Top Diagnostic Imaging Device Manufacturers

As the understanding of radiology and medical imaging grows and types of machinery become more advanced day by day. The medical imaging sector is on the verge of seeing an exponential boom in the foreseeable future. Hence in this article, we will be focusing on such medical imaging companies that are spread wide across the globe. Their ranking is done based on their annual turnover and profits.

The Leading Companies Are

1. Fujifilm Holdings

This company is having its origin in Japan. Fujifilm Holdings is a company that has its operations managed from Tokyo, Japan. It provides documents, radiology and information technology solutions.

The organization concentrates most on commercialization, production, and development of digital cameras, color papers, color films, photo furnishing technologies, chemicals and services for quick printing purposes, consumer goods, copy machines and so on.

The company’s nature of the business is it is an eminent market dealer and producer of graphic system machinery, medical systems, life-science machinery, front panel display materials, inkjet materials, optical products, electronic products. The annual income of Fujifilm Holdings was reported to be USD 28 Billion in the year 2014.

In symbiosis alongside the sub-brands, ventures, affiliates the organization manages to be operating more than 3 wide business sectors.

These mainly include information solutions, document solutions, and imaging solutions. The product profile of company life sciences types of machinery mainly consists of diagnostic machinery and radiology systems and x-ray films, virtual mammography machines.

Hence ranked among the top medical imaging companies.

2. GE Healthcare

This diagnostic imaging company is a subsidiary of the GEC which also is known as General Electric company. It offers the medical; institutions some of the latest technologies along with the best quality products and required along with an advisory service for the related machinery.

The GE Healthcare company has its business operations headquartered in the United Kingdom’s Buckinghamshire.

There all the operations such as development and design, distribution and manufacture of medical technologies, patient health supervision technologies, biopharmaceutical technologies, drug development machinery, the company also provide expert and advanced services such as performance enhancement and supervision solutions, automated data management, repairing and production of medical apparatus by parent companies and sub-companies

Cure of extreme ailments, urology pediatrics and gynecology, and obstetrics areas. The organization’s income stream being quite massive it was able to pull a revenue of USD.19 billion just some time back.

The organization’s line of work is categorized into 5 major divisions. These may include Life sciences, medical diagnostics, healthcare systems and solutions, surgery and Its healthcare sector.

the medical sector is an occupation in the production and marketing of inventive machinery and mechanisms that are used in the medical industry are the ones best for studying the organs up close, along with some tissue damage studies too.

This machinery helps in discovering the issues related to the human body. The medical product for imaging offered by the company in CT, MRI, Ultrasound, PET (positron emission tomography), clinical imaging, along with the fluoroscopy machines. Back in the year 2012, the company bagged a CE award for contributions in IGS discovery 730.

3. Siemens Healthcare

The company Siemens Healthcare is an international organization related to medical imaging equipment manufacturers.

It sells, produces and manufactures therapeutic consumables, devices, and systems along with the IT frameworks for admin and clinical use. It does provide buyers with the professional maintenance and technical consulting of the services.

This company is more into healthcare info and international medication. Location wise the company has bifurcated the revenue stream into North Africa, Egypt, South America, and Australia.

The company also is made up of medical solutions like linear medication. The company majorly administers the overall business operation by 3 sectors. The three sectors or respective division may be the clinical equipment machinery and tools, therapy and radiology machinery.

The extensive variety of the products that the company has managed to manufacture the accurate solution machinery for CT, MRI, PET, molecular radiology, clinical medical equipment, preowned medical apparatus, along with all other medical equipment and major kind of machinery and systems.

These machinery are ideal and the first choice of most medical institutes and organizations concerned with ultrasound, PET, IT frameworks and infrastructure and clinical and admin objectives.

The products manufactured are of eminent quality and can provide with most precise medical observations which also lets the wellness and health care professionals achieve the procedure-related info.

Also, the department is into systems compatible with angiography, particle therapy mechanisms. linear catalysts, therapy systems for computer-based determination mechanisms along with those technologies are based on knowledge so to help medical professionals in study and analysis for testing and ailment for illnesses.

The overall income of the company in the year 2011 was reported to be USD 18 billion.

4. Philips Healthcare

The healthcare division of Philips (Philips Healthcare) is a sub-brand of Royal Philips Electronics.

This is a medical electronic gadget or medical electronically powered organization that is based in the US, Massachusetts. It makes and sells radiology imaging machinery, patient supervision machines and healthcare IT products and heart-related machinery.

The company describes the business operation into 4 major categories which are patient care, clinical information, patient care 2and radiology technologies. along with the customer services and resident healthcare products.

The manufactured products are mostly for ultrasound, MRI, X-Ray, CT, and nuclear educational purposes. This company also conducts special training sessions and consulting of business, leasing and financial, repair-maintenance and clerical services.

