatory to change your lifestyle to make a bright future for yourself and your whole family. Without changing lifestyle it will become very tough to do the job or make money from any method.

So, in the first step, you need to follow some below-shared tips.

It is very hard to change your lifestyle in a few days, it may take several weeks to be fully changed if you also focus on changing it.

➔ Early Wake Up

Always try to wake up as soon as possible, if you wake up early on time then you’ll have some extra hours for your day. If you sleep on time and eat healthy food then early wakeup is possible. Try to sleep at least 7 – 8 hours to keep yourself healthy and fit.

➔ Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga are some of the best ways to keep yourself focused and get free from problems like anxiety, depression, etc. Meditation and Yoga can change your life very soon if you do it regularly.

➔ Reading

Read at least 30 minutes of any good book regularly. By reading a good book, you’ll get some knowledge and your focus will increase as well.

➔ Learn New Skills

Focus on learning new skills. There are hundreds of executable ways to make money online and offline with some kills. Without skills, making money is nearly impossible. You can learn new skills in video editing, graphics, content writing, trading, coding, and many more.

List of 5+ Ways to Make Money with Less Effort

Once, you follow the above steps or tips for a few weeks most probably, your life will start getting better with time. Nowadays, there are various ways to make money online and offline too. If you have money you can also start your own startup with very less investments.

Below are some methods to make money online and offline. In Offline, you’ll start getting paid once you start working. Online, it may take some time depending on your skills, knowledge, and a little bit of luck.

If there is no problem with the offline job you do then you can go with it. If you are not getting enough money and it is a tough job then you should start working on any method to make money in your free time without leaving the job. Once, you start earning enough money then you can leave.

➔ Video Editing

Video Editing is one of the most popular ways to make money. Video editing work can be work offline and online. Through video editing making money is possible and in the future, there is also huge potential in video editing.

An average video editor charges at least $10 – 15 for editing 1 Minute of video. An experienced video editor can charge a lot of money depending on his experience and skills. For a freelancer, the price or charge can be very different. As the video duration increases the charge also increases very rapidly.

In freelancing, the problem is that it is hard to get a few first clients for the work but once start getting and you deliver the project as they asked then you’ll start growing very rapidly and getting more projects.

In the last few months, we have seen a lot of online and offline jobs affected very badly due to AI. But in Video editing, it will become very hard because processing the whole video and working on user instruction will not be easy for AI. In a few words, a Video editing job is a more secure job from AI than other jobs.

There are many resources free and paid available on the Internet for learning video editing. You can use them to learn and increase your video skills. It may take a long time to learn without a course because the free resources do not have proper guides and they are outdated.

➔ Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining Cryptocurrency can be one of the most profitable work or jobs for now. As the prices of most of the crypto especially Bitcoin and Ethereum are down by 50-65%. As a result, mining this crypto can be very profitable in the long term for now.

In the future mining Bitcoin can be very tough because of the limited supply and every 4 years the the number of Bitcoin to be mined is reduced by 50%. These are the rules set for it. As the year passes mining Bitcoin will be very tough and costly.

In the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is very powerful due to the limited supply and it is open source and decentralized. Because of these reasons, the demand for bitcoin in the future will increase very rapidly as the supply reduces.

Mining Cryptocurrency can be very costly and the cost and the investment for mining Bitcoin can be different in different locations like country, city, etc.

For mining Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin Minor machine and the cost depends on the specification you want in your machine. If you want a powerful machine the cost will go very high rapidly. The electricity consumption will depend on the machine too.

If the electricity cost in your city or country is very less then there are very high chance you’ll be very profitable as compared to others.

➔ Voiceover

Voiceover is only for those people who have an engaging and attractive voice. A good voice can very easily attract a lot of people to content. In voiceover work, there are huge opportunities and in the future, the demand for good voiceover will increase as the content (audio and video) consumption will increase.

Every day millions of video content are created and published on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Creating content on the same idea in different languages can be very costly for anyone that’s why dubbing into other languages is more budget-friendly.

There are millions of creators, social media influencers, businesses, and startups, who run ads online in different languages by dubbing them into other languages. To dub this content they always look for some good voice-over artist to make the advertisement more engaging.

Doing Voice over can be tough when you don’t have an engaging voice but it does not mean you can not do voice-over or make your career in this field. There are various voice-over training centers that can help you to become ve voice-over artist.

The majority of people do not like their own recorded voice so, do not judge yourself. You should try social media to get real feedback about your voice. On social media, you can upload some video content you voice over for feedback.

As of now, there are many opportunities in this field, you can do voice-over in animation videos, animation movies, advertisements, freelancing, YouTube Videos, and many more…

➔ SEO Consulting

Most businesses and startups are not getting enough engagement by running online ads in comparison to the organic ranking. Running ads on the top makes it very easy as of now for businesses and startups to promote their products or services.

Most people know that most businesses and startups run ads to sell their services and products as a result it becomes very hard to get a good product or service when the brand is new. In some cases, mostly online advertisements people get bad quality products or services.

As a result, most people prefer to go with the services or the products that are ranking at the top without online ads. In a few words, most people prefer to buy the products and services which is running organically.

In SEO consulting, you help businesses and startups to rank their desired post or product at the top of the search engine. To do it, you can charge money from them.

Ranking posts, websites, etc. at the top of the search engine can be tough for a newbie and individuals but it depends on the competition for the keyword. If the competition is very high then it will be very hard and may take a long time to rank at the top.

There are two types of SEO i.e. page SEO and off-page SEO. You can learn anyone but it is suggested to learn both types to take maximum benefits from the field. You have to spend a lot of time learning and executing it as the competition is very high.

➔ Sell Pets

Nowadays everyone wants to have a pet in their house it can be a cat, dog, bird, etc. Most of the people prefer to have a good-bred dog or cat as a pet in their home. In many cities, you can find a pet in almost every home.

There are many breeds of pets, there are hundreds of breeds of dogs, cats, etc. Different people love different types of breeds of a pet.

So, if you have money for investments and love pets then you can start a pet shop or store to buy and sell pets. You should go with a pet that is very high in demand like dogs and cats and research which breed is most selling in the location.

In the business, the hard work and the investments can be very high because all the pets need good care and diet from time to time. To manage all the pets, you have to hire a few people who can do the jobs.


Is it normal to not want to work anymore?

It can be normal if you are not active but it is not a good thing that you do not want to work anymore. Now working may cause many problems related to health and mental. So, it is better to change your life and start working no matter how much you have money.

What to do when you don’t want to do your job anymore?

There can be many reasons that you don’t want to do your job like less salary, a tough job, etc. So, if the job is not good and you have some opportunity then you can leave your job. If you don’t want to do your job without any reason then you should meditate and change your lifestyle as explained above.

How to make money without a Job?

As of now, it is very easy to make money without a job. You can make money from freelancing like content writing, graphic designing, video editing, and many more ways. You can also start doing some work to make money online like YouTube channels, Social media influencers, Bloggers, etc.

Final Words: If you don’t want to work anymore then it is not a good thing for your mental health and physical health. For better physical health and mental health it is better to do something, you can do the job or any work online to make money. Above are 5 best ways to make money with some investments and hard work.


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