Top 15 Trusted Shoe Brands in India

As we live and dwell in a fashion-centric generation, shoes play an integral part in our lives as the basic dressing need for any individual. So it is not just the women who go crazy by the name of shopping for shoes and stacking one pair on top of each other in the wardrobe or closet, it’s boys too.

Men too like to collect shoes for different occasions. A few for an outing, official purpose, partying, running, gumming, trekking so to match with different occasions and different kinds of apparels.

Anyone would probably say no to no more shoes, it is more of a collectible for today’s generation than a wearable fashion accessory.

A person is judged by the type of shoes he may be wearing, so that is the reason why shoes are in such a hype.

The India-based footwear sector is growing day by day while along with the Indian brands a lot of foreign brands have been the latest addition to the footwear retail sector. So here we have prepared an interesting list of great shoe companies which offers top of the line shoes

The List of Top 15 Shoe Brands In India

1. Hush Puppies

hush puppies india

This is a brand that offers casual shoes and formal business leather shoes for men, women, and kids.

This company is based in America. It is a renowned shoe manufacturing company pretty famous not just in America but has started gaining a tremendous amount of popularity in India quite recently.

The company has its business operations in over 150 countries worldwide. It offers fashion wearables, especially shoes in India.

Specifically, the company is known for its best quality product offerings on major e-commerce brands such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra, etc. Also, these supreme quality shoes are available at retail outlets of Bata and brand stores in India. A great Indian shoe company to be listed among all brands.

2. Reebok

reebok india

This shoe brand was founded in 1895 and originates from England. Acclaimed to be one of the most preferred brands in sports dominion and present history. In the year 2005, it was said to be an even more prestigious brand than Adidas.

As per the fresh numbers that recently rolled out indicated that it is one of the top 4 shoe brands in the world. It offers great features such as durability, strength, and grip suitable for all kinds of wear and uses. Among the great Indian shoe manufacturers.

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3. RedTape

red tape shoes in india

The product is offered in 3 different classes such as sandals, casuals, and slippers along with fashion apparel. The shoes manufactured by this brand are made of soft, flexible, and breathable material. Ideal for an intense workout and running. Among the most reputed Indian shoe companies.

4. Puma

puma shoes india

This shoe manufacturing company came into existence in the year 2005. A very famous shoe brand that also offers luxury fashion apparel. It is available at all major e-commerce platforms and also at brand stores.

It is acclaimed to be one of the topmost 5 brands that offer fashion apparel and supreme quality shoes to customers in India and all customers all around the globe.

The products offered by this company are highly durable, comfortable and are a perfect match with Polo fashion apparel.

The running edition of this company is known for its high functionality and great style. The best-seller for the company was evoPower football shoes & evoPower football shoes. A well-known competitor to Shoes Company in India.

5. Fila

fila shoes india

Brand FILA is one of the most reputed brands in the shoe manufacturing sector. This company has an Italian origin. The company in the later years was owned by a South Korean businessman.

It offers the product in top range quality accessories and sportswear which are primarily available at brand stores and major e-commerce platforms.

6. Nike

nike shoes india

One of the top quality shoe manufacturing companies across the globe. It is presently ranked at the first position due to the best quality work and designs it has offered.

But when the company began in 1964 and was originally known as Blue Ribbon Shoes.

It has forever inspired athletes all across the world and is pretty known for its innovative sports experiences, services, and best-in-class products. It is a top-ranked foreign brand that is into all sorts of, especially apparel, shoes, and sports accessories.

This company lists in the Fortune 500 company list and is based in Oregon, Portland. The company has a massive turnover of USD 27 billion.

Also, the company has different kinds of colors, patterns, sizes to choose from, and a budget that is friendly with all kinds of budgets.

Also, the company has different shoes for different kinds of shoes for:

  • Skateboarding
  • Running
  • Football
  • Snowboarding
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball&
  • Soccer

7. Woodland

woodland shoes india

Aero Group, is the parent company of the Woodland shoe brand. Additionally known as one of the most prestigious and most durable brands of shoes. Very much popular for offering the most durable and lasting shoe products for all kinds of occasions.

The company has been in existence since the early 1950s. The company was established in Canada, Quebec.

Later it entered the markets of India in 1992. But before that the parent company Aero Group exported a major share of its manufactured shoe products to Russia, the country at that time was the biggest client to the aero group.

But unfortunately the country, Russia was divided into some parts which also is today known as USSR. So the parent company at that time made the historic decision of offering its fantastic and durable shoe products in India, Asia.