The organization categorizes the geographical sites of the company into namely four different locations such as Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States of America.

The machinery produced by the company are said to be very accurate as the technology used is fitted with the best hardware and perfect blend of software integration.

The overall productivity of the scanners manufactured by the company offers a 30 percent better results which give rise to the need for development in the technology used by various other contenders in the market.

The first-ever PET machinery makes use of duration evaluation of atom particle to offer a great and enhance picture quality and persistence, assisting prior detection of the illness irrespective of the size of the patient. Also, the company has developed the new product in such a manner that it can offer a brand-new grade of CT and PET performance standards hence allowing compact gaps that could be recognized quicker and consumes a whole lesser number of dozes, hence efficient and highly productive.

In the year 2013, the company had disclosed its financial figures which indicated a revenue of USD 13 billion which was about 3 percent higher than in comparison with the annual revenue of the year 2010-11 altogether.

5. Shimadzu Corporation

This production company is a maker of evaluating space, industrial and medical apparatus by being based in Kyoto, Japan.

The bestselling product of the company is the major of the categories which are mechanics, harmless testing mechanics, scales and balances, medical diagnostic equipment and systems, airplane material, industrial material, optical machinery, regular supervision monitors and instruments of lab sciences.

The Shimadzu corporate disclose its financial reports in the annual revenue meeting in the year 2012 a jaw-dropping revenue of USD 4 billion. This figure was 7 times higher than the overall revenue of 2011.

The company has production units in the US, Japan, and China The company markets its best product through the wide and complex network of product distribution agencies all over in Taiwan, China, South East Asia, Europe, America, Gulf countries, Africa and South America.

Location wise the organization also focuses its overall business operations and production in more than six locations such as Japan, Asian nations, South America, North and South Korea, etc.

The company focuses mainly on business productivity with coordination of its workers and the various segments of business such as measuring and analytical machinery, aircraft machinery and all other major sorts types of machinery.

The medical equipment manufactured by the organization is of the utmost quality which ensures the best quality reports and outcomes as ensuring a greater medical health perspective for the patients offered by the medical institution.

Additionally, very recently the company has introduced its latest machinery which ensures the greatest quality radiology machinery and the reports are ultra-clear so to offer clearer reports and better treatment of almost all kinds of cardiac and joint ailments.

Also, the medical machinery of the company is made up of China.

6. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

The organization’s manufactured medical machinery and equipment are the second name for precision and consider medical reports offered to the customer diagnosed with all kinds of critical ailments whereas the company operates by the social framework of Toshiba and is based in Japan, Tochigi-ken.

The designs of the product are marked by the company through some random group of companies that are majorly comprising of underdeveloped nations. The companies are having production units in over 129 nations throughout the world.

Also, the company has disclosed its financial reports which indicated a yearly revenue stream of more than USD 4 billion which was about 10 percent more than the previous year’s revenue collection.

The products designed and developed by the expert team of developers and creators suggest its use as it is one of the best medical machinery ever to be introduced to the world.

And the company gets this done by the strong team and expert network of distribution channels for effective delivery of the products demanded.

The research and development wing is run by experts in various parts of the world. The MRI equipment manufactured by the company is one of the best tech pieces the company developed in its long history of producing medical equipment.

Also, the company is operating its entire business operations in a unified approach and carries its marketing endeavors with the help of an efficient team of marketers and researchers.

Also, the sampling is done by the accredited professionals and not some random technicians in the market which makes this company one of the best medical machinery producers in the world.

Also, on the other hand, the CT machines manufactured is said to be a registered and patented product of the company which uses a real-time capturing approach of body organs so to ensure the precision in the medical reports to the users and medical institutions using it.

Also, the after-sale services are none less than a blessing, as they are always there to help and just in case of emergency, they send their technicians to the customer business operation sites. The brand uses a name for products such as Asterion, Aquillon, and Activation.

7. Carestream Health

There are various companies in the market but when it comes to laying hands on the best medical equipment it is suggested that one may stick to these company products.

It is into the production of the best medical equipment for curing purposes. Moreover, the organization offers great technical, service and product services to buyers which may include the software management solutions and use of remote technical assistance.

The organization also owns a great sub-company which is known by the name of Onex Corp. Services are offered in over 170 nations with the help of sub-category companies and strong channel of distributions. Carestream Health is originated from the United States of America, Rochester.

The financial wing of the company published its revenue report in the year 2013 and had a staggering figure annual revenue of 4 billion dollars.

The women healthcare sector makes use of the best machinery for women’s treatment indicating their respect and approach towards women’s health and wellbeing.

The organization also stresses more on the application and electronic services which is of great assistance to enhance practice efficiency and patient wellbeing.

Words of wisdom

So above we have seen a list of the best medical imaging manufacturers which gives us a better understating of the company and all kinds of products which are ideal for best medical research and diagnostics.