Top 25 Online Jobs for Teens to Start Growing Up in – 2019

25 online jobs for teens

When children start growing up, they often want to have some money with them in order to do what they like. And asking for money from parents every time they want seem difficult for them to do.

But being a teen, they have no other choice. Well, really??

We are here to tell you teens that now you no longer have to go to your parents for money. You can sit at home and earn some money without compromising your studies.

This way, you will learn to work, will come responsible and careful and would get handful money to spend.

Jobs are the most secure way to earn money in comparison to businesses which requires huge amount of capital. Job is an important factor and without it, life is impossible to live. With jobs, we can do anything and everything, fulfill our desires or family’s. And online job is like cherry on the cake. It makes you more flexible and you can work sitting anywhere. Without the need to commute, you can easily work and save money while earning.

Even though it can be difficult to find online jobs for teens, but online jobs for 16 year olds are available which they can do after school or in their free time.

Online jobs have opened doors for so many people to earn or to make some extra cash from the comfort of their home. To save your time and answer your question that “How to make money as a teen” some of the ideas are given below:

1. Youtuber

25 online jobs for teens - Youtuber

Who doesn’t surf youtube? Right!! But one would not have thought of earning from there. Youtube is an option if one like the idea of making videos and posting them online. We all love Logan paul and who not. So like them, we can post, get famous and earn money. Working as YouTuber is the best online jobs for teenagers.

2. Babysitting

25 online jobs for teens - Babysitting

Teens can babysit. Babies are the cutest creatures on the Earth and who can hate babies. This can be a great gig for teens under 18. There are many online portal availabe where you can find jobs online for teens.

3. Sell Old Books

25 online jobs for teens - Sell Old Books

Teens can sell old school books for extra cash. You can sell books online through many sites like bookscouter and through offline medium.

4. Article Writing

25 online jobs for teens - Article Writing

Teens can even write articles online. If you enjoy expressing your thoughts, then writing online is best option for you.

5. Sell Stuff Online.

25 online jobs for teens - Sell Stuff Online

Not only books but you can sell items online. Selling items online is one of the easiest ways to make quick cash. Sort out the items that are no longer in use at home and sell them on Amazon and eBay.

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6. Site Surfing

25 online jobs for teens - swagbucks

Another easy task teens can do to earn money is to take surveys online. Teens do not need any experience and teens starting with age 13 can apply. Survey sites like swagbucks, E-poll and others allow teens in US to start taking surveys for cash.

7. Tutor

25 online jobs for teens - Tutoring

If you love learning and sharing your learning with others then tutoring is one such job for you teens. You can sign up to become a tutor with Enroll. It’s a site that provides virtual tutoring services. The best thing is that you don’t need to be a professional. All you need to have a command in your subject and you can sign up if you are around 15 years in age. Tutoring jobs for teens are the  best.

8. Enjoy Cashback

Children at young age love shopping. You can get paid by doing something you love- shopping. If you are planning to go out for shopping, take a peek at app, Ibotta, see the rewards on offer for specific products and then head out to make cash back. It is kind of online jobs from home.

9. Earn Likes And Earn

My Likes- it’s one such app that if you love to be on social media then by simply sharing links using My Likes you could earn money. If you are 13 then you are ready to sign up an earn money. It is also kind of online jobs from home.

10. Earn for Giving Opinions

 TeensEyes is an online survey panel specifically for those between 13 and 18 years. You can make money by sharing your opinions on popular products and services targeting teens.

11. Decorate and Earn

The decoration is one such easily done jobs for teens to do. As the holidays and festivals are approaching, teens can help their neighbors and family and can earn some extra money.

12. Pet Sitting

25 online jobs for teens - Pet Sitting

Apart from babysitting, teens can opt for petsitting. Pets are adorable and cute to handle. You can have fun, and earn money at the same time.

13. Create Music

25 online jobs for teens - Create Music

Music is something which soothes our mood and relax our mind. Guess what! Now you can earn money while listening to music. A site, Music Xray will pay to listen  to and to rate music. Isn’t great?!

14. Rate Music

Slice the Pie- if you like Music Xray, then i m sure you are gonna love this as well. This is another site to rate music clips. Infact, by refering this site to your friends, you can make additional money.

15. House Keeping

25 online jobs for teens - House Keeping

House cleaning doesn’t seem easy as it appears to be. And in countries like US and UK, people find it difficult to get some worker to help them clean their houses and at this moment, teens if love to keep things neat and tidy can opt for this and can earn money.

16. Recycling

Another teen job is Recycle Service. Here, if you are already cleaning out garbage and taking it out for your elderly neighbours, then you can keep those empty stuff for recycling. This way you can earn.

17. Content Writer

25 online jobs for teens - Content Writer

Students interested in commerce can also apply for content writing. Crowd Source is one such site which pays you to complete a variety of tasks including data entry among others. The payment is made via PayPal.

18. Advertisement

Advertising jobs

Have you ever notice that while browsing, many ads just pop up out of no where and we find it so irritating. Well after reading this, you all will watch those ads. Thats correct. Qmee is one such site which you need to install. It will show some advertisements when ever you will be online and with each ad you see, money will be transferred to your bank account. So simple and cool.!!

19. Become an Anchor

If you dream of becoming an anchor or an orator or even a RJ, you can do that now. Thats right. Age is no bar. offers such platform for teens where if you have a speaking voice that is clear then you should consider this website. There is no age limit. One can create a profile and upload a voice sample. If they chose your voice then you can earn.

20. Learn and Earn

Teens, doing job should be fun and if you find learning fun and specially loves English as a subject and your grammar portion is strong, then you can be a proofreader. There are companies that will give you an opportunity to proofread and even to edit. Sites like Upwork and TextMaster are some sites for beginners.

21. Teach Spoken English

25 online jobs for teens - Teach Spoken English

With good English and English as your first language, you can apply to sites like SameSpeak. Here you can apply as young as 16 years old. You can earn around Rs100 for every 30 minute session. You have to tutor people who wants to learn the language.

22. Start Fiverr

25 online jobs for teens - start Fiverr gigs

Fiverr is one such US-based website through which you can earn money. This market place would provide you with multiple tasks like content writing, graphic designs and some more.

23. Customer care reviewer

25 online jobs for teens - Customer care reviewer

Humanatic is another company which offers you to earn money. It will give you a chance to review calls for purposes of quality. You will listen to the call and then answer questions about it. You can chose your hours and work accordingly.

  • Boostap Ambassadar program- Teens from 13 and above can earn money by introducing new faces to this website. With this, you can make good amount of money.
  • Upwork– In order to work here, you need to be atleast 14 to create a profile detailing your skills. Build your reputation in the job that fits you well and you will be able to earn a good amount.
  • Sketch and earn

If you love to draw or sketch then there is a job for you teen. Sites like CafePress provides you a chance to sell designs and earn money. You can create  an account at CafePress. And then you can upload your designs to the site. T-shirts, sweatshirts, laptop covers, pillows can be made through this.

24. Driving School

25 online jobs for teens - Driving School

Driving is something which when one learns, can never forget. And after learning, its easy to earn from it. Uber is a ride sharing service. They can use their car and can work whenever they choose.

25. Sell Jewellery Online

25 online jobs for teens - Sell Jewellery

Teens today are very strong-minded and talented. Teens can make jewelry, paintings, and drawings and could sell them online and can earn money.