With Woodland being launched in India, India finally had an internationally manufactured shoe that was hand (made) stitched. From that day the brand was known for the most durable shoes ever to be manufactured and was the ideal pick for rough terrain and outdoor sports. It is a great made-in-India Shoe Company.

8. Adidas

adidas india

A quite renowned brand for the best quality shoes and one-of-a-kind shoe patterns that it has designed and has been offering to all of its customers worldwide.

Also, the company’s products are the first preference when it comes to sports shoes, sneakers perfect for men, women, kids for various occasions such as sporting, gumming, trekking, daily wear, etc.

The company is of German origin and the foundation was laid through the Dazzler brothers -Rudolph and Adi.

The company in terms of size is the biggest in the sportswear sector with a yearly turnover of over USD 23 billion. A massive name among all of the footwear companies in India.

9. SeeandWear

seeandwear shoes india

SeeandWear is one of the quickest booming shoe companies when it is about authentic and genuine leather shoes.

The brass is pretty famous for its supreme quality causal leather products which are generally offered at an affordable price. They also are ranked in the first position as per the positive customer reviews and great sales on platforms like Amazon, Myntra & Amazon.

The company was founded by Prabhat Saini in the year 2k10. The company was loved by the customers in India as it offers great patterns, warranty, quality, after-sales services.

And this is the main reason for its popularity in a small window of time. Also, the shoes are designed in such a manner that the shoes will last longer than any other in the market at such a price and a great built quality.

10. Lee Cooper

lee cooper shoes india

This global shoe manufacturing company is known for its exclusive and wide range of quality products such as accessories, shoes, and fashion apparel.

The product that this company has managed to get its products in the market of +69 international markets throughout the world. Also, the company is known for its lasting shoe products such as official business leather shoes, flip flops, and casual shoes that offer style and comfort to the buyers.

11. Bata

bata shoes online india

Said to be one of the most stupendous sized manufacturers and retailers of footwear in our country. The Bata Company was founded in 1931 and was known as BSPHCL (Bata Shoe Company Private Limited).

The manufacturing unit in Batanagar was the first-ever Indian unit to have the ISO: 9001 certification.

At present, the company is one of the biggest footwear companies with the widest distribution network and the company is known for having +1000 retail stores throughout the nation, the shoes are available at all major locations and are present in all metropolitan towns and cities.

12. Liberty Shoes

liberty shoes india official website

The brand was found long back in the year 1954. The company has its foundation stone laid in Karnal, Haryana. It is also acclaimed to be one of the biggest producers of shoes across the country and ranked among the top 5 manufacturers of leather shoes across the globe.

The company in a year produces up to 70,000 pairs in a single day and has a total of about 7 production units in the world and has quite a renowned status in the world.

Also, the company is known to be having a yearly turnover in sales excluding all expenses of slightly over USD 90 billion.

13. Paragon

paragon shoes india

 The Paragon Company was founded in India in the mid-1970s. Also one of the eminent market leaders in footwear production. At present, the company is said to be having a production capacity of 430,000 pairs a day. Besides the manufacturing unit, has in Bangalore, Calcutta, Kottayam, Calcutta and various other places are is known to outsource the production.

The average sales of the company are selling 15, 00, 00,000 pairs every year. The company is advertised and supported by the Paragon group.

Also, the company is known for its quality production goods in the footwear industry as being blessed with 4 huge-sized ISO: 9001 accredited production units throughout the nation.

14. Lancer Footwear

lancer footwear india

In the year 1989, the company was headquartered and founded in the Indian capital city, Delhi. The company administers its production of footwear in 8 massive production units which are spread widely throughout Haryana & Delhi.

As being acclaimed to be among the most prestigious shoe manufacturing companies in India.

The entire company profile of this company is said to be having the mighty institutional foundation rights which were obtained from the great consumer reviews, the latest technology used for quality products, and a wide range of products.

15. Relaxo Footwears

relaxo shoes india

One of the most renowned footwear brands in the country. This company also offers an exhaustive range of products for men, women, and kids. The products offered are flip flops, sandals, slippers, shoes and all of that come at a reasonable price.

As the company is headquartered in Delhi and is having 7+ production units. In a year the company manufactures over 5 lakhs pairs in a single day. It also offers superb quality footwear products which can give a customer style, comfort, workmanship, and quality. Hence it is the most reputed shoe company in India.


These companies have been known to be offering the best quality fashion products in the footwear sector. And they continue to offer great quality products and are believed to be some of the best shoe manufacturing companies across the globe.