17 Brilliant Slow Paced Low Stress Good Income Jobs That You Would Enjoy

Finding a job that offers you satisfaction and fun can be a tedious task. While there are various job profiles available, selecting the one that exactly matches the expectations is important. While some prefer a job profile that offers high growth and is fast paced, others prefer a profile that is slow paced with good income potential.

Though slow-paced, low-stress jobs are considered good jobs for slow thinkers, in reality, these jobs offer plenty of benefits. In simpler terms, slow jobs do not point towards the jobs with low earning capacity but the jobs that have good earning but at the same time allows the individual to stay away from stress.

So let us look at the jobs that are not fast paced but are the best jobs for slow workers. 

Top 17 Slow Paced Jobs To Go For

Before listing the slow paced jobs, it is important to note that they are best for everyone. Though these are considered the jobs for slow people, these are considered appropriate for a wide range of personalities. The top slow paced low stress jobs that can be opted for and offer a great income are as follows:

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Average Salary: USD $126830 Per Year

One of the most competitive and advanced career profiles linked to the analysis of the data and use of technology. A data scientist must assess and provide information to their company. Data scientists often have a background in mathematics and computer science, as their professions frequently need both of these abilities. Though this is one of the slow paced low stress jobs, yet it requires high analytical skills.

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2. Animal Caretaker

Animal Caretaker

Average Salary: USD $22980 Per Year

One of the best jobs for slow workers and animal lovers, one can start with basic knowledge and a degree in animal handling. The job usually includes grooming the pet, feeding, bathing, and walking them. Additionally, by securing a bachelor’s degree in biology or animal science, one can advance the career as a zoo trainer as well.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Average Salary: USD $71500 Per Year

A graphic designer is someone who uses their artistic abilities to create and modify graphics, photographs, images, infographics, brochures, and other materials. Graphic design is one slow job as it involves patience and intricate work. One can perform the job remotely as well.

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4. Actuary


Average Salary: USD $85600 Per Year

One of the jobs with quite high demand is one with quite a low number of professionals. It is one of the slow paced jobs that involves analyzing the insurance risks and premiums. The profile is great for those who love to do the analysis work and paperwork. 

5. Travel Agent

Travel Agent

Average Salary: USD $105000 per Year

With the increasing number of people traveling, the demand for travel agents is also rising. Being one of the jobs for slow people involves selling traveling and tourism packages and advising the clients. It is a low stress job as it involves matching the plan based on the customer’s need to the plan offered by the travel service providers.

6. Funeral Director

Funeral Director

Average Salary: USD $56300 Per Year

A mishap can happen anytime. In case of death in the family, the funeral director arranges the complete rituals and funeral arrangements on behalf of the family members. It includes planning, preparing documents, interacting with governmental officials, and organizing the ceremony itself. It can have a significant influence on family service for a loved one. A degree in a relevant subject, such as mortuary science, is also required.

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7. Dietician


Average Salary: USD $60090 Per Year

Living a healthy and long life is the goal of every individual. To attain this goal, one needs to have a smooth diet plan supported by complete nutrition intake and healthy meals. It is one of the good jobs for slow thinkers, as the process of designing the diet chart involves quite rigorous analysis of the medical and physical condition of the individual. Additionally, it should focus on weight management and other food-related challenges also.

8. Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Average Salary: USD $42620 Per Year

Indeed, one of the most relaxed and slow jobs requires a setting where the individual can get therapy in a calm and sound environment. The soothing experience required to relax the stressed muscles and offer eternal peace, this job is perfect for those who are willing to reduce the stress of others. Though it might require certain health and wellness certifications, this is one of the perfect jobs for slow people.

9. Librarian


Average Salary: USD $60820 Per Year

For all those who love books and wish to be surrounded by them, the librarian’s job is a perfect choice. A perfect slow paced job offers the opportunities to work in schools, colleges, universities, public libraries, or even law firms where one needs to manage, arrange, and stock books according to their genre, category, year of release, and others. 

10. Baker


Average Salary: USD $21859 Per Year

Baking is one of the finest career options that one can start at the comfort of home. The profile does not require any special educational experience but does require the basic certification linked to hygiene and quality. The food that one makes needs to be tasteful and unique to create a market value. It is one of the good jobs for slow thinkers, that offers relaxation and no stress.

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11. Caretaker


Average Salary: USD $43500 Per Year

With life becoming fast paced, the need for the caretaker is increasing. The profile is basically linked to offering caretaking services that include taking care of kids or the elderly for a certain period of the day. Though one might think this profile is hectic, in a real sense, if you are great with people this is indeed a stressful free slow job, this profile is best to opt for.

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12. Florist


Average Salary: USD $24564 Per Year

It is a perfect career option for all those who love flowers and plants; this allows them to have a great time with the greenery around. Also, having the skills to arrange the flowers and grasses most attractively can help accomplish the job effectively. A perfect stress-free and one of the best slow jobs, this is a great option to bring a smile to others’ faces.

13. Mechanic


Average Salary: USD $37308 Per Year

A mechanic can work with their hands, making it an excellent job for those who wish to acquire practical abilities. The profile needs to have a degree in vocational training and is a self-starter profile. One can start the job as per comfort and can offer service as per their set guidelines. It is indeed the best job for slow workers, but this requires high skills.

14. Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist

Average Salary: USD $27670 Per Year

One can own a salon or work with some other styling salon to offer the service of the hairstylist. It is one of the slow paced jobs as it requires the stylist to have patience and creativity. Additionally, the stress is quite low, but one needs to have precision and quality in service to become the best stylist.

15. Appliance Repairer

Appliance Repairer

Average Salary: USD $40850 Per Year

Tagged as one of the slow paced low stress jobs, this one requires the professional to be exceptionally good with the knowledge of working of various appliances, their faults, and the tools used. This job requires a certain vocational degree and basic knowledge of tools and techniques to offer customers the best service.

16. Educator


Average Salary: USD $80790 Per Year

The demand for educators is quite high in schools, colleges, and universities. Managing kids can be a tedious task, but this is listed as one of the slow paced low stress jobs, mainly based on the working schedules. With a master’s degree in any subject and a degree in education or teaching, one can begin the career as an educator.

17. Artist


Average Salary: USD $9520 Per Year

Working as an artist may be extremely gratifying, but this is one of the slow jobs which is rarely low-stress or well-paid. It’s also difficult to get started. If you want to work full-time in this profession, you’ll need a good reputation to get commissions. Today, with the increasing craze of handmade items, the demand for the artists is also increasing at a great pace.


Though there are various slow paced low stress jobs, one needs to find the niche in which he is comfortable. Starting with slow jobs is great when you are looking to balance your personal and professional life most efficiently, but knowing which slow-paced job suits you is crucial.

Before starting any of the best jobs for slow workers, first, complete the basic vocational or academic training that is required and then move ahead with the option. Start working with dedication and passion as these are jobs that are not fast paced but still have a high level of competition.

So, select your preferred slow paced low stress job and start your career today.

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